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Kimmie's Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada

This was an original guest post on December 1st, 2012.

Today we have a guest post from my awesome, close friend Mike S ! I will let you take it over from here my friend.

Mike V said I could write a guest post to his blog for our lunch on Friday so here goes. Oh by the way this is me !Kimmie's Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada

So today it was Kimmie’s Coffee Cup for huge plates of food and a delicious breakfast which is located on South Virginia in Reno, Nevada across the street from Home Depot.Kimmie's Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada

I had a good time yesterday… looking forward to our next outing! Have a great weekend buddy. Here’s a pic of the menu.Kimmie's Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada

Hey, it’s Roger from work in the gray hoodie ! Always give a shout out to a guy from Seattle. I leaned over to not get in the way of the pic.Kimmie's Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada

I guess the obvious word that comes to mind when describing my meal is comfort. It was comforting to the eyes the minute the waitress set down the plate. Seeing this huge portion of culinary erotica I was about to send down my throat to do battle with my arteries. All I could think was – bring it on!

The first thing that caught my eye was the massive piece of ham steak (charred oh so perfect) peeking out from under a bed of over medium eggs and crispy hash browns.Kimmie's Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada

That sight alone was enough to excite my taste buds beyond belief.  But it didn’t end there – no, the waitress found it necessary to accompany this massive piece of piggy flesh with a biscuit and a cereal bowl full of (sausage based) country gravy. My first impulse was to pick up the bowl of gravy and shoot it like a shot of tequila, but then I quickly remembered that I was in a restaurant and sitting there with gravy dripping off my chin, looking like a mad dog with rabies, wouldn’t be appropriate. So I did the next best thing and I gave that biscuit a big gravy facial.

Now it was time to eat this greasy spoon masterpiece, and let me tell you, the food was just as comforting to the belly as it was to the eyes. Kimmie’s serves a good thick piece of ham, not some deli thin slice you find at most chain coffee shops. The eggs were cooked exactly the way I ordered – over medium. And the hash browns were cooked all the way through and had that nice crispy exterior. The biscuit was light and fluffy and tasted great with the homemade country gravy it came with. I could have also eaten the biscuit with a little strawberry jelly or honey – either way – the biscuit was that good!Kimmie's Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada

It was obvious to me that this meal was constructed by someone who took pride in their work – or it could have just been that fact that the boss was keeping a watchful eye on the entire operation! Kimmie’s catch phrase could easily be “home of the bottomless cup.” The wait staff did an excellent job making sure my coffee cup never went below the halfway mark – which is great customer service. (However, I found it to be a little annoying because it messes up my sugar to coffee ratio – sugar freaks know what I’m talking about)!

Mike V ordered the Cowboy Steak and three eggs over medium. He had a glazed look over his eyes and didn’t talk much as he devoured his food. He’s a light eater.Kimmie's Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada

So, there’s my post. Thanks for reading !

What’s your favorite hearty breakfast?

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Mike Vogler

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  9 Responses to “Kimmie’s Coffee Cup Reno, Nevada For Huge Breakfast Servings”

  1. Ok guys!! Now you are making me hungry. Thanks for the great photos and the post.

  2. Thanks Mike S !! This is an absolutely awesome post !

  3. Food looks good! I’ll have the biscuits and gravy please!

  4. @John. I know, wasn’t that a great post ?

  5. Biscuits and Gravy over here, too. I need to get me suh-muh-dat!

  6. @ Tony @ Chris – I’m with you guys I’m all about the biscuits and gravy !

  7. Next time we’re in the area we’re having breakfast there!

  8. I agree–awesome post! And the food looks amazing!

  9. @Connie @Kelli – definitely give it a try. My biscuits and gravy were unfortunately cold and the steak was way underdone. I will go back and give it another try though.

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