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Lamb Loin and 3 Cheese Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I had my very first taste of lamb in high school and even though it was minced (ground finely) lamb it tasted amazing as a main component of Shepherd’s Pie.  It would be many, many years until I had it again but I will never forget that first time because I was hooked forever.

I’ve now made lamb burgers (several times), lamb chops (twice) and as you see above a lamb loin (three times). And the first thing I learned is that it is a very delicate meat that cooks extremely fast. It’s also an incredibly tender, low-fat meat and all of this equates to being more expensive in relevance to other meats we eat. Here is the link to my lamb chops and potato kugel dish which was definitely something I was proud of!

All of that said do not overcook this beautiful prize as you will absolutely ruin it. If you just can’t eat meat that should never be cooked passed medium rare then you’re wasting your money on lamb in my opinion. Beyond that you’re going to lose the magic that is lamb. And that is when you take a bite and it literally melts in your mouth.

I’m a big advocate of buying good meat and not over seasoning it. Yes, salt and pepper can definitely enhance the flavor but I want the meat to be the star. I want to really be able to taste the lamb.

Put the lamb loin in a hot pan do a quick sear on all sides and the ends. I set my oven at a temperature of  350 degrees (I cook just about anything and everything at that temperature) but the following recipe says 400 degrees.  Definitely use a meat thermometer the first time until you get it down pat and it’s fairly common for all ovens to vary in their true temperature.

Here is Emeril Lagasse’s Whole Boneless Lamb Loin recipe that I used as a guide only for the cooking temperature. And even then I didn’t follow it. But, it would be a great starter recipe. Make absolutely sure you let it rest really well so that all of the juices can redestribute back through the entire loin. I got impatient and sliced into it prior to a desired 10 minutes resting time and you can see alot of the juices on the plate. That is only a minor mishap as I used it not only to drench each forked delight that melted in my mouth. But, the rest of the remaining juices in the baking dish I used to make up a quick lamb gravy to pour over the potatoes which was absolutely amazing!

The accompanying baked mashed potatoes recipe by Giada De Laurentiis I followed exactly except in addition to the mozzarella and parmesan cheeses I also added medium cheddar cheese. It is so super easy to make and there is an accompanying video which I didn’t need for assistance. But, what guy isn’t going to watch a cooking video of her’s!

The pototoes arrived on the plate amazingly fluffy despite having the three delcious, melted cheeses. There isn’t any salt added and it didn’t need any for my taste buds.

Please share any of your favorite recipes or suggestions for cooking lamb or mashed potatoes!

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Mike Vogler

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  34 Responses to “Juicy Lamb Loin And Fluffy Three Cheese Mashed Potatoes”

  1. You had me at three cheese mashed potatoes!! I’m not a fan of lamb but you certainly make it look appetizing.

    • Hi Jan, yes alot of people aren’t a big fan of lamb at least of the folks that I know. And I totally respect that! The potatoes are/were amazing and thank you! 🙂

  2. Wow that looks great and from two of my favorite chefs, even better…now how do I get a cyber taste?

    • I’m with you on the cyber tasting, Noel. I see folks insert these mouthwatering pictures of the food they ate and it drives me (good) crazy 🙂

  3. It looks delicious and I’d take down those mashed potatoes in a matter of minutes – but I have an understanding with lamb – it’s a mutually dislike.

    • That made me laugh at out loud, Patti. Ok, the lamb is not a big hit this time around! And yes, good call on the mashed potatoes 🙂

  4. This looks delicious. Lamb is not a popular meat here in Korea, unfortunately, or I would try this. The first time I ate lamb I was tricked into it by my Dad. My mother hated lamb, and if she didn’t like something it didn’t get served in our house! Mom was away, and Dad cooked up some lamb chops. I think he passed them off as pork chops…haha (not even similar). I loved the chops, and we had a good laugh when Dad fessed up. I might have been 13 at the time.

    • Isn’t that always amazing with the food memories (good or bad) we have with our parents. They can have such a huge impact early on with food likes and dislikes! Your story was great, Nanice! Thank you! 🙂

  5. Lamb has always been a part of our menu, unfortunately it is getting more and more expensive, and the good old lamb shank used in vegetable soup is now a meat dish!
    Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope my few food photography tips have inspired you.

    • Oh wow Jill that’s intersting on using lamb shank in soup. And yes, lambe is getting very expensive here too. Your photo tips and and shots themselves were amazing! 🙂

  6. I’m always looking for new recipes! Love lamb–so thanks for this one.
    Ironic that I wrote about lamb this week, too (although of a different sort).

  7. It’s dinner time here, and you’re making us sooooo hungry! Lamb is Janice’s favorite meat, and she orders it whenever she can in restaurants. (George goes for fish :-).

    • Yea for Janice! And I love fish too George! Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by you guys! 🙂

  8. Lamb definitely has to be rare to medium rare. What you made looks wonderful. I could eat that up even though I’m full!

    • Ah my friend Hugh who’s wife from Australia brought lamb back into my life full force several years ago! Thank you Hugh! 🙂

  9. We always say we could be a rich family if we didn’t spend as much money as we do on meat! We too like our meat medium rare and I fairly regularly roast a leg of lamb – lamb loin isn’t that readily available here, unless it is attached to the side of a loin chop.
    Fabulous meal with your 3 cheese mash.
    🙂 Mandy

    • I completely agree with you on being rich if it weren’t for spending money on meat and other foods, Mandy! That’s a very accurate comment for me ha ha! 🙂

  10. I also like lamb but don’t cook it much. Whenever I’ve eaten it, it’s always been at a restaurant. I particularly enjoy it in Persian cuisine – yum!

    • That’s so ironic as I watched a cooking/travel show just last night that had Persian food in it, Dana! They had lamb, naan, a special yogurt sauce and some other items. It looked amazing! 🙂

  11. You had me at mashed potatoes. Yummy, Mike!
    I haven’t had lamb in a while, will have to try that recipe. Thanks for linking up this week, Mike.

    • And thank YOU, Marcia! I look forward to your Foodie Tuesday every week now to head off my virtual tour around the globe exchanging comments with everyone! Sooooo much fun! 🙂

  12. Lamb isn’t one of my favorite dishes, but you just gave me a craving for it. Recently had a lamb burger that was delicious, too. The mashed potatoes look totally decadent.

    • I really appreciate that, Cathy! And I’m glad you enjoyed the lamb burger. One of my favorites most definitely! 🙂

  13. Looks good. Something I would definitely try!

    • Oh good, Tony!! The key is having it cooked right for your the first time or a person’s initial impression of lamb can often be their last 🙂

  14. Oh wow, that mash looks amazing. I think cheese is probably my favourite food. I wish I didn’t know about this because I’ll never be able to go back to regular healthy mash now!!

    • That is funny, Arianwen! Yes, it’s tasted as amazing as it looks. And cheese is my #1 food “addiction”! 🙂

  15. I shouldn’t have read this post now. Now, I’m hankering for a bite of lamb!

  16. This looks delicious! Lamb is one of my favs and my husband excels at mashed potato making…

    • Thank you, Andrea! Yes, I’ve become a huge fan of lamb obviously! The mashed potato pairing was just on a whim 🙂 Have your husband send me his mashed potato recipe as I’m always interested any new tricks or treats! 🙂

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