Jun 082013
My Golden Retriever, Phoenix, Going To The Dog Groomer

Nine years ago I made the decision to have my Golden Retriever, Phoenix, shaved for the summer. He looked miserably hot and sure enough after I shaved him his energy level went right back up like it was during the winter months. It has become a rite of passage each year. That doesn’t mean going to the groomer has been pleasant. I’m a complete head over heels dog lover and I did a lot of research on this back then prior to doing it the first time. I only wanted the best for him and would, have, and will always do what is ever in his best interest and health. Am I promoting and suggesting that you get your dog shaved for the summer? Not even remotely. Every dog is special and unique and so is their body’s reaction to being shaved. Our experience has worked out wonderfully yet is not for every dog. I do ask that if your dog has developed an undercoat (that is often matted) to have a professional dog groomer bathe him/her and get all of that out. Your dog will thank you afterwards. Dogs and wolves in the wild lived for thousands upon thousands of years