$200 Giveaway Contest!

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Nov 082013

$200 Giveaway Contest

We’re having a contest!!!

In celebration of our 200th post at Past My Curfew, my Golden Retriever, Phoenix, and I want to have a contest! We love blogging, and have met so many people because of it.  It’s time to spread the love!

Amazon 100Phoenix, “Sheesh! Just tell them how to win already!”
Me, “Hush you, I’m getting there…”

We’ll have two winners. Each winner gets a $100 gift certificate to Amazon!  To win, you need to…


2 ways to win!

  1. Leave a comment below. In just a few words, you must tell us your favorite blog, and why they’re your favorite blog (please, only one comment).  For example: “eTramping.com is my favorite blog because they are awesome!”  Afterward, we’ll include a link to that blog so our readers can check them out!
  2. ANOTHER WAY TO ENTER:  If you have a blog of your own, post about this contest.  If you have a blog, post about (and link to) this contest, and encourage your readers to enter. This is not necessary to play; it’s simply another way that you get to enter!  All blogs that post about this contest will be mentioned by us.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!
Tell us your favorite blog, that’s it!


So, if you leave a comment below telling us about the blog that you like to read the most, you’re entered.  And if you post about the contest on your own blog (if you have one), you’re entered again!

  1. This contest will run for two weeks, and will close on Thursday, November 21st.
  2. The winners will be picked at random using an online generator.
  3. One winner will be someone who leaves a comment below, and the other winner will be a blog owner who posted about the contest.
  4. The two winners will be announced on Friday, November 22nd.  Each winner will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  5. Multiple comments from the same person count as only one entry.
  6. If you have a blog, you may enter as a blog owner, and then you may also enter as a commenter.
  7. Saying that Past My Curfew is your favorite blog would be totally awesome, but it won’t help you win! Please mention a different blog so that we can spread the love.

Phoenix Smiling Contest

That’s it, and good luck!

All you have to do is leave a comment! 

Tell us your favorite blog, that’s it!
ANYONE can win!

Phoenix, “Our webmaster Chris rocks for all of his help with this, Daddy…”
Me, “He has been a Godsend this past year and we are forever grateful to him, baby boy…thank you, Chris!”

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Here is a list of blogs that have posted about the contest (and received a second entry).
Check them out!

One Road at a Time
 Golden Sunshine

Inside Journeys
Necessity of Change
Love, Marriage, and Life
Cinema Bums
Colleen Brynn Travels…
The Crafty Expat
Writer B is Me
Feeling Beachie
Lisa Writes
Donna and the Dogs
My Inner Chick
Besudesu Abroad

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Mike Vogler

I have been told (many times) that I really need to write a book about my life. The past 50+ years have been an exciting ride, and these days I find myself with a great many passions. However, I feel that this website is a much more personal way with which to share my musings, stories and commentary.

  77 Responses to “$200 Giveaway Contest!”

  1. Hyperbole and a Half is my “pick me up” blog. It’s simply the sweetest!


  2. Hands down, the Stuffer Shack is my favourite hang out. And cute pooch by the way! =)



  3. Well you are my favorite blog, hands down. You make me laugh and bring such a warm feeling to my heart when I read of the two of you! And no I didn’t write this to win, if I get picked I want it to go to someone that has kids so they have an even better holiday. Just honestly love your stories my friend! <3


  4. oh, but Phoenix, I do want dad’s shoe please!! ROTF

  5. Dear Mike and Phoenix,

    I have WAYyyy too many blogs I read to pick a favorite. They are all unique, unusual, smart, hilarious, and profound in their own way. I dig this blog because it makes me smile…and of course Phoenix has my heart <3

    I shall put this link on my next blog, as well.

    Love Love Love.



  6. Well, that Phoenix makes coming to your blog such a delight, I’ll have to say Past My Curfew! I’ll post it on my blog.
    Sorry, Mike, I know it’s your blog and you’re entertaining and all but that Phoenix….
    Congrats on your 200th post. Way to go!!!
    Thanks for letting me know about the contest too.

  7. Hi Mike and P

    Shibashake.com is pawfectly pawsome!


  8. Posted on my blog Mike

  9. What a great contest! But such a hard question. I can’t pick one favorite blog.. I love too many of them!

  10. http://lovemarriageandlife.com – only because it is my blog 😉

  11. Well… my absolute favorite blog is mine! Of course! But if I didn’t love your blog I wouldn’t be here so …. here I am. I will post your contest on my blog and on my blog’s FB page too.

  12. I’d say The Everywhereist because that’s what brought us together, but here I’ll spread the love to another dog/person (travel) blog:


    Phoenix, Montecristo is a long haired chihuahua who weighs all of 3.5 pounds. He lives just over the Ontario/Quebec border.

  13. Northwestmommy.com because she and her little family radiate happiness and contentment!


    • Thank you for this helpfull tips and the great, clear and well written article. i found your article online and now its one of my favotires. Thanks again and keep posting.

  14. What a great contest – and congrats on your 200th post!. I have so many favorites that I read…hmmmm….I guess The Poodle and Dog blog is pretty fun and is one of the ones on the top of my list because she always finds such zany dog stories to share. You can check her out at: http://thepoodleanddogblog.typepad.com/

  15. Holy crap, you didn’t make this easy, did you? I have a panic attack when I have to pick 11 to nominate for an award! I love sooo many blogs! GAH. Reaaally? *sigh* okay. I’ll try to be a grown up about this. I mean, there’s $100 at stake and momma could use the cash.

    okay, I tried, but I hate the favorites game. It leaves people out and that hurts my feelings. 🙁

    but for the sake of the contest, I’ll put your AMAZING AWESOME blog, cuz then it’s still within the rules and I absolutely put you up there in my tops of favorites and then I don’t exclude anyone. 🙂 yay, smiley face back.

  16. One Road At A Time is my favorite blog. Patti M. is a dear friend and I listen in on her blog to keep tabs on her adventure from far away. Blogs are an excellent way to share information, I am glad they exist and people like you and her write them. Best of luck.

  17. My favourite blog is http://www.tellthemisaidsomething.com which only happens to be written by my boyfriend but has absolutely NOTHING to do with it being my favourite 😉 He writes about life on the road as a traveling graphic designer and avid TV watcher 🙂

  18. Congratulations on your 200th post! I’m so glad I found your blog by you coming to visit mine in NNAM’s fridge blog hop.
    Like many of the others have said, picking one favourite is so hard… but I’ll choose http://www.naughtynaturopathmum.com.au/ as she is so funny, raw, informative, inspirational and generous.
    Oh, and if Phoenix goes missing, he won’t be in Australia… promise… 😉

  19. First of all, a massive congratulations to you for posting 200 posts on your website. What a milestone! You should be so proud of yourself. Secondly, your dog is such a cutie and I can’t stop looking at it. It makes me wanna get back home and cuddle my little dog which I left in Poland. Thirdly, we feel honored to be participating in this contest and keeping our fingers crossed for everyone!

  20. My favourite blog is http://www.sateless-suitcase.com/, run by Julika, a very recent art and cultural history Master’s graduate from Germany who is inspiring me to be more interested in art and history of places I travel to. I feel like we have a lot in common – we are both photography passionates and coffee lovers. I love her Europe trips and photos she updates on a regular basis. I can relate to everything she feels on the road and everything she experiences. It’s incredible! 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for mentioning us as the example. Loved the description :D!

  21. One of my travel pals writes a dating and travel blog called She Gets Around. I love the cheeky name, and as a person, she’s an inspiration:


  22. Congrats on your 200 th post. My all time favorite is anything with Phoenix, they’re all great!!

  23. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!! We love your comments! Shout outs to all of blogs will be coming soon. I’ve been bugging the daylights out of Chris (my webmaster) and each time he’s said, “Breathe…” I get off of the phone and turn to Phoenix for encouragement and I get from him, “Breathe..” But, he doesn’t make eye contact…he wants my slipper. Or my ball cap. Man’s best friend..not! 🙂

  24. My favorite blog is http://www.oneroadatatime.com because I
    love the way Patti can write!

  25. I freeze up whenever anyone asks me to name a favorite anything. I guess it’s a character flaw. There are a lot of great blogs that I love and follow regularly. But I’ll say this — I’m really glad I’ve recently gotten connected to Past My Curfew! Great giveaway, Mike. Would love to win a $100 Amazon gift card, but understand if I’m disqualified for my inability to make a decision.

  26. Glad to have found your blog via One Road at a Time! As an newish blogger and writer myself, I am going to throw it out there as my favorite blog! Hey, shameless self-promotion right? But we love new readers! Check us out at http://thenextbigadventure.net , just a blog about trying to live a life less ordinary!

  27. Hi Phoenix, so very pleased to meet you! We are Aspen & Porter, just two black dogs looking to let the world know about all of our adventures with our mom and dad! Our big plan is to drive with them down the PanAm highway in the next couple of years, but for now we just explore Oregon and the Northwest as much as we can. Please come over and check out our favorite website at http://theblackdogchronicles.com !

  28. First of all, huge CONGRATULATIONS on 200 posts Mike and Phoenix! This is so great!
    What an awesome contest! Thank you so much. I have heaps of favorite blogs and it’s very hard to choose one. But, I’ll go with one of my favorite at the moment is http://muddleheadedmamma.blogspot.com.au/ . Lizzy is awesome. I love the beautiful way she writes.
    I will certainly mention your contest tomorrow on my blog Mike but not do a full post only because I’m blogging just twice a week at the moment. I understand if I can’t enter the second category, it’s ok, it’s worth it to spread the word about your fantastic giveaway.


  29. I’m a fan of the gaming blog Dungeon’s Master: http://dungeonsmaster.com/ Great D&D articles with regular updates!

  30. Wow, Mike! Choosing a favorite blog is so hard to do because I love so many, and you know I’m a fan of yours. But if I have to choose, The Road Forks is definitely one of mine: http://theroadforks.com/. Food, travel, and beautiful photography – some of my favorite things. Thanks for telling me about this competition – such a great idea. And congrats on your 200th post! Wishing you many, many more to come!

  31. one of my favorite blogs is an animal rescue blog: daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee).


    we just found your blog and will spend some time exploring after we get our internet/tv connection to start working correctly.

  32. This is a great place to get cute and creative ideas for crafting and scrap-booking.


  33. I only read one blog: this one (Mike and Phoenix). I work full-time and attend graduate school, so I already have a lot reading to do and not a lot of free time. I love dogs, good stories about dogs, and supporting great friends, so now you know why I read the Past My Curfew blog. Thanks for the contest fun. If I win, I will buy textbooks for next semester!

  34. My favourite blog is Dungeon’s Master.com. It’s my favourite because it’s mine (full disclosure). We share our ideas and experiences about role-playing games with other gamers hoping that they can use our suggestions to make their own gaming experiences better. Check us out.


  35. Hi Mike

    Well congratulations on your 200th post!
    My favorite blog as this lady is super helpful and genuinely cares about everyone.
    Drum roll…..Adrienne Smith @ http://www.adriennesmith.net/

    What a lovely thing to do for your readers. I have put your contest on my home page and will share.


  36. Congratulations on your 200th post, Mike & Phoenix. So happy to have found you guys. I read so many blogs but I want an Amazon card so if I have to pick one of my favorites, it would be Leigh from http://www.hikebiketravel.com. She inspires me to be adventurous.

  37. Man how do I pick a favorite blog? That is like picking a favorite country! Ack. Hmm I have too many I can think of to name. Not sure if you will consider this an invalid entry. Love your blog too of course too.

  38. Do you know how hard this competition is!! I have so many “Favorite Blogs” but I guess if I had to share only one it would be “Going Anyway” 🙂

    They are a family who travelled Asia and overseas for 12 months with their gorgeous Children. They are such an inspiration. http://www.goinganyway.net/

    And I have a huge list of many other blogs that I follow, including your Blog “Past My Curfew” 🙂

  39. I have a high opinion of My Inner Chick. She has taken her grief over her sister’s murder and turned it into awareness-raising to help women get out of domestic violence. And she writes with passion.

    Actually, I think Kim and I probably met each other through you, Mike. Thanks!


  40. Thanks Mike! What a wonderful idea for a contest! I have too many to list as my favourite, so I’ll mention a few.

    People I want to Punch in the Throat
    1 Dad, 1 Kid, and 1 Crazy Adventure
    Underachiever’s Guide to being a Domestic Goddess


  41. What a fun contest! My favorite blog that provides me with daily inspiration over my morning coffee is CupcakesAndCashmere.com!


  42. I read about 737 blogs, but I will pull one from the inner circle of lovable blogs: http://www.workinsweatsmama.com/. Nicole is a writer, a runner, and a helluva mom.

  43. My favorite blog is probably http://realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com/. I love looking into job leads.

  44. I read tons of blogs but as a traveler and photographer, I admire Colleen Brynn Travels (who actually sent me to this contest!): http://colleenbrynntravels.com/. This fellow Canadian rocks!

  45. Awesome contest Mike! And thank you Phoenix for helping 😉 One of my favourite blogs at the moment is by a bloggie friend that I met at a Blogging Conference in Melbourne Australia. She lives on the opposite side of the country to me, but we’re now great friends thanks to blogging. So I’d like to give her super-helpful blog about blogging a shout out – Successful Blogging at http://www.successfulblogging.com/

  46. My favorite blog is So Then Stories by Darcy. http://www.sothenstories.com because she has the funniest stories I have read.

  47. This is pretty much the only blog I read. I read news and science and politics forums stuff, but blogs, not so much.

  48. As others have said, picking a favorite is sooooooo hard! There are several blogs I’d love to post here but I’ll go with Inion N. Mathair’s Two Voices, One Thought. They’re incredibly supportive of others and are two awesome ladies=)


  49. Do you know what I love about you Mike? You are so inclusive and supportive of so many bloggers. This is an awesome contest.
    Who would I nominate? Because we think alike – meaning we both love nature, photography, adventure and the outdoors and because Ted is so great about commenting and sharing I would like to nominate Traveling Ted. His link is here – http://travelingted.com/

  50. I love feelingbeachie.com! Hilary is great and I love her to death. I’ll be posting this on my blog http://lisaawrites.blogspot.com too!

  51. Congratulations with your 200th post anniversary ! Just like many others, there are lots of great blogs that I follow so it is just impossible to pick one favorite. I wish all the ones that are able to pick one good luck in the contest and it is so great to see how you and the adorable Phoenix always support other bloggers.

  52. I am a sucker for beautiful art blogs and right now, this one gives me so much delight to look at…


  53. I like Michelle Phan. She’s the one that got me into reading blogs, and she inspired my love for nice makeup. She has achieved so much in the past few years and even produced her own makeup line.


  54. Our favorite blog is Journeys of the Fabulist; we love the great family travel adventures and tips!


  55. Cool Contest! I will nominate my own blog


    because encourage me to be aware about the reality and post interesting stuff! 🙂

  56. Hi – fun idea for a giveaway, and what a gorgeous pup you have! (Donna and the Dogs sent us!)

    My all-time fave blog would be Hyperbole and a Half, but she’s been blogging so infrequently the past couple of years that I think I’d say… gosh! This is hard! I follow a ton of great dog blogs…. But one that I always enjoy reading is I Still Want More Puppies (she is the master of the pun, and besides, how great is that blog name?).

    Congrats on 200 posts!


  57. So many great blogs. How to pick just one? I guess it would be Rescued Insanity – – http://www.rescuedinsanity.com. It’s the quirky and honest account of living with a rescue dog blogger Kristine refers to as a tornado on a leash.

  58. I like to go to Dog Jaunt for dog travel tips!!

  59. I think my favorite blog right now would have to be Alex in Wanderland (www.alexinwanderland.com) or Over Yonderlust (www.overyonderlust.com).

    Both are absolutely great travel blogs!

    Also, I posted about your contest on my blog (It’s at the bottom of my latest post, which you’ll see in the commentluv!) 🙂

    Congrats on your 200th post!

  60. http://www.besudesuabroad.com/ is great…lots of great Asia/Disney travel advice!

  61. Mikey is a bit under-the-weather right now, so Phoenix and I are helping out.

    No more entries may be accepted, and the winners will be announced soon!

  62. I have a TON of traveling blogs that I LOVE, but I think my favorite would have to be WanderingEarly.com. He’s a really nice guy who is very knowledgeable and helpful! 🙂

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    I found your blog from a friend.

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