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Hi everyone, today I have a guest post from one of our friends in New York… Here’s Jessica, from Used York City…

They say the best way to honor someone’s memory is by talking about them. “But how can you talk about Phoenix when you’ve never met him?”, some may ask. It’s true, while I’ve never met Phoenix or his dad, Mike, I’ve been following their blog for the better part of a year. In the vast, open world that is the Internet, I always looked forward to Mike’s upbeat and amusing posts about Phoenix, and sometimes, Phoenix’s hysterical posts about Mike. The narratives about their car rides together, their adventures in the kitchen, when they got 86’d from the Great Reno Balloon Races…you name it. These two did everything together, and as a pet parent to a senior Chihuahua myself, I totally got it.

That’s why, when I read the blog post about Phoenix suddenly passing away, my breath got caught in my throat and an empathy so strong washed over me, because unfortunately, I totally got that too. I understood immediately the loss that Mike was experiencing…how empty the house must feel without Phoenix’s paws pitter-pattering down the hall. How it must break his heart all over again when he finds dog hair on the sofa. How the sole spirit who shared everything with him was suddenly and terribly not there anymore. How it wasn’t just a dog he lost that day, rather his very best friend. And once that void is there, it’s impossible to know what will ever fill it.

Phoenix, my friend, you were the light of your dad’s life. And I know you knew that. Keep shining down on Mike, cause I know he needs you now perhaps more than ever.

Mike, my friend, keep honoring Phoenix’s memory. I’m certainly no expert on grief, but I’d like to imagine that someday, when you find a stray golden hair on your couch, instead of bringing tears it will bring back a story of the time you two did something incredibly joyous together. And Phoenix will be looking down, with that big Golden grin on his face, so happy to see his dad smiling again.

Used York City

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  81 Responses to “A Friend Is Missed Around The World”

  1. Well said Jessica. Reading those words I have a big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes for you Mike. I hope that the time arrives soon when you can think of all the wonderful, funny, sad and joyous times you and Phoenix had without tearing up. I lost my best friend twenty years ago and although sometimes I choke when I think about her, I mainly think of all the good fun times we had together all the years before her passing. Having said that it took me a very long time to reach that stage.

    • Thanks, Jan, and it’s really good to know that you were eventually able to focus on the fun and happy times when thinking about your little one. Definitely the hardest part about having a furry friend.

  2. Jessica, I’m glad another of Mike and Phoenix’s fans put pen to paper (or the blogospheric equivalent). Phoenix didn’t just teach Mike about unconditional love. He also touched so many of Mike’s readers.

  3. When I received the news about Phoenix, I cried, my heart dropped.
    He was / is a blessing to all of us…
    as is dear Mike.
    Love Love Love
    from Minnesota. xxxxx

  4. Aw, how beautiful, Jessica. This post is full of hope and love, just what Mike needs. It’s hard to find the right words but you’ve done it. Hugs to you Mike xo

  5. I know how hard it is to write in the memory of a loved one, the one who is your soul and buddy, the one without whom you can’t think of one joyous moment, the one without whom life seems unimaginable. Thank you Jessica for keeping the positivity flowing through this post, thank you for realising that such voids never fill, thank you for sending your love for Phoenix and Mike. It could reach my heart too.

    I sincerely hope Mike will accept that life is like that, we have to move with it, we have to rise from grief one day just like that legendary bird. You are always in my thoughts Mike and my prayers are with you.

  6. Very beautifully written Jessica!

  7. Jessica said everything so beautifully as well as spot on….Mike i hope one day soon you will smile when thinking about one of Phoenix crazy hat tricks! Everytime I see a dog out and about i smile a little, because it makes me remember one of your great stories that you have shared about him. I know this….Phoenix will memory will live forever, through sharing his sweet fun crazy nature with our children. I still talk to my boys about you both, Mike. And I am hoping that time will heal xxx

  8. Beautiful post Jessica. It is horrible the loss of your best friend which Phoenix certainly was to Mike. It is true what they say, time heals all wounds. It does take time, but l hope you will soon get to the point where you can remember the good memories and realize that Phoenix is watching you from above, and smiling because your happiness is all he wants. I know there’s a doggie heaven, both my Lucky and Chicklett are there, and l’m sure Phoenix is there too. Stay strong.

  9. “And Phoenix will be looking down, with that big Golden grin on his face, so happy to see his dad smiling again.”… spot on Jessica

    I know Phoenix is already looking down with a big grin … Mike will smile again, might take some time, but he definitely will.

  10. Beautiful words, Jess. Pheonix added so much joy to so many people’s live and I know exactly what you mean when you describe the feelings that you were hit with when you learnt this terrible news. We might never have met him, but we still knew him, and I know I he holds a special place in my heart.

    Mike, I hope every day is getting a little easier. As Jess says, the best way to honour someone’s memory is to talk about them, and I look forward to hearing about more of your fondest memories when you’re ready to share them with us.

  11. Phoenix will indeed be greatly missed. Crazy to think that even a dog can become part of the blogging community, but not really when a person thinks about it. Mike and Phoenix were indeed a dynamic duo.

  12. Such a sad time in Mike’s life but just looking at the picture of Phoenix brings a smile to my face. I think it’s tough that it’s only time that heals. I always want a faster solution to the pain of loss.

  13. Oh Jess… You brought tears to my eyes… I felt so terribly sad when I heard about Phoenix even though I have never met him IRL. Mike my friend, I hope you are doing ok. I’m sending you my prayers and positive thoughts from Australia.

  14. I haven’t met Mike and Phoenix in real life too, but it’s as if I know them. I always looked forward to Mike’s posts. Having 2 fur babies of my own, I can relate with Mike’s feeling of loss and can only send him lots of love. Thanks for this, Jessica!

  15. I openly cried when I read Mike’s post on Facebook about Phoenix. I saw his face at the beginning of this post and cried again. Mike and Phoenix were like no other pair. I will miss their adventures. Phoenix was a fighting spirit and stayed as long as he could. I know Mike will miss him every day and you know what? So will I.

  16. Beautiful writing and tribute to an amazing friend to all of us. I, too, bawled when Mike called me to say that Phoenix had passed away. I’m still so so sad… and I love this piece of writing and the hope that makes me too feel that one day, maybe when Mike finds a piece of Phoenix fuzz on his couch, that he’ll smile at the memories rather than crying… xoxox

  17. Over the years we have lost friends and family members that left an all too familiar empty spot in our hearts. It doesn’t matter if they are human or animal, the loss is still the same. Many times, I’ve touched an item that brings the lost one closer in memory. My hope is that this love sent from all your many friends will bring a warm peace to your sadness.

  18. Jess, you really captured what so many other readers of this blog have been thinking. I’ve been wondering how Mike is doing, and I still can’t believe that Phoenix is gone. Even though I’ve never met them in real life, Mike and Phoenix’s story have become a part of mine.

  19. You said it just right, Miss Jess. It is so wondrous how something so simple as the internet (that wasn’t even around a scant few years ago) can connect. One day we click on it, go discover worlds far away from ours and meet amazing folks like Mike and Phoenix. We begin to feel like we know them personally just from pictures and words written on electronic paper. Then one day, we learn that one is missing now and realize that we do know them – maybe not as personally as meeting face-2-face – but personal enough that we feel pain and sadness from the loss of half of that set of e-friends.

    Here’s hoping Mike will soon be back to writing and telling us great stories about his life with Phoenix – I’m sure there are far more stories inside yet to be told! And let us all encourage him to WRITE THAT BOOK!

  20. I miss him a lot and he will be always in my heart <3.

  21. Well said Jessica! I’ve never met Phoenix either but this is a lovely guest post in memory of him! I’m sure he’ll be proud up in doggy heaven 🙂 I hope you’re doing well! xox

    • Thank you, Michelle. I read a really special dog quote today that say something along the lines of “They are there for a part of your life, but for them, you are their entire life.” I know Phoenix was so, so lucky to have Mike be his dad/bff.

  22. This is a wonderful and touching tribute, Jessica. You’ve articulated what most of us go through when losing our four legged children. MIke and Phoenix had an extraordinary bond and I hope the good memories will eventually overtake those feelings of devastating loss. Thinking of you, Mike and wishing you well. We all miss you!

  23. Great words Jess. I did not know Phoenix for very long but I did love following his and Mike’s adventures and still miss him though. Lots of love to Mike.

  24. Well said, Jess! I’ll miss reading stories about my buddy, Phoenix, but I know that he and Brandon (my deceased Golden) are together now chasing balls and chewing hats together in heaven.

  25. I can only imagine the loss Mike feels in his life right now. I know Phoenix through this blog too, as a loving, friendly, and strong soul. He will be greatly missed.

  26. Beautiful words, Jess. You’ve set up a wonderful tribute for Phoenix. I have thought of Mike and Phoenix and I can’t even begin to imagine what Mike is feeling. Like many others here, I have always looked forward to their stories and Phoenix’s antics. Mike, please know we’re still thinking of you at a difficult time like this. Take care!

  27. Beautiful post, Jessica. I miss Phoenix, too. Mike’s joy with his incredible sidekick was always contagious. My dogs are part of my family so I get it also.

  28. Aww.. Jess. You’ve gone and made me cry.
    Thinking of you always, Mike!

  29. I know Phoenix is living in Mike’s heart.

  30. What a wise and beautifully written post Jessica. We all feel with you Mike.

  31. Jessica said it quite beautifully. Those memories will be with you forever. Phoenix was a special dog. Thinking of you, Mike.

  32. Lovely post. I had never seen such a connection as I did with Mike and Phoenix. It was amazing and I know it will live on in Mike’s heart and memories. And probably dreams.

  33. Jessica, thank you so deeply from my heart for this beautiful post! Thank you even more so for the friend you always were to Phoenix and I as the partners we were, and to the incredible friend you are to me today. All my blessings to you, your family and Gillman 🙂

  34. Phoenix influenced and left and impression on so many of Mike’s readers. Phoenix have really brought smiles on many faces. This is very nice post and gives Mike that is needed now , Love and Passion.

  35. I think Phoenix’s passing made me realize just how dear my ‘blogosphere’ friends have become to me. I have never met Mike or Phoenix beyond the printed word and photos, yet I also shed tears when I read the news. They’d become friends, just as important to me as those I meet on a regular basis face-to-face. This is beautifully written and a lovely tribute to a dog-friend who touched the world ~

    • Oh behalf of Jessica thank you so much for reading her post your amazingly, wonderful words Jackie 🙂

  36. Hi Jess, what a beuatiful tribute to Phoenix and to his very special relationship with Mike. I haven’t not met both of them but I was deeply saddened by his passing and deeply pained for Mike for his loss. I will miss Mikes entertaining posts about Phoenix, and vice versa. It’s amazing how you feel connected with people and their lives through the blog.

  37. Aw, beautifully written, and a lovely tribute to the amazing Phoenix. I think hundreds of peoples’ hearts dropped when his passing was announced, but none as much as Mike’s. 🙁

    *hugs all around*

  38. What? First news I have about it, my Phoenix! Can’t believe it, it was Mike’s twinsoul in this blog, now I think I wont be able to stop crying… oh Phoenix, I thought you had fully recovered from that hateful cancer!

    • I greatly appreciate this as I know Jessica would too for her post, Lily. I hope this finds you doing well 🙂

  39. Beautiful post Jess. As you mention at the end of your post, I so hope as well that one day the memories of Phoenix will not bring tears but joy.

  40. I read this with tears in my eyes, he his very missed 🙁

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