May 182013

Vonz Diner

I met my Uncle Glen for lunch to celebrate his birthday this week. His choice of location and he chose one of our go to places for lunch. This is a great 50’s food experience at Vonz Diner in Reno, Nevada. Take the Golden Valley exit north of town to the shopping area off to the left. You can’t miss it.

I will get my one and only complaint out of the way. He and I have been there many times over the years through different ownerships. And it appears they really have it dialed in now. But, there was one thing. They sat us at a table where we had never chose before. My uncle and I are very low key, low maintenance. Our time together is what we are there for. But, the table was right by the front door and…

…a few feet from the cash register. And where the servers dispense ice into cups. And where plates bused off of tables are clanking so very loudly into a bin. Where the amazing, wonderful chef is very understandably busy expediting orders in the busy kitchen. It’s not the most desirable table location for some nice, quiet chat time with your lunch partner. It only went uphill from there.

It is decorated everywhere with memoralbilia and hence why I wanted to take so many more pictures. I’m a new food blogger and didn’t want to be creepy. 33 phonograph records, black and white race cars from the old days, and a whole slew of sup’d up hot rods over the years. A must see. Just walk around and look for a bit and get taken back in time.

The last time Glen and I met for lunch he rolled his eyes at this whole website, blogging thing I was doing. We were here before and I didn’t bring my camera that time to take pictures. But this day, I said to myself, I’m buying so I can take pictures. My buddies Hendrix and Tony continually tell me to stop worrying about what other’s think.

The outside windows are decorated invitingly to come in and try this 50’s experience.

Vonz Diner Front1

Vonz Diner Front2

I didn’t get a picture of the adjoining dining area. Here is the counter top and I kept looking for Marty McFly down behind the counter with Biff standing on the other side. Can you name that movie?

Vonz Diner Counter

The hostess came up to take our drink order. Glen asked for Diet Coke.
I asked for Sprite and she said, “Is Sierra Mist ok?” I asked if there was caffeine in it. Caffeine and I don’t get along.
She said, “I don’t know, sir.”

Well, she came back two minutes later and told me,”Sierra Mist is caffeine free..thank you. I learned something new today…” and placed and the ice cold beverage in front of me. Can you say big $$ tip? Good move waitress lady, I was impressed.

Uncle Glen and are not talkers so we the let the food do the talking for us. The menu is full of incredible delights. Ya, try making your decision. But then one stood out. I will come back to that in a short bit as we contemplated the menu. Well, ok I did. He had his menu folded up and set aside in 30 seconds.  I knew this would be a great 50’s food experience at Vonz Diner in Reno, Nevada.

Vonz Diner Menu Selections

They had the cool condiment tray 50’s style. If they will put in one of those old table top music selection boxes this place could could go through the roof!

Condiment Tray

He ordered the John Wayne. OMG…he is a huge John Wayne fan. He even has this awesome, framed picture of The Duke in his family room. A luscious bun, beef burger, onion ring, crispy bacon, tomato slice, mayo/mustard and what I like best. No lettuce. Don’t bother me with the lettuce. Perfectly cooked steak fries on the side. Uncle Glen and I had a momentary tug of war with his basket as I tried to pull it closer to me to take this picture. He said, “Careful Mikey, there is a huge steak knife in the middle of it. I’m very hungry and I will use it if necessary.” Ahh, family.

John Wayne Burger

I had arrived at lunch already decisive that I was not going to have a burger. Then I saw their Fat Sandwich selection. The first one caught my eye and held my attention.

Note to self, pull the camera back a bit on close up food photo shots. I’m submitting this to Hollywood for a new feature film “Attack Of the Yummiest Crinkle Cut French Fries.” But, I looked at it as the gal set it down in front of me. Wtf? I was expecting a sandwich with fries stuffed in it. Like Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh. I looked at our waitress as I was baffled. She saw the look on my face and said, “Take your knife and fork and dig in. You’ll see.” Ohhh thank you waitress because my gawd you were right. Welcome to the Reno Cuda! Can someone please tell me what Cuda means? If it’s naughty don’t….ok….yes, please tell me.

Reno Cuda1

I had to scoot the fries off to the side to take this picture. Let the mouth watering food insanity begin. Are you sitting down? No really, you need to sit down. Ok, thank you. Cheese steak, chicken fried steak, mozzarella sticks, Italian sausage, scrambled egg, lettuce and avocado on a huge lightly buttered toasted hoagie roll. Here’s the kicker. It was the peppered mayo slathered everywhere. I even wiped the crisp crinkle cut fries in it. Insane in the membrane. And taste buds. I could not finish it and I’m a notorious (only a bit overweight – my blog, my opinion) big food eater. And yes, I take Lipitor each night. Oh, stop being judgmental.

Reno Cuda2

For you guys who want the most heavenly, hearty, crazy good open-faced sandwich. Order this. It was $10 and worth far more than that. And make sure you don’t have to go to work immediately afterwards like I did. Huge mistake because it was nap time.

So if you want a  great 50’s food experience, Vonz Diner in Reno, Nevada is the place you want to be. There is no excuse for there not to be a line out the door every day. But, especially during Hot August Nights.

I will be checking back soon and definitely standing by in August. You classic cruiser folks really need to get out there. Get your own website Vonz Diner, you will slay it.

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Mike Vogler

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  12 Responses to “A Great 50’s Food Experience At Vonz Diner In Reno, Nevada”

  1. My oh my! That sandwich!
    The way you described it and the way it looks….heaven! I love the presentaion of it too, smothered with fries on it! Thats different and should be an attention grabber if they had their own site for it.
    Nice Back to the Future Reference! And the counter and decor gives you great nostalgia!
    And the family stuff goes out the window when theres food involved! I jump in front of everyone in the line at family bbqs!
    Great review!

  2. Been there! Great grub! Wonderful description of the restaurant.

  3. I have also always enjoyed this resturant> It has gotten better over the years and the owners were very kind. I recommend the Fish -N Chips, They were suprisingly delicious.

    • Thank you on the Fish n’ Chips recommendation, Kelly! I will absolutely give that a go 🙂

  4. Funny and delicious!

  5. Wow great review! I can’t wait to try this place. Thanks Mike!

  6. Haven’t been to this restaurant in a long time. Obviously need to go back!

  7. It’s been years for me too! I will go back 🙂 I’m starving now!

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