A Kitty In My Tree

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Dec 152012

It was brought to my attention that many of you have been yearning for my Phoenix stories and I have totally dropped the ball. Please don’t tell him I said “ball” because that is his Kryptonite. So, here was some drama (mine, not his) two and a half years ago on a quiet Saturday morning. I know, I know…when don’t we have some comical drama. Hey, if I want your opinion I will give it to you! From June 2010…enjoy…

So, I’m sitting on the couch enjoying one of my shows on TV yesterday morning. Then I hear my dog, Phoenix, in the back yard yelping that something is wayyyy wrong in his kingdom. That’s his short summer haircut btw. Sometimes, as you know, these are false alarms. A passing critter, a neighbor working up on their roof, etc. But his yelp, which to his credit because he’s such a quiet dog, must be acknowledged. I go out to investigate and I’ll  be darned if there isn’t a Calico kitty up in the tree.

I tell Phoenix to sit and be quiet. He says to me, “Fine, I will sit, but ohhhh you are going to hear about this….”  *sigh*  He starts yowling like there is a full moon out that has never been seen before.

I look at him, “What do you want me to do?”

Phoenix,”Duh! Call the Fire Dept – there’s a cat in the tree. Don’t know you know anything?”

Great I see the Fire Dept coming….

Then the Fire Capt and the neighbors…

Ok, ok….so this didn’t require quite this intervention. It was embarrassing because all of my neighbors are quiet for the most part. Lordy…..what to do? I’m highly allergic to cats. So, I go and grab some gloves and a ladder. All the while….the sitting and yowling continues from Phoenix. And keep in mind I’m the world’s biggest klutz and only envisioned catastrophe with the ladder!

I walk back out into the yard with gloves on and ladder in hand. I get up into the tree and retrieve the kitty (that offered no resistance) who was yowling at me, “Get me outta here….NOW. And can you pulleezze shut that dog up?!” The yowling from both of them immediately ceased as I climbed up the ladder. Would the cat go all raccoon on me and tear me to shreds? *shudder*

Well, he didn’t and I slowly climbed down the ladder out of the tree holding the kitty. Now, keep in mind Phoenix is the most gentlest dog I will ever know. I look at Phoenix, his tail waggin a mile a minute and I tell him, “DOWN!” As in to lay down – which he did. The kitty wasn’t even clinging to me with his needle sharp claws dug into me like I expected. He just let me stroke and pet him and we were both very happy about that. *whew*  So, I thought….hmmm….lemme see what happens here….

Gawd, I wish I had this on video, but obviously that was just not possible being by myself and could not hold the camera AND hold the kitty. I leaned down with the kitty firmly in my grasp to let Phoenix sniff it. He gave a gentle sniff and the ever slightest hello to the kitty, “wuff, what’s up….how ‘bout you stay out of my yard” Then…WHAP!!! The kitty hissed and smacked him in the nose saying, “How ‘bout I’m a PMS kitty!!”

Phoenix, “That hurt!”

Kitty smugly, quietly and arrogantly as I still held him, “You got into my personal space.”

Ok, that didn’t go as planned.

Phoenix whined and cried, pawing at his nose, still lying down, like the world had come to an end! The kitty barely touch him. So, I decided to see what would happen. NO, not to see a dog/kitty fight of which my Golden Retriever would get shredded. I was RIGHT THERE for supervision. I set the kitty down and it stood there for a second. There was a stare off between the two of them.

Phoenix glared at the kitty, “Hee hee, ah HA…Hello Kitty…”

Kitty, ”Look! Over there!”

Phoenix looked “over there”. Argh!

The kitty bolted for the fence.

Phoenix caught his mistake and went bolting in hot pursuit.

The kitty leaped effortlessly onto the top of the six-foot fence with Phoenix sitting at the foot of it looking up above. Barking. Remember, he never barks unless it’s REALLY important. And it’s still ironic because he likes kitties and gets along with them so very gently and kindly.

Phoenix, “Come down here!”

Kitty,”Cat’s rule, dogs drool!”

Phoenix looked at me, then at the kitty, then back at me and laid down sighing with a groan, ”I don’t drool…”

The kitty sauntered on about his merry way….

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  1. Always enjoy phoenix adventures. Poor kid! He didn’t stand a chance. You should get that cat a tennis ball costume and see who wins.

  2. Looks good buddy! Love the new things your doing! Funny stuff! Phoenix looks like a handsome devil with his haircut!

  3. Love Phoenix stories, more please!!

  4. HAHAHA! Poor Phoenix! Cats are gross (I am highly allergic to them as well – ick). I’m super impressed that you were able to climb down the ladder holding the kitty, by the way!

    • LOL…you are spot on about the ladder because I can most definitely be a klutz, Kristi! 🙂

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