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Associated Press – This June 2012 photo taken from Facebook shows AP sports writer Dennis Waszak Jr., his wife, Daria, and their children. Waszak and his family moved into their Staten Island “dream house” just weeks before Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of the New York City borough. (AP Photo)   

Dennis Waszak, Jr is an AP Writer and this last Monday November 5, 2012 posted a story about he and his family’s experience with Hurricane Sandy. It is a five minute story to read and a fascinating one, so here is the link.

Mr Waszak’s story was amazing as they had just moved into their brand new dream home one day and then to have it devastated by Mother Nature just a few weeks later.

I’m glad he had the realization and appreciation of safety and life for his family versus material things. And this story was dwarfed by comparison to tens of thousands of other far worse stories not to mention the stories involving loss of life. I’ve actually read some of Mr Waszak’s stories over the years. It really hurt me to read about him losing his life’s work of writing and also the baseball trading cards his father had given him. But, it came full circle to appreciation of making great relationships with new neighbors in a time of unfathomable stress. Best wishes to Mr Waszak’s family and the rest of the people who’s lives were harmed by Hurricane Sandy.

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