Apr 252013

Phoenix running Around The Web

I intentionally published this a day late due to the website contest post yesterday.

I finally turned on the sprinklers this last Saturday. That is always one of my favorite days of the year. I know the weather can still turn bad but I felt that we are now in the Spring safety zone for the sprinkler system. Birds are chirping their happy melodies, flowers are blossoming their happy thanks to the warm sun and the grass fluffs up with glowing green.

What a more uplifting week so far from last week at this time with the horrible tragedy and events in Boston. How can you not fall in love with the citizens of that city? Their resilience and fortitude to prevail through a very dark five days. Boston Strong! And all of our heartfelt sentiments and prayers to victims and families in Waco. Go USA!

We live in an amazingly, wonderful country and we are so lucky. Any and all political statements aside I’m so very grateful each and every day.

Big news coming up tomorrow and you will definitely want to see the post. Well, if you like free cash that is.

Here’s a few things to help get you through the day…


I’m not much of dessert or sweets person. I will go on a couple binges each year but that is it. For those of you that do love desserts you will really like this one from Alinea in Chicago.


Phoenix and I absolutely love going on road trips. Just hopping in his Jeep and heading in any direction with no plan. But, how about going on a road trip with Mr Schwarzenegger? Well, you can do so here if you’re brave enough. Don’t drive angry, Arnold!


Do cats really have nine lives? I don’t know but this brave feline sure was about to put it to the test. That was off of Reddit from imgur.com. Phoenix was giggling and probably giggling a bit too much. He was creeping me out.


And speaking of Phoenix and now dogs in general. For you dog lovers out there they bring us so much love, joy, adventure and life messages. You just have to be truly listening. So, definitely take a minute to appreciate your’s.

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  1. That dessert thingy was different, kind of cool, but messy!

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