Jun 122013

Phoenix running Around The Web

I hope everyone is having a good June so far. Mine has been quite a swing of peaks and valleys. Just finding that median line would be nice for a while. But, we push on right?

Here are this week’s fun links.


With summer weather now in full swing comes summer clothing. Here are 7 things never to wear to the office on a summer day.


I’m a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain and his travel shows. Here is a link to his chat on Reddit a while back where reader’s could ask him anything they wanted to.


Here’s an article out of the NY Times on how to spend 47 hours on a train and not go crazy.


Any fans out there of Moby Dick will like this. This prehistoric whale would have eaten him for a snack.


We’ve all seen mispelled words that can offer a whole different meaning than what they were intended. Here’s a funny site regarding that.


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  1. My favorite of this group was the Anthony Bourdain Q & A.
    I think its cool when a celebrity takes time to answer questions just for the hell of it and is upfront and honest.

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