May 292013

Phoenix running Around The Web

The month of May is about wrapped up and here comes June! Winter and Spring sure kept it’s grip as long as possible. Of course, it could always turn around and snow. Never a dull moment weather wise in Reno.

I hope everyone had a safe, fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! I love that all those that have served were rightly honored on Monday.

A very special birthday is coming up very soon. So, stay tuned.

Let’s go around the Web with some of the links I have to offer this week.


If you haven’t been able to watch this yet it’s 5 minutes long. But, Astronaut Chris Hadfield will really captivate you with his rendition of the song Major Tom.


With the new Star Trek movie out there was a post on Reddit comparing the new vs old Star Trek. I enjoy the new but I grew up with the original.


Here’s a geeky tool from Purdue called Impact Earth. You can enter a meteor or asteroid and calculate it impacting the Earth. No, I don’t wish for that. But, it is quite fascinating. It takes a bit to load and you’ll want to be using a good browser.


In my continuing interest of cool gadgets in general and especially what our military has. Here is where more and more of our military craft are being flown from.


For all of us Hostess product lovers let’s hope they are bringing back some of the good stuff with this news.


I always like to believe there are a heck of a lot more good people out there than bad ones. Here is proof of one who really showed some generosity.


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  1. I loved all of Colonel Hadfield’s space chats, but “Space Oddity” was an amazing performance and production.

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