May 082013

Phoenix running Around The Web

The first week of May has brought us some rain and thunderstorms. I don’t mind the mild temperatures or free lawn watering from Mother Nature. It will be all too hot, too soon. Yet, we’ve made it to the middle of week and Friday is within reach.

My buddies and I had a boys night out last Thursday to see Iron Man 3 and then a debriefing at a local sports bar. Absolutely awesome time was had by all. I did a post on both the movie and my Iron Man 3 Trilogy Top 10 +1 with warnings of spoiler alerts on each of them.

I have a bunch of food posts back loaded that I will be working on now. Then I will definitely get some Phoenix posts out along with a few travel notes from years past. Here are some links that were shared with me from friends. I guess they were “slated” for this post.  hope your week is going great so far!


For all of you protective fathers out there here is something you might try. Well, much to your daughter’s chagrin and lacking sense of awareness of her wardrobe preference.


Here is a way to take photography to an entirely different level and realm. It is a bit creepy in some regards but genius in others. I would have just been worried about swallowing in between snap shots.


Toilet seats and the great question as to why they are completely round or u-shaped. Well, I never asked that particular question but this article addresses it.


Every time I take Phoenix’s leash and collar after our walk he shakes his head. I would love to get a front photo picture of that like these folks did with their dogs.


I remember Bill Murray telling the groundhog not to drive angry when they were flying down the road in the pick up truck. But, I don’t recall him mentioning anything about little league baseball games. Read the UPDATE at the top of the story.




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  2 Responses to “Around The Web: May 8, 2013”

  1. Loved the photography with the pinhole camera.

  2. I like the t-shirt! Allthough im not very intimidating so I might have to take a picture of my .357! Or see on youtube… Rodney Atkins- Cleaning This Gun!

    Pinhole camera was very different but kind of gross. Does anyone really want to bust out a photo album and show pics with their choppers in the background?

    Groundhog thing was kind of funny! And now he’s on the loose! Sounds like the start to a very bad b movie!

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