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Dec 102012

I previously wrote a post about the great customer service I have recieved via phone with ESPN over several years. I recently bought a new Canon Powershot S100 camera via telephone from one of the local Best Buy stores and I had very favorable results. My only complaint was that the gal I was talking to here locally when I bought it neglected to tell me that the camera didn’t come with a memory card. So, I was very disappointed to get the camera in the mail that had no memory card.

I went to the same local Best Buy store to get a memory card but I first wanted to see if they had the Back to the Future trilogy on DVD. I was greeted by two employees who informed they didn’t have that nor could it be ordered online.

I went over the camera section to see about my memory card and a carry case. After a criss-crossing of employees I wound up with the store manager, Jacklyn (not her real first name). First we got the memory card out of the way with a nice 32G version. Then I asked her for help with picking out a carry case, mini-tripod, cleaning kit and spare battery. They didn’t have a spare battery but she went to great lengths to help me pick out just the right case for my small camera and all the accessories. Now I know what girls fret and stress over in picking out a purse!

With my camera man bag in the cart, on a whim, I asked her why I wasn’t able to order the Back To The Future trilogy 25th Anniversary on DVD. She said, “What do you mean you can’t order it ?” I told her that the employees (in the DVD section) said it was unavailable in the store and and online. She sighed. I didn’t realize that I was in the process of throwing anybody under the bus. I just wanted to get the DVD trilogy. She informed me that as store manager she needed to know these things as she had numerous new employees starting to work for the holidays. And that she could absolutely get Back To The Future ordered for me immediately. Ironically, she is also a huge fan of that movie series like I am.

That was my fantastic experience at Best Buy that day and I look forward to going back there for future entertainment purchases. And my new Back To The Future DVD trilogy arrived five days later!

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  1. I have always had positive results at Best Buy. Someone always willing to help and even go the extra mile to take care of me. Not to mention, thier prices for dvds and such are usaully great bargains!

  2. Tony, I’m glad you’ve had the same experience there. Good to know that is the norm, not the exception.

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