Breaking Dawn Part II

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Dec 032012

This post will be longer than most of my book/movie comments as it’s a culmination of a very long series.

All of my life I have had a bond and a devoted admiration to wolves. You will find my house decorated throughout with wolf photography, a full size wolf throw blanket hanging above my bed, and numerous figurines around the place. It ties directly to my lifelong devotion to dogs. During this same time I’ve also had an infatuation with the mythical stories of vampires. Their immortality, power, speed, unspeakable strength, peace of no worries of this mortal world, and for some – their hundreds of years of education and life experience. Enter the Twilight series.

A year ago a great friend of mine, Anne, highly recommended that I read her full Twilight book series written by Stephenie Meyers. Being an aspiring writer myself Ms Meyers perfectly descriptive, yet simple dialogue helped me to improve my writing. The books were all best sellers and the first four movies were blockbuster hits. I could not put the first four stories down but stopped before reading the fifth and, possibly, last segment.

I wanted to see that on the big screen after watching the first four movies on dvd. I had the benefit of doing all of this reading and movie watching condensed into a year’s time. Three weeks ago I went to see the opening Friday night premiere of Breaking Dawn Part II.

Many of my friends and co-workers kidded me that to engage in any support of this was “losing your man card.” I quickly found out that many men have enjoyed both the movie series and books. And there were several of us in the audience that night. This post will not be a review to slam anything but more so for the great escape the past year provided me during some very difficult personal times. So, I had the great joy of having a friend and her husband join me for this big event as her husband also was a great admirer of the movies. We found our seats in the theater as her husband and I got there early to get in line and the previews for next year’s movies played. Then the lights dimmed all the way down and the movie opened. I opened up and drank two of my mini-shots bottles of Jim Beam….and escaped for the next two hours….

Bella is now a full on vampire and stunningly gorgeous and mesmerizing with her light chocolate-brown eyes. And she is actually more powerful than any vampire in the Cullen family. She has an overwhelming curiosity to her new power along with an intense sexual desire for Edward. There are CGI scenes of her and Edward running through the forest which I did not care for…..just looked too fake. She is initially drawn to a mountain climber to fill her new-found thirst for blood. But she makes her first kill on a mountain lion. Whew!

Bella and Edward’s new baby, Renesmee (a name I can appreciate from Bella but I think it’s ridiculous and not even to the regal standard she deserves), is absolutely gorgeous. But, just as she was in Bella’s womb, is growing at an astounding rate. She is mortal but it is incorrectly brought to the Volturi’s attention that Renesmee is immortal. The Volturi are the self-annoited vampire world leaders but more so dictators.

Enter Jacob Black. My second favorite character in the entire series. I will get to my first favorite after a bit. Jacob is an underdog who can never quite get a date with the analogy of Bella being the prom queen. She was never of that stature but Jacob always sees her that way. Well, Jacob is a werewolf (werewolves and vampires are bitter enemies) but has been befriended by the entire Cullen family. In a unique turn of events Jacob imprinted on Renesmee which makes them soul mates and lovers for life as she comes of age. It is hysterical to watch Bella, after she finds out that shocking news, essentially beat the daylights (no pun intended) out of Jacob in a fashion of a scolding. Edward watched all of this with bemused enjoyment – it was hysterical to see him just smile at his wife beating the daylights out of Jacob. But, Bella accepts this and several wheels are put into motion that Renesmee and Jacob will go away forever to keep them safe.

There is a side segment that had every teenage girl squirming with desire in her seat. And each of their male dates sitting, cowering, in the seats next to them checking their stomach muscles. Jacob goes to Bella’s father, Charlie to come clean with what is going on in the supernatural world. Jacob proceeds to take off his shirt off to show off his 12 pack abs and all the way down to taking his pants off standing only in his boxer briefs. I heard murmurs of every female in the theater audience moan. Then Jacob turns himself into a werewolf. It’s both funny as heck on-screen and revealing to Jacob’s true caring, loving character. This leads to Charlie going to the Cullen’s and hugging his daughter, Bella. He feels how ice-cold she is to the touch and you can see the complete realization in Charlie’s eyes yet he says nothing but just resigns himself to acceptance. Very cool moment.

Then one of the most powerful, emotional battle scenes unfolds that only compares to the Avengers movie finale in how it affected me emotionally in the moment. On a huge snowy field in the middle of the woods the Volturi are on one side and the Cullen clan, other vampires from around the world who have come to support the Cullens along with the werewolf group are on the other side. Their werewolf group are Jacob and all of his “brethren” both male and female. I’ve come to greatly adore all of them in their human form. The Cullens want to convince the head Volturi, Aro, that Renesmee is mortal and no fight needs to occur. Aro wants to touch Renesmee for proof of this. Bella, as a vampire, I felt inherited from her previous human soul the ability to shield other’s from harm.

Enter my favorite of favorite Twilight characters, Alice Cullen, for whom I have a screen crush comparable only to Kate Beckinsale.

Actually, she re-enters, as she had left earlier to protect all of the Cullen’s because of her visionary ability and energy she possesses that the Volturi could hone in on kill the Cullen’s and most of all, Renesmee. Well, the young mortal daughter touches Aro’s cheek and he feels her warm fingers.  Yet, he is not convinced as vampires having an immortal vampire child is against a code of ethics never to be broken and more so is supposed to be impossible to conceive such a child. Alice walks across the field and joins hands with Aro so he can see the future. Alice then realizes that Aro is there to fight, no matter what.

A violent battle for the eternity ensues that begins with Carlisle (head of the Cullen family) having his head torn off by Aro. Ripping a vampire’s head off and setting it aflame has replaced stakes to the heart in these modern times.  I about leapt out of my seat in horror and deep seeded need for revenge for theatrical revenge ensued inside me. Several of the good vampires and wolves (all good) were killed along with numerous Volturi, who far outnumbered the good guys/gals on the other side. And Aro was killed in the fight. My stomach had literally wound up into knots during the conflict and one of my friends later commented that she noticed me both fist pumping the good kills and shadow boxing for more of the bad vampires to be killed. Wow, I was caught up in the moment. Then what set this film apart and made it the best ever of the series.

The camera pans to Alice holding Aro’s hand. Apparently, she was just sharing her vision of what would happen IF the two sides were to fight. The past 15 minutes never really occurred and no one was harmed.  I literally shrieked out loud, “No way!!!” The entire theater audience felt the same way in their reaction. Aro convinces the Volturi to retreat in humble admission that this is not a fight they wish to see to fruition. Oh, and one thing that bugged me, is that all told it seemed to be portrayed that the vampires would win a fight against the wolves. Sorry, always the wolf advocate in me coming out.

The movie ends with a tender moment of Bella sitting in a field of flowers. And her being able to use a telepathic power she has as a vampire to share with Edward a flashback of their relationship over these years we’ve seen on-screen.

A very funny side note. The line had been accumulating for 90 minutes prior to the theater doors opening that was showing the 11:30 p.m. movie. I had taken an hour off early from work just to get in line. There was a very young teen couple sitting on the floor next to us in line before the movie. The young man looked like he wished for glowing red-hot pokers to be ran through his eye sockets rather than have to sit through this pending two-hour movie with his cute date. After the movie, these two kids ironically passed by me and he was giving her a piggy back ride (no innuendo). And he was beaming, smiling as to what a great movie it was and the girl was confirming with an I-told-you-that-you-would-like-it! It was neat because he obviously did not lose his “man card” whatsover.

I love being able to walk out of the theater moved by a great movie that lasts to me getting home and still walking around the house saying, “Wow….” Btw….there was applause from the audience at the conclusion of the movie. As you know I write each post to one specific song. I wrote this to the Gap Band’s – You Dropped A Bomb On Me. How appropriate in a reference to the fight scene and what actually did…..or did not occur. It’s the best movie of the five and Bella really sparkles.

Thanks for the journey with the books, Anne !!

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  3 Responses to “Breaking Dawn Part II”

  1. I never make book-to-movie comparisons, but this time I’d have to say that the movie ended the way the bood should have. Movie: Winner!

    Yes, I read the books, and saw all of the movies. I could say that it’s all because I found it all interesting, but the real reason is that my wife made me.


    That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

  2. I’m hearing more and more people who have seen this agree with what you said. I may go back and read that final segment someday. I’m glad you “let” your wife drag you to it ! 🙂

  3. ok, I havent seen the any of the movies in thier entirety. Bits and pieces with my daughter. Tried watching the first one and fell asleep. And in another one, I did enjoy the fight scenes. But I watched most of Breaking Dawn Part2 and enjoyed it! First thing I noticed, and yes I can be a pig at times, is the Bella was smoking hot in this movie! Im not a huge fan of Kristen Stewart and think shes plane jane. But in this one, wow! I loved her new found power and confidence. She was not one to be messed with. And was it me or did Edward love it?!

    I loved how she was beating Jacob up in the beginning and quipped ‘They are right, you do stink!’

    I didnt follow the story totally through as I was playing with my daughter during the movie. The battle at the end was awesome! Being that I am not emotionally invested in this series at all, I so wanted the scene to be true. But it was just a premonition of what would have happened if they were to fight. My daughter told me.. ‘NO DADDY’ they cant fight because so and so would have died! (She used the characters names, I dont remember them)

    Because i didnt read the books or watch the entire series in ful, I may have missed something but I did not like how all of the sudden Bella seems to not have any feelings for Jacob. I know, if a wolf imprinted on my daughter I might feel differently too. I guess once you go vamp, you never go back?!

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