May 252013
A Great Road Trip To The Sasquatch Tavern And Grill, Verdi, Nevada

If a friend of your’s emailed you and said, “Hey, let’s meet for lunch at the Sasquatch for lunch in Verdi” what would your reaction be? I think of that scary beast that I feared every time I went out for night rides ATV’ing or snowmobiling. Even worse, the creature I knew that would come get me when I was sleeping in my tent when I was camping. Yesterday, I got over my over goofy ass fear.

Dec 122012
Amazing Friends And Mouthwatering Sushi At CJ Palace, Sparks, Nevada

I love going out to eat for lunch on Fridays with my friends because that’s when I’m the most relaxed. The realization that the weekend is just about to start has always made it my favorite day of the week. Last month I met my friends Clayton and Char Ross at CJ Palace on Los Altos Parkway in Sparks, Nevada. This would also give me another opportunity to work on both my food review writing and food photography !