Aug 112013
I Changed My White Walls Because Of The Everywhereist

I’m a 70’s and 80’s rock music kind of guy. All day long. You name the group I know it as long as it’s not too far off the mainstream channel. But, over the years I’ve become far more open-minded as my close friends Anne, Chareese, Hendrix, Kelli and Tony have said, “Hey, check this out.” I will listen to what they have shared and a whole new world opened up.

Jul 062013
I Got Seduced By A Girl On The West End Of Phoenix, Arizona

How many of you hear a song and immediately remember the place you were at, the moment it occured and possibly the person you were with? It can be an intoxicating feeling that draws you to that song over and over. Or you may not think of that special tune for quite some time then it comes on the radio. You feel yourself pulled back through a time warp to that place and time you remember so fondly in your heart.

Jun 222013
Pictures Of You, The Cure

I was hanging out with my close buddy, Hendrix, chatting in the parking lot one day after work last week. I shared with him that I needed to tweak something with my blog. My Monday Musings category had flat lined. The readers of this blog had put their proverbial stethoscopes from their attentiveness to the heart of the category and they called it thank goodness. So, R.I.P. Monday Musings. I won’t miss you.