Jan 282014
Phoenix's Trip To The Dog Groomer, A Flashback

**Editor’s Note: This is a re-post of a story from early last summer. Phoenix’s groomer appointment tomorrow had me think to put this up for a read for many of you that have likely never seen it. It’s one of my favorite posts. Enjoy! **

Nine years ago I made the decision to have my Golden Retriever, Phoenix, shaved for the summer. He looked miserably hot and sure enough after I shaved him his energy level went right back up like it was during the winter months.┬áIt has become a rite of passage each year. That doesn’t mean going to the groomer has been pleasant.

Jan 012014
Past My Curfew, A Blogger's One Year Anniversary Story!

I started compiling some creative writing stories right around the 4th grade. I wrote about travel and camping adventures with my dad, my love for sports and my unwavering passion to have a Golden Retriever. Little did I know that one day people from around the world would read my stories. To my astonishment a few of them would even like them.