Nov 172012

 Today my friend, Mike, and I met at Hacienda Bar and Restaurant in Northwest Reno, Nevada. This has been one of Reno’s standout Mexican restaurants for the past 15 years and is located right off Interstate 80 at North McCarran and 7th Street in the Canyon complex.

Some of their specialties are chili verde, tamales, fish tacos and fajitas along with a wide variety of combination plates. They also have an adjoining cantina serving up beers, margaritas and mixed cocktails.

Mike and I sat down and began to catch up after a long overdue visit together. We looked at the menu and ordered our selection while a warm and fresh basket of chips was delivered to our table. There is nothing better than warm, salty tortilla chips to dip into a good salsa.

We arrived at 11 a.m. but the dining room was already filling up very quickly. A group of a dozen ladies sat directly across from us and I noticed how quickly they were all greeted, given menus and their orders taken by the friendly staff. The only downside was having to listen to a screaming young child adjacent to us in a separate booth. Having to raise your voice with a friend at lunch defeats the purpose.

Mike ordered the chicken burrito which was packed full with shredded chicken, cheese and refried beans. Melted cheese and a ranchera sauce draped perfectly over the entire burrito. There was a side of rice along with guacamole and sour cream.

I ordered the chimichanga and chili relleno combination plate. The chimichanga had seasoned ground beef wrapped in a perfectly cooked, wrapped tortilla topped with cheese and ranchera sauce. The chili relleno had melted cheese inside and was also covered in a ranchera sauce. There was a slight bite of mild heat from the chili that married perfectly with the cheese and sauce. The refried beans and rice were cooked perfectly and were a great addition to the entire plate. There was guacamole and sour cream on the side. It was a very hearty dish of food that I couldn’t finish.

I have been to Hacienda before and will continue to go there anytime in the future for the best Mexican lunch in Northwest Reno. It is the perfect place for the business lunch crowd who need to be in and out in their allotted lunch hour.

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