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The Best Day

My favorite day of the week is always Friday. It’s the end of the work week and I always find myself with a little extra hop in my step. It’s a precursor to my favorite part of my week as getting off work means I will be home with Phoenix and staying up past my curfew to write! Yet, last Friday my Higher Power or my angels or biorhythms….or all of those combined blessed me with a fantasmic day! That is fantastic times ten.

It started off when I was walking with Phoenix this morning and said to him, “I sure hope we run into that cute girl this morning, kiddo.”
He kept his stride at my side but glanced up at me, “Which one?”
Me, “The cute one from the other morning up the street.”
Phoenix, “I’m on it, Dad.”
Me, “Are you even listening to me?”
Phoenix, “Yep, I sure am.”

We continued on our walk and as I often do, I will usually let him dictate where we will go. He’s always on leash so he’s essentially walking me. This particular morning we usually always take a right turn at a specific street. For the first time ever in 10 years he kept walking straight into a new neighborhood that he had never walked through before. We came around the corner and started walking up the street and BAM! There was the cute girl walking down the street! Had he took our normal right turn earlier we would have never seen her.
There was a brief introduction by me looking down at him, sitting for her, “This is Phoenix.”
She said, “Oh hi, Phoenix! I have 2 Golden Retrievers!”
No way!!
Phoenix, “Well, where are they?”
Me, nudging him with me knee, and back to her, “What a great choice! Well, we are going to get going.”
Her, “Ok, you two have a great day!”
And we continued on.
Phoenix mumbled to me, “Why did you bump with your knee? I was working that for you.”
Me, “I know, sorry, I got nervous.”
We kept walking and he said, “That’s where you say to her – Oooo, Golden Retrievers, how cool! We are at the park each day if you ever want to have them play together.”
Me, looking down at him, “What? Are you Dr Phil now?”
Phoenix, trotting along and glancing up at me, “Who is that? Anyhoo look, what is that stuff you always tell everyone? Take a chance on getting slapped because you might get kissed. She was totally not going to slap you, Dad.”

We got back to the Jeep and I needed to go to the store to get one item. The apparently ever-elusive Pecorino Romano Cheese. That was it. Just the cheese. Because I needed a ½ cup of it for a macaroni and cheese recipe that I’m making this weekend. I had been to Walmart, Safeway, Scolari’s and none of them had it. I went into Raley’s as a last-ditch effort and walked to the assorted cheese bin and like a light shining down from above, it was the sitting right there. The very first cheese I saw! This was looking to be one of those best days.

I walked up to the checkout counter to pay for the cheese. Now, just two days ago I had to return a movie to my close buddy that he let me borrow – The Dark Knight Rises. I absolutely love that movie and I had wanted to watch it again. So, I’m standing in line at the checkout counter and see some DVD’s in the display stand all tipped forward to where I couldn’t see the title. I pushed them back so they stood upright – BINGO! The Dark Knight Rises was right there. I immediately snatched it out of the holder and purchased it! Absolutely this was a best Friday!

Then, on my way to work I got to talk to a very special friend of mine who I hadn’t talked to on the phone in a couple of years. She is the mother of a very special girl, Courtney, who was Phoenix’s dog sitter for many, many years. Friday, totally the best day!

After that I was able to pick up a friend’s special Starbucks Coffee, Chai Tea (which I always go martial arts and invert when ordering saying “Tai Chi”) and KFC biscuits to them. I then saw one of my closest friends in our employee cafeteria before work. And when I started work today in my favorite work duty station I got to work with one of my closest buddies!

And this Friday just continued to be the best day.

Yet, the best part of all was our second walk of the day at the park earlier. As I told you before I let Phoenix dictate where we will walk for the most part. As a younger dog he did not like stairs until one day we did a little shock therapy and he got over it in ten minutes. That therapy was me leaving him at the top of a big set of cement stairs at the marina one day and I went down to the bottom. And I waited for him with his tennis ball. He was whining and resisting the entire time. Ten minutes later he arrived at my feet on his own accord smiling and wagging his tail. Problem solved. Tennis ball for a reward!

Today he had this incredible curiosity about walking around the large jungle gym at the park. We’ve been walking in and around this park off/on for nine years now and he never gave it another thought. Except when there are children playing on it because he loves kids. Well today, he had only one focus, and that was after doing his business in the brush, he went directly to the jungle gym. WTF? There was nobody in the entire park except for us!

He got us tangled around a pole or his version of what happened…


Dad is always getting us wrapped around a pole. I bet I can trip him…

Keep in mind there are holes like grating in all of the steps and walk areas of the jungle gym.


Then, this absolutely baffled me – Phoenix headed up the steps!


Hey, let’s go check this out…

First, he just wanted to chill out.


This is so cool…now if some kids were here to play.

I asked him if he wanted to go down the slide, side by side, by me. But, he indicated that would not be the way he would be disembarking the jungle gym today.


I was totally willing to go down the slide with him but he wanted no part of it.

We just sat there next to each other. On the jungle gym at the top of the slide enjoying being with each other and the quiet. Neither one of us wanted to leave. Friday, the best day ever with Phoenix.


Awesome view….I love being with my Dad. Hey, I think I see an abandoned ball!

I wrote this listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’….making a change 🙂

Leave a comment and tell me, what was your best Friday ever?


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  8 Responses to “Friday, The Best Day With Phoenix”

  1. Im jealous! My Fridays are never this good!
    Love the pics of Phoenix at the park!

  2. I am so taking Sparky out for a walk tomorrow. Thanks Mike!

    And I had one of those great Fridays a few months ago, and I didn’t realize it until I got to work. How weird is that?!

  3. My Good Fridays start at 3pm. Have had a great Friday in awhile. But I’m looking forward to one.

  4. And today is another Friday!

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