My Bucket List #2 – Germany

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Nov 172012

And my bucket list #2, Germany, and a destination for completely different reasons. There used to be on this webpage are many different pics of German landscape.

My father taught, among many subjects, history in high school for 30 years and passed down to me an immense knowledge. Though he passed on a few years ago, he still remains to this day the most real life encyclopedia of history that I will ever know. I came to know a bit of my German background first. But, over the years, I developed a wonderful appreciation and infatuation of World War II. He had me read numerous books and my interest narrowed down to the European Theater of the war and even more specifically Germany’s participation in that war.

Most all of my posts will always include pictures for reference but for this there are too many to post. The lead picture is of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps of Germany.

There will be follow up stories over time that will share more specific locations and the historic events that occurred at each location. Our American troops in our military, along with our allies, defeated a horrific leader and today we enjoy the freedom we have for that painful victory. Had things gone a different way at a few twists and turns at points in the war our lives today would likely be quite different.

I want to initiate my trip, not in Germany, but on the beaches of Normandy, France where the conflict was truly initiated. I visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial back in 1995 and I want to experience the same emotion that I did that day. Of immense loss but true victory and freedom in the end game. To see the Ardennes forest where the Battle of the Bulge occurred, the Nuremberg rally grounds, Dresden, Dunkirk and lastly Berlin. And yes, Auschwitz in Poland. Oh there are dozens upon dozens of locations I’m not mentioning because there are too many. Will I get to all of them in one trip ? No, I will not. But, I will make the locations that I do see as memorable and heartfelt as possible to thank our troops.

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  1. Looking forward to your future writings about this after you take your trip! ! Its going to be a blast for you and you deserve it!

  2. Thanks Tony, I can’t wait !

  3. Stop with the bucket list Mike and plan a trip!! Stop dreaming about the places you want to see, go to them. You will never regret it. You will regret no taking a leap of faith and that vacation!!

  4. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving Jenn !

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