Nov 292012

The San Francisco 49er’s coach, Jim Harbaugh, announced that second year quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, would start his third consecutive game. It appears this decision came with some surprise on one side and some confirmation on the other side of the discussion as Alex Smith would not be starting.

I have to admit that while I am completely enjoying the huge success of Kaepernick that I feel so bad for Smith. He has always been first class and kept his nose clean and finally was enjoying the success he not only deserved but was always capable of. After a career beset by four different head coaches and six different offensive coordinators he finally found his niche with Harbaugh and the offense.

In the whole discussion I can find no right or wrong answer to either quarterback starting. There is truly only one right answer and that is Jim Harbaugh. He’s the coach and I’m trusting him to know what is the best way for the Niners to win.  It is well-known that he’s one of the most highly competitive individuals in sports and so far has had outstanding success with San Francisco after one and one half seasons. That is definitely the person I’m going to listen to first and last on what is the best decision.

I do think folks need to pump the brakes on a couple of items though. One, while the Niners are in the driver’s seat as far as having two very good quarterbacks in Kaepernick and Smith. The Niner faithful of years past need to realize they are not Young and Montana. They never will be. And secondly I recall a young basketball sensation playing in the NBA in New York City who had a mind-boggling run of great games last year. Through injury at the end of Jeremy Lin’s season and a crash course in reality this season or perhaps just the system he is currently in; we’ve not heard a word from him.

I’ve been a Niner fan for 30 years and I followed Kaepernick at the University of Nevada in Reno where I live. I am in total support of him starting, succeeding and taking S.F. to a Lombardi Trophy. I’m just cautious because the elite defenses in the NFL might catch up to him.

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Mike Vogler

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  2 Responses to “Kaepernick or Smith – I Choose Harbaugh”

  1. Im with you on this. While I love Kap, I dont think Smith did anything to lose the job. He (Smith) is not exciting to watch but he doesnt make a ton of errors and manages the game well. But I think everyone knows, he simply is not going to go down field and very rarely are you threatened that he will complete a long pass on you.

    Kap on the other hand is almost a Vick 2.0 to me. NO, not as quick as Vick but unlike Vick I feel in his small sample size in the NFL that Kap has shown he is looking to pass first and run second. And he can run! Kap is also exciting to watch and he can and will hit the deep ball. Arm strength is superior to Smith. Experience is what he lacks.

    Right now we have to trust Harbaugh. And to use the old cliche’ thats going around right now with this story in the NFL, its a good problem for the 49ers to have!

  2. Yes Tony, I say trust Harbaugh.

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