March Madness Contest!

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Mar 202013

March Madness

It’s time for the 2013 version of March Madness! This is when we will find most of the sports fans across the country glued to watching a tv or checking scores online for the most exciting sporting event there is!

Do you know that the first two days (Thursday and Friday) are the most abused and unproductive time by employees on the computer and Internet each year? And that is not just reserved for men. Nope, many women follow the action and play in brackets just as the guys do. Good thing it’s not a popular event!

I’ve taken time off for the tournament for about 20 years now. That’s when it’s time to tune everything else out, relax and put on an amped up version of being a couch potato. I’ve got my Golden Retriever, Phoenix, to toss the ball and play with for breaks here and there. And, of course, the refrigerator is already stocked full with four days  worth of delicious (but healthy this year) food.

Here is a fun trivia link from Timelines that will test some of your March Madness knowledge. 

Or go over the the Bradyware site and they have some fun information as well if you click here.

The guys over at the BestSportsBlog have done a great job with their March Madness trivia here.

And if you want to see some funny questions and answers from the news out of Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas check this out.

Will you be watching any of the games?

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Mike Vogler

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  1. I will be watching the games on my days off for sure. But I don’t have any specific games at this point that I am really excited about, no rooting interest in any particular team. I will still be sitting in front of my tv flipping between the channels to find the good games…

    • Jeff, I’m a notorious channel flipper too to make sure I catch the best second halves of games!

  2. Basketball is yucky!

    • Kerry! I bet you didn’t know that Colin Kaepernick was nominated as an all-state basketball player his senior year in high school! Umm….hmm!

  3. Not a fan. Sorry Mike. I’d rather pluck my eyes out. It’s not a game for everyone.

  4. I paid more attention last year because I happened to be in Vegas at the time. Will keep an eye on the action but won’t be taking any time off work – that is reserved for hockey playoffs! 🙂

    • Oh wow I bet things are/were really crazy in Vegas for this, Mike C! Especially these first two days!

  5. I love March Madness! All though I havent followed closely this year, to me its the best sporting even of the year. 68 teams now and anything can happen. This sporting event more than any other produces the most upsets. Love to see the Cinderella teams advance and take out some big dogs! And you end up gettting to see some very close games and future stars! And when Duke loses, thats the best! :0)

    • I don’t have any solid emotional investment anymore either, Tony. I would like to UCLA advance if possible, of course. And you and my mom, Foyann, should pull up a chair together for a Duke game sometime! She loves to see them lose as well, sir!

  6. I thought March Madness was when the mortgage is due at the end of the month. I was confused why it wasn’t called Month Madness. Silly basketball, does Bo Jackson still play basketball??

    • “March Madness” originated in the early 1930’s from a guy named H.V. Porter who wrote an article penning that phrase. There, that will make for some riveting dinner conversation with you and your family! 🙂 Btw….who’s Bo Jackson?

  7. I agree with you, Mike. It is by far my favorite sporting event of the year! Hopefully, I’ve had a little influence over you & you’ll be rooting for the Cyclones & the Jayhawks!

    • Hi Kelli! I took Indiana but I tell ya what. I’m totally down with rooting for your Cyclones! I love to see the underdog prevail 🙂

  8. I hate watching basketball. So boring. I can’t drink enough to watch basketball. Love to play though!

  9. Disclaimer: The only basketball I watch regularly is my daughter’s school basketball team (7th grade this year). Including the post season her team went 2 and 8 this year, but I keep cheering (and groaning).

    My choice for the big winner is Gonzaga. Why Gonzaga? When I googled the teams in the tournament I saw Gonzaga and it was a team I recognized, but mostly because Gonzaga is the alma mater of the great John Stockton.

    Many moons ago when I could still sit down and watch TV, I followed the Utah Jazz. I loved watching the well oiled machine of John Stockton and Karl Malone. I enjoyed watching Jeff Hornacek, Mark Eaton (and his hands made of brick), Adrian Dantley, and Thurl Bailey.

    I practically wet myself when the Jazz swept the Lakers (ha,ha) to face the Bulls in the Championship and then went on to lose to Michael Jordan. (sigh)

    So it’s Gonzaga for me because John Stockton was so much fun to watch.

    • Oh wow, Ed…great memory on that amazing run that Stockton and Malone had. Remember Adam Morrison? Anyhoo, the old days with Jazz ran into that juggernaut with my Bulls and MJ. Stockton will always be amazing in my book, sir. And I loved hearing about your daughter playing hoops 🙂

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