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For over 50 years Al Pacino has produced numerous hit movies and entertained us with his diversity. As a native New Yorker you can feel the sense of ownership he takes in the films that had stories based in The Big Apple. His mother’s parents came from a town in Sicily named Corleone per Wikipedia. There were some rough times in his childhood yet he persevered and went onto the Actors Studio and had some wonderful mentors in the field of acting..

Some of my previous big hits in this category were Top 10 Kevin Costner Movies and Top 10 Clint Eastwood Movies which you can still read and I admit some of the videos in those lists may no longer be playable.. Top 10 lists are very subjective so rather than justify my rankings I offer you a video snippet and trivia for each one.

Credits are giving to the YouTube video owners on their channels upon playing each and the trivia questions and answers come from

It’s not my intention to start publishing a continuous series of Top 10 posts but they were very popular and I have several that were drafted some three years ago. This Top 10 Al Pacino Movies draft was at the top of the list so here you go!


10 – And Justice For All (1979)

Question – Why did Lee Strasberg say to Pacino, “Al, learn your lines, dollink!”?

Answer – Because during filming, he frequently ad libbed and improvised. Pacino like to do this because he was slow learning lines as well as to be spontaneous. This however can interfere with another actor’s performance. Pacino years later recognized that Strasberg had given good advice.


9 – Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Question – What is your guess at what the largest cost was to make the film that is one of my Top 10 Al Pacino Movies?

Answer – It was for the rain effects for entire first half half of the film.


8 – Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

Question – What color where NYC police squad cars in 1972?

Answer – They were dark green and white, not blue and white.


7 – The Godfather Part III (1990)

Question – Did Al Pacino agree with his portrayal of Michael in the film?

Answer – He did not and stated that Michael would never feel regret for his actions, especially for murdering his brother.


6 – Dick Tracy (1990)

Question – What did Madonna reveal to Al Pacino when she was wearing her coat?

Answer – He stated that she opened her coat to reveal that she was completely naked and that he will forever remember that.


5 – The Godfather Part II (1974)

Question – What did Al Pacino cause problems with during production that nearly caused him to quit in another of my Top 10 Al Pacino movies?

Answer – He insisted on a massive salary and script rewrites and even said to Francis Ford Coppola that “Serpico only took nineteen days!”


4 – Serpico (1973)

Question – What profound statement did Al Pacino make about Serpico?

Answer – He said it is one of his greatest achievements as an actor.


3 – Scarface (1983)

Question – What did Al Pacino ask of director of photography John A Alonzo?

Answer – That Alonzo speak to him only in Spanish so that he could stay in character.


2 – The Godfather (1972)

Question – Why did Al Pacino boycott the Academy Awards?

Answer – He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor and felt he should have been Best Actor because he had more screen time than winner Marlon Brando.


1 – Scent Of A Woman (1992)

Question –  What did Al Pacino do off set to remain in character?

Answer – He used a cane to walk and never looked at anyone when they spoke to him. This would be at the top of my Top 10 Al Pacino Movies list. He also won his only Academy Award (Best Actor) for this role.

I’m dedicating this post to one of my best buddies who is a huge Al Pacino fan. He has always been very supportive for me to return to writing when I was ready to.

What is your favorite Al Pacino movie?


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  1. Pretty hard to argue with that list…..though Donnie Brasco would also be right up there!

  2. After doing extensive research I can officially say that I have never seen a movie with Al Pacino in it. Apparently he needs to do more sci-fi 😉

  3. Wow I can’t believe how many of his movies I HAVEN’T seen – and I love him as an actor! I saw Dick Tracy, Serpico and Scent of a Woman. One of my favorites was a strange little movie called The Devil’s Advocate. Sea of Love and Ocean’s Thirteen. I loved The Recruit – such a twist. I tend to like strange rather than violent (like Godfather). Like you said – it’s all subjective to someone’s taste! These are always fun because they introduce me to movies I haven’t seen – now I have “new” ones to check out.

    • I agree with you on The Devil’s Advocate that was a pretty crazy movie! I’m glad a few of these caught your attention to possibly check out someday! 🙂

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