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I met my friend Mike last month and we decided to have lunch at Moxie’s in northwest Reno, Nevada in the Scolari’s Center at I-80 and Robb Drive. Moxie’s opened up their first restaurant in 2000 on Caughlin Parkway in the Southwest Reno with a dining room, bar and something I especially like – a dog friendly patio.

This second restaurant we visited today opened up 2005 and is very accessible directly off the freeway. They serve a late breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and offer appetizers, sandwiches and lunch items up until 2 p.m. Dinner service begins at 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

The young lady who would be our waitress greeted us and said we could sit anywhere we wished and we chose a booth by the window. The dining room is very well-lit and sharply decorated in a more high-end setting yet it’s always casual dress.

After looking over the menu of sandwiches, burgers and salads we made our selections.

We started off with a Baked Brie appetizer which was delivered shortly. The brie was blended perfectly with bleu cheese, roasted sweet peppers and onions and baked perfectly in the round bowl you see below. It came with a choice of garlic bread or fruit and we chose the bread.  Brie is a soft, pale European cheese that becomes sharper and stronger in flavor and taste the longer it matures. It’s mild, creamy, and absorbs other flavors well. This baked brie had sweet peppers, onions and blue cheese. The entire melted marriage of the cheeses and additions spread onto the crunchy garlic bread was mouth-watering good!

I ordered the Smashed Cuban and was quite perplexed upon its arrival. How many of you would have thought that was a pressed Cuban sandwich by that title? It consisted of  roasted pork topped with ham, swiss cheese, pickles, honey mustard and served on a whole grain bun.  I had soup instead of fries with the sandwich. The pork was extremely dried out and I immediately added the tomato slices which were on the side as a garnish to give it more moisture. The bun was soft and airy and did a good job of holding the sandwich together. The melted Swiss cheese did help bring a nutty, sweet flavor and had the that dill pickle crunch in each bite.

The minestrone soup had carrots, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, navy beans, in a hearty vegetable broth. It was totally spontaneous that I looked at the soup and thought of the dry pork, then I turned their Smashed Cuban into a Cuban Dip! Oh my gosh it was amazingly good and I dipped the sandwich into the soup and ate the rest of the sandwich that way. Amazing!

Mike ordered the Reuben sandwich that came with corned beef and sauerkraut piled high on deli rye bread, topped with swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. He asked our waitress if he could substitute sourdough for  the rye bread and she said that was no problem. He told me that he usually is not a big sauerkraut fan but he had enjoyed it on a Reuben before so he wanted to try it again.  Mike said the reuben sandwich had lots of meat and cheese, although the dressing was pretty light.  The sauerkraut had a mild (good) flavor.  Bread (sour dough) was well toasted and tasty.

This was the first post where I used my brand new Canon Powershot S100 camera and I’m very pleased with the results from this novice photographer!

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  3 Responses to “Not The Best Lunch At Moxie’s, Reno, Nevada”

  1. You are going to have to stop making these posts so appealing. I’m always so hungry after reading your food entries!. If you keep it up I’m going to weight 300 pounds by the first of the year.

  2. I would love to try that appetizer. I like the inside of the resteraunt. Looks very comfy and nice!

  3. @John DeBow – I’m with you because they make me hungry when I’m posting them ! @Tony – That would be a super easy appetizer for you to make at home for family and friends for a party or just because !

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