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 Princess Bride

While these Top 10 lists may be a lot of work, they are so incredibly fun to post. They always wind up being very rewarding and it seems they provide my readers with a lot of entertainment. And the latter is the best reward of all.

As always, coming up with an initial draft list was not hard. Narrowing it down to eleven choices was horrendously difficult! I already know several movies that I’m going to catch flak for not including. And there will be one in particular and I’m stating here I know which one it will be. Well, without saying the name of it.

So, here is My Top 10 +1 Favorite Romantic Comedy Movies list and remember +1 was the movie that didn’t make the cut. I shared a lot of my own personal life stories relevant to the movie. Also, I included my fun scene pick for each movie.

+1  Sixteen Candles (1984)

Oh my gosh when I was turning 16 years old my life was in the beginning stages of taking a horrendous turn for the next few years. The romantic pursuit of Jake and Samantha with each other, the circus of  the very hormonal Geek and his best side kick Bryce along with the comedy of Long Duk Dong make for a hysterical movie. And the name Long Duk Dong still gets mileage 30 years later. You can’t go wrong when it’s happily ever after for each storyline at the end of the movie.

Funny scene pick – When Samantha says, “They forgot my fucking birthday.” Why it’s so funny to me is my family forgot my birthday numerous times after I moved out on my own at 18 years old.

Molly Ringwald – Samantha Baker
Justin Henry – Mike Baker
Michael Schoeffling – Jake Ryan
Haviland Morris – Caroline Mulford
Gedde Watanabe – Long Duk Dong
Anthony Michael Hall – The Geek
John Cusack – Bryce
Directed by John Hughes

10  There’s Something About Mary (1998)

Most of this entire movie is an entire riot of laughter. And I was soooo there with the braces and wanting to date the cute girl. But, the early scenes with Walter and Ted are absolutely hysterical. It’s amazing the lengths we will go to and years we will spend doing it to be with the one we love.

Funny scene pick – Is when Healy is trying to revive the little dog with the light socket of a lamp. That movie scene is one that I laughed harder at more than any other in my entire life still to this day.
Phoenix to me, “Making a note of that….”

Cameron Diaz – Mary
Matt Dillon – Healy
Ben Stiller – Ted
Lee Evans – Tucker
Chris Elliott – Dom
Lin Shaye – Magda
Jeffrey Tambor – Sully
Markie Post – Mary’s Mom
W. Earl Brown – Warren

9  Groundhog Day (1993)

I’m a huge fan of Andie McDowell and it’s like she’s been frozen in time over all of these years in a permanent state of intoxicating beauty. I absolutely love all of the experiences that Phil gets to evolve through for a period best figured to be about 8 1/2 years. But, it’s also troubling that it took him that long to get the romantic part right for Rita to fall in love with him. Then again, he was a first class jerk to begin with, so maybe that was some sort of penance.

Funny scene pick – When Phil steals the groundhog and they are being pursued. And Phil tells the groundhog don’t drive angry. I still use that line to this day!

Bill Murray – Phil
Andie MacDowell – Rita
Chris Elliott – Larry
Stephen Tobolowsky – Ned
Brian Doyle-Murray – Buster
Marita Geraghty – Nancy
Angela Paton – Mrs. Lancaster
Directed by Harold Ramis

8  Hitch (2005)

I absolutely love this movie so much. And when I saw it the first time it slapped me across the face with realism as I had planned so many different unique dates with women over the years. Those initial get-together’s between Sara and Hitch are so awesome. Jetskiing on the Hudson River with the New York City skyline as a backdrop? Yes, please! When I first decided on this category I had this at number 1 for my top 10 +1 favorite romantic comedy movies.

Funny scene pick – Hitch and Sara are on a date and he eats fish. And his allergic reaction to it afterwards. Absolutely one of the funniest dating comedy moments ever. That is mine and surely many people’s ultimate fear on a date is of something going wrong with your physical appearance.

Will Smith – Hitch
Eva Mendes – Sara
Kevin James – Albert
Amber Valletta – Allegra
Julie Ann Emery – Casey
Adam Arkin – Max
Nathan Lee Graham – Geoff
Michael Rapaport – Ben
Jeffrey Donovan – Vance
Philip Bosco – Mr O’Brian
Kevin Sussman – Neil
Directed by Andy Tennant

7  Pretty Woman (1990)

I had just come out of a very long-term relationship and was dating a younger, vibrant, beautiful, very energetic young lady. And I always wanted to do all of the wonderful things with her like the dates that Richard took Vivian on. I’ve actually flown a date and myself to San Francisco for a romantic dinner at the Carnelian Room on top of the Bank of America building overlooking the entire city (it’s since closed). It was magic!

Funny scene pick – When Edward, Vivian and the Morse’s are at the high-end restaurant and Vivian makes her first attempt at cracking an escargot shell. I actually did that but it wound up in my mother’s lap. And they are not hard to crack at all. Just slippery.

Richard Gere – Edward Lewis
Julia Roberts – Vivian Ward
Ralph Bellamy – James Morse
Jason Alexander – Philip Stuckey
Laura San Giacomo – Kit De Luca
Alex Hyde-White – David Morse
Amy Yasbeck – Elizabeth Stuckey
Directed by Garry Marshall

6  When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Men and women can’t be friends. That is still a self-imposed quandary that many people of the opposite sex unnecessarily burden themselves with. Because men and women can not only be friends, but best friends for life. It’s when any sort of sexual energy is either brought in initially or develops down the road that things can get really dicey. Harry and Sally took quite a roller coaster ride and won the lottery in the end. As long as you can always both laugh and find the comedy in life you will be fine.

Funny scene pick – Another one of my all-time favorite movie scenes is where Sally fakes an orgasm at Katz Delicatessen. I will always refer to that when I say a certain meal or a dessert is “Meg Ryan good…”

Billy Crystal – Harry Burns
Meg Ryan – Sally Albright
Carrie Fisher – Marie
Bruno Kirby – Jess
Directed by Rob Reiner

5  Jerry Maguire (1996)

Hands down by far my favorite character in the movie is Ray.

Ray: D’you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?
Jerry: Did you know that Troy Aikman, in only six years, has passed for 16,303 yards?
Ray:  D’you know that bees and dogs can smell fear?
Jerry:  Did you know that the career record for hits is 4,256 by Pete Rose who is NOT in the Hall of Fame?
Ray: D’you know that my next door neighbor has three rabbits?
Jerry:  I… I can’t compete with that!

Jerry: The fuckin zoo is closed, Ray.
Ray: You said fuck.
Jerry Maguire: Uh… yeah… I…
Ray: Don’t worry. I won’t tell.

Funny scene pick – When Jerry shows up at Dorothy’s house drunk and makes a pass at her and grabbing her breast.  We’ve all that that “ooops” the next morning feeling at one point or another.

Tom Cruise – Jerry Maguire
Cuba Gooding Jr – Rod Tidwell
Renee Zellweger – Dorothy Boyd
Kelly Preston – Avery Bishop
Jerry O’Connell – Frank Cushman
Jay Mohr – Bob Sugar
Bonnie Hunt – Laurel Boyd
Regina King – Marcee Tidwell
Jonathan Lipnicki – Ray Boyd
Todd Louiso – Chad the Nanny
Jeremy Suarez – Tyson Tidwell
Directed by Cameron Crowe

4 Meet The Parents (2000)

Just the mention of the title of this movie and I smile and begin to giggle then it’s onto full on gut laughter. This is absolutely how I felt around my father in law for the baffling intimidation. Yet in my situation it was completely different. My romantic girlfriend (wife to be) and I had got off the plane and this was the very first time I was to meet my future in-laws. They wouldn’t even come inside the airport to greet us. We are getting into the back seat of their car, a two door, where the front seat folds forward to allow passengers in. Her mother was still seated and halfway held the seat forward so I could crawl in towards behind the driver. All of sudden THUD in my chest! Her dad got me direct straight on with the end of his walking cane saying, “Who are you?!” My girlfriend screamed at him scolding, “Daddy, stop!!” I sat down and her father says scowling and hissing at me in the rear mirror, with his Italian slang, “You sit and listen. You don’t talk.” In hindsight and even after we got divorced it was absolutely hysterical to look back upon the comedy of it all. Because it’s one of the two funniest on the list I gave this one some thought for first on my top 10 +1 favorite romantic comedy movies list.

Funny scene pick – The first time Jack gives Greg the forefinger/middlefinger to the eyes “I’m watching you…”look. That became a world-wide classic gesture still to this day!

Robert De Niro – Jack Byrnes
Ben Stiller – Gaylord ‘Greg’ Focker
Teri Polo – Pam Byrnes
Blythe Danner – Dina Byrnes
Nicole DeHuff – Deborah Byrnes
Jon Abrahams – Denny Byrnes
Owen Wilson – Kevin Rawley
Phyllis George – Linda Banks
Directing by Jay Roach

3 Father Of The Bride (1991)

And speaking of my former father in law. This was hands down, by far, his favorite all time movie. So, anytime we went down to visit my wife would sit the two of us down in the family room (with him out of cane striking distance). The two of us would watch Father of the Bride. It was the only two hours where he actually talked nicely to me and it was only about the movie. And we must have watched it thirty times together over the course of that brief relationship. But I completely love this movie still to this day. And if I had a daughter I would have treasured her as much if not more than George did Anne.

Funny scene pick – When George tells Anne and Bryan to  drive careful and not to forget to fasten their condom. He meant seat belt.

Steve Martin – George Banks
Diane Keaton – Nina Banks
Kimberly Williams-Paisley – Anne Banks
Kieran Culkin – Matty Banks
George Newbern – Bryan MacKenzie
Martin Short – Franck Eggelhoffer
BD Wong – Howard Weinstein
Peter Michael Goetz – John MacKenzie
Kate McGregor-Stewart – Joanna MacKenzie
Directed by Charles Shyer

2  As Good As It Gets (1997)

I’m all about the cute girl next door type and it being romantic. She’s sweet, nice and caring yet also bright and motivated for her own dreams. Anything more than that is gravy. As the movie progresses we come to understand that Melvin isn’t a little bit well of financially. He’s set, but in an unassuming way in a non-materialistic manner. Yet, his attitude is in need of an enormous overhaul. Behind many, many great men have been even greater women who helped bring them to that pinnacle of inner calm and success. Melvin’s evolution came through alot of painful comedy. This movie absolutely nailed it in the final two scenes with their kiss then the bakery shop. I love walking, holding hands and talking until all of sudden the sun is coming up over the mountains to the east.

Funny scene pick – Is Verdell skipping over the cracks in the sidewalk just like Melvin does.

Jack Nicholson – Melvin Udall
Helen Hunt – Carol Connelly
Greg Kinnear – Simon Bishop
Cuba Gooding Jr – Frank Sachs
Skeet Ulrich – Vincent
Shirley Knight – Beverly
Yeardley Smith – Jackie
Lupe Ontiveros – Nora
Jill the Dog – Verdell
Directed by James L Brooks

1 Serendipity (2001)

Ironically, I had just mentioned my biological mother last week in a post. I shared the wonderful things she passed onto me despite the fact that we missed out most of our lives on our relationship. But, she gifted me one word that has been my favorite all of my entire adult life. That word is serendipity  and it has come around my life over and over so very many times. When it happens you realize that magic is possible. It only takes a look around in your memory and you’ll find that some sort of serendipity has occurred to you at some point and time too. In the end there was no question this was tops  on my top 10 +1 favorite romantic comedy movies list.

Funny scene pick – Jonathan having to buy that horrifically ugly, expensive suit just to get information about Sara from the Bloomingdale’s salesman.

John Cusack – Jonathan Trager
Kate Beckinsale – Sara Thomas
Jeremy Piven – Dean Kansky
Bridget Moynahan – Hailey Buchanan
Eugene Levy – Bloomingdale’s Salesman
Directed by Peter Chelsom

What is your favorite romantic comedy movie?

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  44 Responses to “My Top 10 +1 Favorite Romantic Comedy Movies”

  1. Okay, I am willing to put up with that until you are READY to write a book…because I think, someday you will be and it will be a best seller!! xox <3

  2. I’m not a movie person, but I’ve seen 7 out of these 11, so they must be good if even I saw them. Mike, I am impressed, (1) that you could organize yourself to come up with this coherent list and (2) that your memory is good enough for you to remember the plots of 11 movies. I’m now at an age when I can often enjoy movies, TV shows and books more than once because I forget what happened — the silver lining. (not a movie reference although I did see “Silver Linings Playbook” because it was filmed in and around my home town, Philadelphia — and that’s all I remember about it.

    • I appreciate the compliment, Suzanne! I used to be very organized but I’m far from it now. I try to keep it somewhere around controlled chaos. And my Top 10 lists are definitely a clever mask for that ha ha! 🙂 I have been blessed with a very good memory but also a passion and obsession for movies and to watch most more than once 🙂

  3. I love all these movies! Great picks Mike. For me When Harry Met Sally would be number one on my list, doesn’t hurt that Harry Coonick Jr did the music (swoon). They were fabulous together, I always laugh when I watch it even though I’ve see it so many times.
    My brain is now mulling over my favourites…

    Others that I like:
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    While You Were Sleeping
    Sliding Doors
    Love Actually.

    Now I am going to go watch When Harry Mwet Sally.

    • We’ve mentioned on here before our mutual swooning for Harry Connick, Jr! Especially once you’ve seen him in person! Excellent call on While You Were Sleeping. I totally like that movie 🙂

  4. 50 First Dates- I loved the way Adam Sandler had to learn a little bit about Drew Barrymore each day and then start from scratch the next day.

    Blast from the Past- The differences between the worlds that Brendan Frasier and Alicia Silverstone grew up in is what makes this fun to watch.

    Forget Paris- Billy Crystal as an NBA referee wooing Debra Winger.

    My Best Friend’s Wedding- Julia Roberts sabotaging her best friend’s wedding. She is desperate and evil.

    Sabrina- Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear, and Harrison Ford as “The world’s only living heart donor.”

    I.Q.- Walter Matthau as Albert Einstein helping Tim Robbins win the heart of Meg Ryan.

    Come September- Rock Hudson trying his hardest to keep his hook ups with Gina Lollabrigida while trying to keep Bobby Darin away from Sandra Dee.

    The Princess Bride- Westley and Buttercup, “As you wish.”

    • Great comment, Ed! Talk about a phenomenal memory! Sabrina was on my intitial draft list. But, Princess Bride was the one I thought for sure I would catch wholly heck for omitting. It was high up on my first draft list. Then I completely revamped it. Though Serendipity never budged 🙂

  5. Hahaha..I love these the list you mentioned contains some of my favorites too..
    When Harry Met Sally,Father of the Bride,Meet the Parents Pretty Woman.. 🙂
    Loved these Movies..

  6. I am a sucker for a good romantic comedy. I like Father of the Bride but I’ve gotta go with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor – the original cast. On my list you will find – not in any priority order.

    P.S. I Love You
    Love Actually
    4 Weddings & A Funeral
    Julie & Julia
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Sex & The City – 1
    Notting Hill
    The Holiday
    Midnight in Paris

    Thanks for sharing a bit of personal insight with each film. I am enjoying getting to know you, Mike. Fun post!

    • Thank you, Patti! And yes I keep “stretching my legs” a bit more with the writing each time 🙂 Excellent call on Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. The classics will always be that – classics! Moonstruck was awesome! I liked your list as well 🙂

  7. I love this list Mike only because I tend to watch more romantic comedies than other genres. I have seen most of these movies and it brings back so many good memories. Thanks for this! I enjoyed the funny scenes picks.

    • Mary, I liked going back and watching the video clips too! I was telling a buddy of mine after work that Meet The Parents still makes me roll with laughter! 🙂 And thank you!

  8. Out of all of those I would of chosen Serendipity as well. Good movie but Kate Beckinsale has always been my 10+1. She is an 11. My wife knows that kate beckinsale is my hall pass girl. Good list though buddy. I do think 50 first dates as well, it was one that never gets old…same premise as Groundhog day. Good stuff.

    • I appreciate that, Chad! That is hysterical on Kate Beckinsale being your “hall pass” girl. Oh my she’s positively right at the top of the list for me too. Great comparison in Groundhog Day to 50 First Dates 🙂

  9. Great List! I was going to add My Big Fat Greek Wedding. As I can relate my background to so much of it.

  10. You’ve given me some new ones to watch, and some great tickle my funny bone memories! I guess Pretty Woman is probably my fave from this list, but there are so many that I’d love to re-watch – if only I had more time 🙂 Thanks for putting this great list together 🙂

    • Thank you for checking out the list, Johanna! Pretty Woman is fantastic and yes I totally hear you on wishing there was more time! 🙂

  11. I love all of these.. i so want to watch a rom com now!

  12. Hi Mike what a great list ! I have seen most of these and loved all of them. Still a few missing, thanks for the tips.

    • I appreciate that, Freya! Just watching those short videos when I was writing it makes me want to go back and watch them again! 🙂

  13. ok..I rarely watch movies! I havent seen half of these either, argh!!!
    Im told I really need to watch Princess Bride.

    Just Friends is one of my absolute favorites!

    Fever Pitch is up there for me too. Has baseball mixed in there so that hit a home run with me!

    Just Married. Britney Murphy was soooo cute! Loved her in that one.

    50 1st Dates, Wedding Singer and Definately Maybe are the ones I can remember that I really liked!

    • Just Friends and 50 First Dates are both really good, Tony! And I thought for sure I would catch more flak for omitting The Princess Bride 🙂

  14. OOOOOOOOOOO, Sixteen Candles & When Harry Met Sally are FAaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous.

    I can’t get enough! Xx

  15. As I’ve mentioned to you before, I have never considered myself to be one of those soft, mushy romantic comedy kind of girls, but in reading your post, I had a bit of an epiphany. Not only have I seen every movie on your list (most of them multiple times), but several of them are among my favorite movies of all time. Could it be true? Could my heart actually be made of something other than ice?? Inconceivable! Speaking of which (and here comes the flack that you have been waiting for), how is it possible that The Princess Bride is nowhere on your list?!?!?

    One movie that would definitely be on my list is Say Anything, an 80’s classic, directed by Cameron Crowe. I’m still waiting for Lloyd Dobler to show up outside my bedroom window, holding his boom box in the air…..*sigh*

    • Oh, I think that ice melted a lot longer ago than you realize! I initially had Princess Bride on there and ranked quite high. But, I thought on it for a day and the other’s just belonged higher for my favorites. Say Anything was right there around #12! Absolutely awesome movie isn’t it, Kelli! 🙂

  16. Great list, Mike! Romantic comedies are my husband’s favorite movie genre. I really like “Hitch” as well and agree that the allergic reaction scene was classic. And I also thought Ray in “Jerry McGuire” was really funny when he kept telling Jerry that he heard his mom coming and he had to get back to bed. He was such a cute kid!

    • That is soooo cool that your husband likes this genre of movies, Dana! I know some guys think they are “uncool”. I forgot about that scene with Ray and Jerry and him going to back to bed. That was so funny! 🙂

  17. I love romantic comedies, and have seen most of these and loved them!! I remember a few from YEARS ago that are still favorites.

  18. Hello Mike and thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading your post and I love your list. I never saw Serendipity and I think I would like it. One of my favourite romantic comedy is My best friend wedding!

    • And thank you for visiting my blog too Rita! My Best Friends Wedding is definitely good. Hopefully you can check out Serendipity sometime! 🙂

  19. Great list. I have seen them all and love them all. Romantic Comedies are my favortite types of films

  20. Some real good choises indeed my friend. There were two movies that jumped right out at me. The first, 1992 The cutting Edge, where the hockey player falls in love with the olympic figure skater, this movie had romance and humor, one to remember indeed. The other is Sweet Home Alabama with Reece Witherspoon. This movie made me laugh, as well as almost bringing a tear to my eye. Thanks for shaaring, look forward to the next 10 + 1.

    • Oh ya!! Great call on The Cutting Edge, Victor! I remember that one now. And Sweet Home Alabama is also a good one 🙂

  21. My wife has watched “My best friend’s wedding” about 100 times, which means that I’ve watched it more times than I care to count. Yeah, it grew on me.

    • Sounds like your wife has good taste. And probably turned you into the romantic that you are, Chris! 🙂

  22. OK! Great topic, Mike, because I fiiiiiinnnnally got my husband to watch a romantic comedy with me: “Sleepless in Seattle”. And he liked it! Watched it all the way to the end! (You’d have to know how hopelessly picky my husband is about movies to understand what a victory this was. Very loving man — towards me, but not towards mainstream movies).

    I like a lot of what you like, but sometimes for different reasons. For example, I liked Jerry MacGuire not for the romance, but because I identified with Jerry on how overwhelmingly difficult self-employment can be. And the character I loved most in “Sleepless” was Sam’s 8 year old son Jonah. He had an incredibly strong will. His vision was for Sam and Annie to get together so that Annie would be his new mother and his dad’s new wife. And he persevered with a grit and passion usually reserved for cinematic lovers. Possibly the most unusual premise I’ve ever seen in a romantic comedy.

    Thanks for a great piece.

    • Thank you Alison and that is great news on your husband watching and liking the movie! It’s definitely a long running favorite of mine and that you two watched it is ironic because….well, you’ll see in two days 🙂 I couldn’t agree with you more on Jonah and I almost touched on that. Only my story at 8 years old was the complete opposite and it ended up being totally justified. Anyhoo, I hope you can get your husband to watch another mainstream movie while his seat is still “warm” so to speak 🙂

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