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Marty and Jennifer

I was just wrapping up the ending for this week’s Top 10 +1 post and as often happens with my writing. Another story spawned from what I was initially writing. There’s a classic example of A.D.D. And no offense to those who suffer from it. I am making light of myself in a humorous context by saying that.

Fall of 1984.

Here….play this song and repeat it. It will really help you through this story.

I worked for peanuts (that’s not a lot of money) at the bank and was looking for any possible way to move up the ladder. I was a check filer at the time working nights on minimum wage. The only opening that came up was for a Receptionist position at one of their subsidiaries (in the same building). I thought, “Why not?” So, I put in for it. NO, there was not a dress code requirement for dresses, smart asses.

One of my uncle’s best friends, and the same man who I dog sat for with his two Labrador’s,  just happened to be one of the bank’s very powerful Vice Presidents. When he got word of me applying he went ballistic and told my uncle I could not apply for the job.
My uncle said to him, “You can talk to Mikey about that.”

Richard (the VP) called me into his very huge office and had me sit across from him at his large, intimidating desk.
He was perplexed and growled at me, “You can’t apply for this job, Mikey.”
Now, keep in mind, I absolutely loved him and his wife and their two Labs, Shasta and Bear. Btw his wife, Corinne? Best lady ever. She would tell me to just give her my grocery list of ANYTHING I wanted to eat or drink for the week while I was staying at their place. The countertops and fridge were stocked when I would get there on my first day after they left.

So I got my not-so-wise undies in a bunch and said to him, “Why not? Do I have to wear a dress?”
He said, “Careful, kiddo.” Me and my smart mouth. Ugh.
He actually read over the job requirements and looked up at me and said, “You will embarrass yourself. I don’t care what your typing skills are (which were bad ass fast). This isn’t for you.”
I didn’t blink….well, on the outside. I was shaking in my boots on the inside.

I interviewed for the job in front of three gorgeous women and was among eleven female applicants.
I got the job! Richard was not pleased. But, he got over it after he saw my high quality of work.

Me, my uncle and aunt went out to dinner that night and I told them the great news.
My aunt shouted (in a quiet restaurant), “Woo hoo, honey!”
Uncle Glen scowled at her.
Aunt Betty repeated in a low, soft voice sticking her tongue out at my uncle, “woo hoo…!”

Fast forward a year later and one of those same gals who interviewed me and hired me was my supervisor. I hated her. She was a total not nice person. But, my gawd, she was so pretty. And you had to have your act together working for her. Which I did.

Side note and an important one. Don’t think for a minute I was an innocent bystander in what you are about to read. I was just very quiet. But, my smiles and glances spoke a thousand words leading up to this to with her. I’m glad we got that straight as you read this.

So, I come in one morning and lying on my receptionist desk was a Hallmark card. I opened it up and on the outside was a picture of a female office worker implying she couldn’t concentrate. On the inside, the card’s print read in bold verbatim, “You distract me!”
In a girl’s inviting handwriting was, “You are intoxicating…”
What the heck??!!

At 5 p.m. that same day my supervisor walks by (oh, she was seven years older than me) and hands me a note on scratch paper that I immediately looked at.
It read, “Call me (with her ph# on it) and keep your mouth shut”. My jaw dropped.
She sauntered away, looked back and scowled, whispering, “Don’t mess this up.”
Ya, ooOOO….let me call my super hot, mean, supervisor. Not!

I got home that night and I’m just messing around and looked at that card again. I sat down on the couch and was flicking my thumb at the card. Thinking about what she said I thought to myself, “Oh what the heck…”
I nervously dialed her number and she answered after three rings and I said apprehensively, “This is Mike.”
She hollered into the phone, “I’ve been waiting three hours for you to call me!”

That was my hint to ask her out but I didn’t. So, she asked ME out.

I said….YES.

Things were very aloof at the office between us after that. The following Friday night I showed up at her door,  nervous as a long-tailed cat. She had told me to dress casually.
She answered the door at her house. OMG. She was wearing tight jeans and a tight white top. Her gorgeous, soft brunette hair was banana-clipped up in a ponytail. She did her eye makeup with light outlines and dark black lashes. Between the hair and the makeup that would be my Kryptonite to this day with girls.

She was also wearing tennis shoes. Huh? My mom, who I didn’t have the relationship I wanted to have with in this lifetime, had always had told me to compliment a girl on her shoes. And, I did so, “Nice….umm…tennis shoes.”
Her eyes sparkled, as she giggled looking down at her shoes, then back up at me, ”Did you get that from your mom or something?”
Do all girls have this Shoes 101 Guys Better Notice Thing?
She quickly and gently put both of her hands on my shoulders. I felt electricity run through my entire body at her touch. She kissed me on the cheek and said, ”Come in and help me pack, ok?”
Oh lordy she was taking me for one of those one-way trips to the Nevada desert.

I was mush with this mesmerizing girl the rest of the night. She had packed up an ice chest full of wine coolers, sodas, meats, cheeses, and fruits. Then she had me pack a bunch of blankets, pillows (to silence my screams in the desert as she ended me) and stuff into the back of my black B2000 Mazda truck bed. It was brand new and the most stripped down little new truck I could afford. It didn’t even have a cassette tape player.

Side note. The guy who sold me that truck was the brother of who would be my best friend ever, Timmy. Small world, huh?

So, we are all packed up and, in my mind,  I’m still standing at her front door feeling her soft kiss on my cheek. I was numb to everything going on around me.
As we got into my truck  of which I was ashamed of because I didn’t feel it was worthy to take her out in, she said, “So, I heard around the office you like cars?”
She cared less about the stupid truck. I will never forget that.
Me and my head spinning, replying to her, ”Yes, I do.”
Her, “Well, we are going to the drive-in to see this new movie, Back To The Future.”
It was opening night.

It was a crystal clear, unseasonably warm October night. One of the most beautiful evenings you can ever have in Reno. Both of our windows were rolled down and
I quickly glanced over to see her smiling and her beautiful, long,  clipped up hair flopping in the wind. The music played over my static, worthless truck radio. Wow, way to knock her socks off, dude.

She had all her i’s dotted and t’s crossed.
As we are driving she says, “Stop at the pizza place. I have a t0-go order to pick up.”
I pulled up to the curb and she dashed in. Tennis shoes. Just odd. She trots out two minutes later with pizza and wings.
She says, “No worries, there’s no sauce on the pizza”. (I’m allergic red pizza sauce…yes, weird)
I’m STILL standing on her front porch on no-man’s land…in my mind.
And, as we driving again,  she says, “Hello??? Anyone there???”
Me, “Yes, I’m here.”
Her, “I heard you can’t eat red sauce. There is no sauce on the pizza.”

Here is a relationship lesson to all of you. LISTEN and HEAR what your other half shares with you. Make notes. Whatever it takes. It’s worth it’s money in gold.

We got into the drive-in and park the Mazda. She organized everything in the bed of the truck as it was faced backwards towards the screen. Then she brought out a full on, blow up air mattress. She didn’t say a word. Not a request for me to help. Nothing. She just blew the thing up. The air mattress. I wasn’t affected. LIAR!!

So, the air mattress is set up into the back of the truck. Blankets down. The best drive-in cabana EVER. She propped my head up on pillows as the previews started on the huge screen and she opened up a wine coolers for both of us.

Now try and place your mind into listening to Gary Wright’s ‘Dream Weaver’ right now. It all goes into….slowwwww…..moooottionnn. This slightly olive-skinned, beautiful Italian girl reaches back and unclips her ponytail. She tosses her head and flings her hair side to side. Again, imagine this in slow motion as to where my mind was.

Then she smiled a look that lit up and blocked out anything else I could ever see at that moment. She leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips. Her lips were so soft. My gawd. Then she pulled back and smiled and said, “I really like you, Mike.”

I was done. Doc hadn’t even connected the cord yet (90 minutes later in the movie)…yet, it happened at that moment for me.

I’ve had The Back To Future trilogy on VHS or DVD for 25 years now and I’ve watched them many times. For those of you that have seen and hopefully remember this part of the first movie you will understand the full circle of this post. In the movie,  Jennifer kisses Marty at the park bench and  Huey Lewis’ ‘The Power Of Love’ music chimes in. He smiles and sees that she’s written down her phone number that says, “Call me!”

We never watched another minute of the movie that night 25 years ago. Yet we spent an amazing, wonderful 6 years together.

The Power of Love…

What was one of your best dates ever??

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Mike Vogler

I have been told (many times) that I really need to write a book about my life. The past 50+ years have been an exciting ride, and these days I find myself with a great many passions. However, I feel that this website is a much more personal way with which to share my musings, stories and commentary.

  32 Responses to “One Of My Best Dates Ever”

  1. That rocked Mike. Great story. Great movie. This might be the best yet.

  2. My soon to be wife Denise and I sitting on a blanket on the wooden balcony of our apartment in Memphis, Tennessee with our doberman Suzie Derkins curled up next to us while we ate Papa John’s Pizza (with garlic dipping sauce). We watched the rain come down as we talked and gazed out over the trees and meadow behind the apartment complex.

    One of the best times ever.

    • Ed, thanks for sharing that. And how hard that must have been for you to do so. I could read your comment over and over again all day and night! 🙂

  3. Awesome post Mike. How do I share this on Reddit? Im having a hard time figuring out technology as I get older.

    The detail that you can explain that happened this evening years ago, really makes it very clear that this was a very important night to you, and still gives you great feelings. This is why modern technology is so lame. Texting is killing romance. Imagine the excitement you had the next day? You had to see her in person…akward? NO WAY! It makes love exciting, now you can just text or whatever and it takes the edge off. I miss the good old fashioned butterflies that came with saying personal things face to face.

    • I loved what you said about texting, Chad! I had a counselor many years ago who said to get off of email and actually go see or call any given person. You really hit the nail on the head there, buddy!

  4. Great post Mike!!!
    You can’t help but go back! The Pretty in Pink…Anything can happen…
    I am one of the lucky ones. For me it did.
    My best date ever was meeting the love of my life. We met and two weeks later we were married. We just celebrated 15 years! (To some it may sound sappy, but he had me with the first date.)

    • That is so awesome with you and John! And congrats to you both! 🙂 I totally remember Pretty in Pink, Tara. Go Duckie! 🙂

    • Is anyone else ready for an Oldies weekend…This really was a great blog Mike. I had to read it again!
      I’m headed for the classics this weekend…You did such an amazing job hitting the nail on the head with relationships and what’s important, but also bringing back the nostalgia…
      I have had this song in my head all day and couldn’t wait to hear it again!!!

    • Yes, The Power of Love by Huey Lewis just can run through my veins with a ton of great thoughts and emotions. ALWAYS a feel good, pump me up, about life tune 🙂

  5. As always, great story Mike!!!

    I guess I would have to say there was “this guy” I was seeing 6 years ago (just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary). We would sit outside, drink beer and talk about whatever till 3 or 4 in the morning. Time seemed to fly by when he was around. Still does. 🙂

    And, like Chad said, you have a knack for detail and you put the reader IN your stories. It’s always a treat to read your stuff!!

    • Thank you, Anne! Happy Anniversary to you both! I love having talks like that until the wee hours and you totally lose track of time.

  6. Great story Mike! I love hearing these types of stories from you. I cant wait for some more of the life expieriences to come out for everyone to enjoy.

    I agree with Chad, gereat detail in the way you wrote this, you really can feel how special this is to you and what a great memory it is for you.

    I also like what Anne said. Everyone can relate to when you first meet someone and you sepnd hours together and on the phone getting to know wach other. only those hours feel like minutes because you lose all track of time. You hate saying good-bye but cant wait to say hello again.

    • Tony, your support is always so incredible. I appreciate it so much! You are spot on with the not wanting to say good-bye, can’t wait to say hello again words.

  7. Ok… This was AMAZING Mike! I mean that. The best so far. I really did feel like I was there. My best date would have to be, the night my husband and I got the keys to are home! We picked up BBQ Chicken pizza from my favorite place(Black Rock Pizza) and a bottle of my favorite wine (Row Eleven). We walked around the empty house (with our glass of wine in hand) talking about how we would decorate, and what we were going to put where, and all the special memories we wiuld make in thos house. We brought a blanket and sat on the floor, right in front of a fire and had a picnic in our new home. One of the BEST nights of my life!

    • That is just the best for your compliments, Chareese! OMG I loved reading your story about you and your husband in your new house. I could just picture you two sitting in front of the fireplace. THAT presented a picture of an awesome romantic movie! Loved it! 🙂

  8. Sorry for all the typos

  9. I read this post with a giant smile on my face from the first sentence to the last. I could picture each and every moment – and have to say AGAIN that you are gifted and I couldn’t be more blessed to read what you write – and to re-live it with you. AMAZING

    • Thank you Mary Helen! As Tara commented earlier I’ve been listening to The Power Of Love several times today. I love you 🙂

  10. Your story and the comments have brought back lots of good memories!!

    • That is so awesome, Connie! I’ve totally loved hearing everyone’s personal stories. That is what is making my writing even more fun for me now! 🙂

  11. This was a wonderful story and memory. Your ability to share and describe with your comments are awesome. In our fast paced world, it is a story like this that makes us remember what is important in life. Thank you for sharing.

    • I like what you said about fast paced world, Adrian. Gotta stop and smell the roses. They are very frequent…we just pass by them too often 🙂 Thank you!

  12. My best date ever was/is every anniversary (31 and counting) when we resolve to celebrate our anniversary all year.

    • That is an awesome perspective that I wish all couples had these days! It’s awesome to hear from you on my blog, Suzanne 🙂

  13. What a date and what a woman — she thought of everything. You brought back memories about drive-ins, although in my case I only once went to one on a date, but went often with my older sister and her husband when I was a kid. There was something about it — the warm weather, the burgers, popcorn….. fun times.

    • Yes, she was sooooo awesome, Cathy! And yes there is something about drive-ins, isn’t there? 🙂

  14. What a great story about a fabulous woman! She had it all figured out. 😀 I have the Back to the Future trilogy also on VHS still and my husband and I do watch them periodically. Great memories attached to the music as well.
    There have been many great dates for me and another coming up this Sat., (Aug. 3) – our 40th anniversary.

    • Thank you Debbie and yes she was amazing! Congratulations to to you and your husband for your 40th on Saturday! That is amazing! Very happy for you 🙂

  15. Oh my god, this story!!! I’d like to know more about her. She sounds so fascinating. Also, I love a good story that goes full circle… 🙂

    • Wow, thank you so much, Colleen! I learned soooo much from her on many levels that are still a huge part of who I am today. Unfortunately for me, her life path took her in a different direction. But, I still have all of the great memories with this being one of the best ever 🙂

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