Cancer Free Contest Winners!

Two weeks ago we put up a contest in celebration of Phoenix’s successful treatment.  Three random winners have been selected to win $100, as well as matching donations to Michigan

Cancer-Free Contest! Win $100…

In this contest we will be giving away a total of $600! Three winners will each win $100, and we will be giving $300 to charity in the winners’ names!

Announcing our $200 One Year Blogging Anniversary Winners!

We recently celebrated our one-year blogging anniversary by having a free $200 giveaway contest.  $100 would go to a random commenter, and the other $100 would go to a random

Announcing the winners of our $200 Amazon Giveaway!!!

Chris: “Ok, Phoenix… get back here so we can put our announcement post together…” Chris: “Phoenix… he’s going to know that I helped… oh nevermind, let’s just get on with it…” Chris:  “And