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Woo-hoo, first post of 2013! Wow, I’ve been slacking but I needed to go off into Mike Land for a while. What is Mike Land? That’s where I go to reset the ol’ hard drive up in my noggin’ and see which direction I’m headed next to in life. Oh, it’s all the same direction…I just take lots of scenic detours! What scenic detours you ask? Why do you ask me so many questions?

Let’s see…ok, some not so scenic detours. Brooding about me and Phoenix getting older, the frickin’ cold weather here in Reno (I know, I know it could be worse), all the things I need to get done, losing weight, I’m getting closer to retirement and am I ready, my procrastination on life things. The very scenic tours…spending time with my Golden Retriever named Phoenix, learning new things for my website, studying SEO (Search Engine Optimization), cooking and photography, my awesome friends. What the heck is the post about?

Oh ya, this post! Well, I whine, bitch and complain about cold weather. I hate it. It makes me grouchy. I get snippy with people. I feel sorry for myself. Then…there is my dog, Phoenix, who wakes up each morning saying, “What an awesome day! We are alive and get to play and have fun! Get over your bad ass self, Dad!” Darn dog.

He loves to go for walks and loves to go for rides in his Jeep. Yes, it’s his Jeep…he just allows me to drive it and chauffeur him around. Yesterday, he was chomping at the bit to go for a walk. I wanted no part of it. It was 25 degrees outside but, oh ya, let’s add in the 20 mph wind and you have a real temperature of 11 degrees. Yes, I’m whining, bitching and complaining again.

But, for Phoenix, it’s a wonderful day to go to the park up the street from us. And I thought to take some pictures. What is funny…is how many I have to take to get the right one.  My always brilliant, often funny and forever loving boy offering his comments as I kneeled in the snow freezing my ass off to take a few pics:

The wind made it so cold and he just wanted to walk. He sat there patiently contemplating his surroundings:


Then, of course, a distraction!


Then his Kryptonite…(ok, mine too)


She was really cute. And whoever you were cute girl that I talked to for a couple of minutes. I know you wanted me to let Phoenix off leash to play with your dog and for you to pet him. But, he would have bolted to you and slid up against you so that you would give him attention. You were standing on a solid sheet of ice. That would not have gone well.

And then my baby boy…all 9 1/2 years old of him…


Yes, we do kiddo. I love you, Phoenix!

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Mike Vogler

I have been told (many times) that I really need to write a book about my life. The past 40+ years have been an exciting ride, and these days I find myself with a great many passions. However, I feel that this website is a much more personal way with which to share my musings, stories, commentary, and (of course) my greatest love... my Golden Retriever, Phoenix.

  5 Responses to “Phoenix And I At The Park”

  1. Aww…father/son time! Priceless!

  2. I love it… more please!

  3. Hi you and Pheonix are quite the buds…..I have one too, a dog, and like you , he runs my life. Mine is Benji, he is four, I think, he is part Yorkie , part poodle and I cut him like a snouzer, Everyone loves him and he loves every person, dog and kid in the world…..Keep your lines going they are great Mike ;;;;;;

  4. You two “fit” together. My dogs love the cold weather, the snow, rain, a ride going anywhere, even to the Vet. Wind, not to crazy about that either.

  5. @ Tony – yes, it always is.

    @ Chris – I’m working on more!

    @ Rebecca C – Ah yes, isn’t it amazing the way the world revolves around our dogs! It was great to hear about Benji! Email me a pic of him when you get a chance. And thank you for the compliments on the post.

    @ Connie – Ahem to that, ma’am! Wind – no bueno!

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