Dec 292012

Box At Front Door

I had shared in my Christmas Eve post about the magic of Santa Claus and how he works in mysterious ways. It’s not always about what he delivers himself but how he can bring a surprise in the most unexpected way.

That box above was on my front doorstep right before Christmas and I paid very little attention to it. I grabbed it, brought it into the house and set it aside not even paying attention. I figured it was something I ordered and had just spaced. I would look at later. Well, I was driving to work on Christmas Day and my mom, Foyann, asked me if I had opened up the box she sent me. I told her I hadn’t even looked at the sender as I thought it was a book or something I had ordered. Well, here’s one for ya…

In our childhood we have some of our most prized possessions that get us through those days of loneliness. Or fearing the monster in the closet or under the bed and that one thing that got us past sad or scary times. The one we talked to when no one else was around to listen to us as a very little kid. The one who always understood. I finally got around to opening that box and was SHOCKED! No, it wasn’t like the movie 7even…please. It held that most prized memory of mine. I unwrapped the paper around it and became overwhelmed with emotion. A gift I had not even requested but something that my biological mom (who passed away this year), Ginger, had bought for me over 45 years ago. Wait for it…

Bear In Wrapping Paper



That’s what his name was then and still is to me. The years from being mishandled by me as a toddler then bandaged up to keep him together and then boxed up for some 40 years have not been kind. But, oh the fun we could have again!! What you see is some horribly disfigured, mummified stuffed something. What I see is what got me through my years as little boy. Ok, he does look a little bit creepy!

Maybe he could sleep on the bed with me again…

Bear On Pillow

He could sit on the couch and watch football with me….

Bear Watching Football With Me

Maybe he would take me for a spin in the vehicle like I always imagined as a little boy…

Bear Driving

Or just go for rides with Phoenix and me….

Bear In Back Seat

Or play with Phoenix when I was gone….

Bear With Phoenix

Alas it was this pic below that I quickly remembered who really listens to me every day. Who is there if I’m lonely. Who is there to keep away the monsters in the closet. I snapped this pic as I was holding Bear. Do not worry Phoenix as you will never be replaced, my best friend.

Phoenix Sad Face

Bear will go back into the box and another day someone will open it up and wonder what stories were behind him.

Nine years ago I met one of my great buddies, Clayton. As we became closer I would open up to him more and that takes a lot for me to open up – period. We would have guy talks and discuss girls in general. He has a beautiful, loving wife and would tease me about having that same treasure in my life. He might mention a cute girl and he would say on any afternoon on my day off, “Maybe it’s teddy bear time.” It’s an inside joke that will remain with Clayton and I forever. I told him that I wished he would get to see that teddy bear of mine someday.

This post is for you buddy and thanks for the friendship always…

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Mike Vogler

I have been told (many times) that I really need to write a book about my life. The past 50+ years have been an exciting ride, and these days I find myself with a great many passions. However, I feel that this website is a much more personal way with which to share my musings, stories and commentary.

  8 Responses to “Santa Delivers A Bear Of A Surprise”

  1. It does exist!!
    Wow!! Pretty rough on that thing. Glad you have Tony to replace it on those lonely weekends.
    Lol!! Great post Mike!!

  2. How awesome is that?! Great post Mike! How fun! Can’t wait for the stories that spawn from this. Loved the pics!

  3. What a wonderful surprise!!!
    Anything that brings back fond memories is priceless and can never be replaced.

  4. I totally envy you. Not only did you get a great surprise present, but it’s something that carries significant, cherished memories. Your post makes me remember so many of the toys and items from my childhood…

  5. Didn’t we all have a favorite bear, doll, or blanket that kept us safe and warm? I know I did, powerful feelings they hold. Nice when you can reconnect. Thanks for making me think about it. 🙂

  6. @Clayton – I knew you would like this. I just lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw it. After my thoughts went flying through my childhood I thought of you and our fun talks.

    @Tony – thank you! It was such a great surprise.

    @Connie – you are absolutely right on memories that can never be replaced!

    @Chris Stevens – it sure did send me down memory lane!

    @Carolyn – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I like what you said about reconnecting!

  7. That even brought a tear to MY eye (which is hard to do). Thanks for sharing and what a thoughtful gift!!

  8. Thank you, Anne! When I opened the box up it absolutely got me teared up in the eyes.

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