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SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

The words “bucket list” hold sacred value and I do my best to never throw them around carelessly. For me it started as very young boy with wanting a Golden Retriever. Check. A few years later, at age 10, it was a deep desire to visit Germany and Tahiti. Still pending. Then in the #4 slot was Seattle. Check. A half dozen times.

A bucket list dream within a dream in my love for Seattle was a very special restaurant.

I had dinner at the SkyCity restaurant 20 years ago nearly to the month with a special girl in my life. When we went our separate ways in life she took the pictures and I said no problem because I would be back in a couple of months. The odd turns that life takes and a reminder that “tomorrow” is never a guarantee for us.

I told Phoenix, my Golden Retriever, over and over as he sat next to me at the computer how badly I wanted to get back to the Seattle and the Space Needle. He and I would be sit and stare at the pictures on the computer on a weekly basis. I have a picture of the Space Needle hanging on a wall in my house with a full moon in the background.

Now, I was finally back in Seattle but unable to get reservations to SkyCity via phone or online from Reno. So, on Saturday night after our dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse we walked out of the restaurant and into our hotel lobby at the Grand Hyatt. I said good night to my aunt and told her I was going to explore for a while. After the elevator doors closed, whisking her up to her room, I approached the concierge desk. I kept it a secret to hopefully surprise my aunt.

I explained to the nice gentleman that I didn’t know if it was possible because I was not able to plan this ahead. But, could he help get me a table for two at the SkyCity Restaurant on top of the Space Needle for Sunday brunch. He raised his eyebrows with doubt, stating that it was unlikely because of the short notice but that he would make a phone call. Due to the late hour, the restaurant staff was no longer answering the super secret SkyCity Bat Phone and he told me to call downstairs to speak with the morning concierge. He explained that several of the restaurants in the city held tables for VIP guests staying at the local hotels.

Instead of calling the next morning, I bolted downstairs and gave the concierge lady my name. She looked up at me and with a big smile slid a paper across the counter that said, “SkyCity Restaurant Reserved – Grand Hyatt  2 VIP Guests – Mike Vogler – 11:30 a.m. Sunday Oct 19, 2014”.
My eyes lit up, and the volume of my voice intensified, “Are you serious??!!”
She said, “I’m quite serious…is 11:30 a.m. ok because that is the best they could do for us (the hotel)?”

Then a moment…

I literally squealed with delight to the entire lobby, “YESSSSS!!!” while giving a fist pump. The entire line of pristine, perfectly dressed check-in ladies all spun their heads in unison to the right. Directly at me. All of the guests in the lobby did the same choreographed head turn to their left.

I looked at all of them and exclaimed with the same joy of a winning lottery ticket held tightly in my right hand and arm vaaulted into the air, “11:30 a.m.! SkyCity Restaurant! BUCKET LIST!” Two of the desk employees and two guests actually clapped seeing the sheer emotion of the moment!

I wanted to leap over the counter and hug and kiss the lady on the cheek. Instead I thanked her profusely and gave her a $40 tip. She said as I walked away, “Oh remember Mr Vogler, when you get there to go right to the front of the line. They are expecting you.”

Now you know why, my previous post, I mentioned that I was nearly dragging my aunt down the street because of her late wakeup and the need for two coffees. We had 45 minutes to make that reservation time.

I wasn’t let anything or anyone get in my way of this date…SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

The #1 tourist attraction of the Northwest United States and I would be going 605 feet up in a minute…SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

The rods attached to those bolts go 30 feet deep into the earth below this behemoth. At eye level right here is the center of gravity for the Space Needle. That is bizarre.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

That’s right kid, fun for cover, this time I’m Mr Front of the Line. And…waiting for the Elevator Operator.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

I was about to come unglued with excitement waiting for those doors to open…SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

We finally entered and were on our way up for the 43 second ride. The atrium at Chihuly Glass and Gardens quickly left our line of sight as we were now traveling skyward at 800 feet per minute in the Wonkavator…I had goosebumps everywhere. I told the female elevator attendant she was the most awesome elevator operator I had seen all day. She giggled and thanked me. She was the only one I had seen so far that day.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

I handed the meticulously dressed maître d my reservation slip and he said, “Ah Mr Vogler, I hear this is a very special brunch. Right this way please…” SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

Our window seat…it pays to be nice to be people 🙂  I was speechless as I sat down…making sure I didn’t miss the seat itself entirely. Hey, it’s happened.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

I started off with orange juice and my aunt soon had coffee. We had creamy, whipped butter to slather onto our basket selection of a freshly-baked blueberry scone, blueberry muffin and banana bread.

Please note the idiot at this table who put his expensive lens right next to his glass of orange juice. This same idiot has a notorious reputation for accidentally knocking things over.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

The SkyCity Restaurant makes a full revolution every 47 minutes. We made a total of two. Our hotel is the tall building right there. No, the other tall building silly.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

Mt Rainier with my telephoto lens…54 miles away as an eagle flies. I don’t like crows so I don’t use them in that saying.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

The Puget Sound. Does anybody have a boat? Let’s go…SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

The SkyCity Restaurant saucer is 14 feet deep and weighs 125 tons. It’s one of the most perfectly built pieces of architecture and get this…it only requires a 1 1/2 horsepower motor to rotate it. That’s a trivia winner every time at parties. Your welcome.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

My aunt and I barely spoke a word…in a good way. She was letting me have my moment (all hour and a half of it) and allowing me to absorb it all.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

My aunt’s Hearts of Romaine with an enticing roasted garlic vinaigrette, a rich Spanish white anchovy, olive croutons and a generous sprinkling of grana padano cheese.Hearts of Romaine SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

Bainbridge Island off in the distance and the Puget Sound as perfect as it can get. See the large group of boats docked in the upper far right of the picture? Just next to that is where the big cruise ships dock for arrivals and departures via Seattle.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

For those of you that follow me it’s known that I want to try new and different dishes every time. This rich, creamy razor clam and corn chowder with peppered bacon and a potato gaufrette were an embracing starter dish.Razor Clam and Corn Chowder SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

People playing and getting wet in the International Fountain as it plays music to numerous different renditions around the world. This was the third week of October. In Seattle.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

Memorial Stadium kneels under the shadow of the Space Needle’s impressive size as the crown jewel of the Emerald City.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington
The Queen Anne neighborhood derives its name from the architectural style of the homes. With beautiful, affordable homes and still having that quaint community feel…this is the place to call home.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

My aunt’s entrée of which I ate a lot of had the most moist, fresh Wild King Salmon you can imagine. Soft, tender roasted potatoes, a roasted pepper, earthy spinach with a corn puree and a butter drizzle and there were no complaints.Wild King Salmon SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

Any fans of the movie “Sleepless In Seattle” here? That’s Lake Union where Sam and Jonah lived in the houseboat.Lake Union SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

Freshly made pasta means having a tasty Italian dish at it’s best. This Agnolotti was stuffed with rich goat cheese to marry perfectly with the sun dried tomatoes. Broccolini, lobster mushrooms, a sweet onion puree with a tomato jam only incited further moaning with each bite I took. Agnolotti SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

Speaking of Lake Union, how about a magical seaplane ride with Kenmore Air? Many years ago I took that flight to Victoria, British Columbia. The tickets are not that expensive and I HIGHLY recommend it.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

That picture is without the zoom lens as they thrill not only the plane passengers but visitors and diners alike at the Space Needle with a close flyby.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

To the east is the city of Bellevue, Washington with the North Cascades as a beautiful backdrop. SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

This notepad was stationary on the windowsill as the inner disk of the restaurant rotates. This notepad came around and I was attempting to write on it as it sat upright moving to the left past me. My aunt said, “You can pull that off the window and set it on the table.” Her way of saying, “Hey, numb nuts…get a clue!” Not a word…from any of you, hear me?SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

My aunt wasn’t able to eat the desserts because of the high sugar content, soooo….

Her white chocolate-blue blueberry bread pudding in a lemon cream with vanilla ice cream was all mine.white chocolate-blue blueberry bread pudding SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

Note to self. Next chance I get is to take a helicopter tour of any big city I’m in for fun and a great photo opportunity. I love helicopters. SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington
Let’s not forget my dessert which was a chocolate cheesecake parfait with house granola, Belgian chocolate bark and berry preserves. That is a party in anyone’s mouth…chocolate cheesecake parfait SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

We were getting ready to leave and THIS happened.

I went weak in the knees, my heart pounding and I whispered to my aunt, “My gawd, that is the most beautiful woman.”
My aunt said with complete sincerity, “Why don’t you ask her for her number??”


They don’t have any rocks to crawl under at the SkyCity restaurant. I could have crawled under the piano but that would have been ten ways of wrong.

Looking at the girl my aunt says, almost apologetically to her, “Did you hear me?”
The piano player of the gods smiled and winked.

So, I got up all of my nerve in the world and asked for…

…her picture 🙂SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington
I could not have written a better script that this huge bucket list event occurred and had not even been planned ahead of time.SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington
I will miss you terribly Space Needle…SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington

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Mike Vogler

I have been told (many times) that I really need to write a book about my life. The past 50+ years have been an exciting ride, and these days I find myself with a great many passions. However, I feel that this website is a much more personal way with which to share my musings, stories and commentary.

  96 Responses to “SkyCity Restaurant in Seattle, Washington – My Bucket List”

  1. Fabulous! The Space Needle is definitely on The List not if but WHEN we visit Seattle.

    Been up in the CN Tower in Toronto (though failed to dine at the revolving restaurant) and the Hancock building in Chicago. Stunning views clearly but obviously not the same rugged backdrop as Seattle.

    I’m sure there’s a pianist joke in here somewhere. Ahem.

    • Thank you so much, Mike! You are absolutely right that the view at the Space Needle is unlike any other. The 360 Restaurant in Toronto is huge on my list so I hope to get there someday, buddy. Great to hear from you! 🙂

  2. What a great place to visit! The restaurant looks similar to the one at the CN Tower, but the food definitely looks better. LOL Magnificent view, as to be expected. Glad you had such a wonderful time, Mike. So, you didn’t get the piano player’s number? She looks friendly. 🙂

    • Hi Debbie, and yes the price of the meal has the view included. For me personally, it will always and forever be worth every penny of it. Ha, ha…no, I didn’t get the piano players ph#…but yes, she was super nice 🙂

  3. I can’t believe all you managed to pack into your brief time in Seattle—including the number of meals ; -) The first time I ever visited Seattle, a friend of my husband’s insisted on taking us for a ride in his sea plane. He also insisted on showing us how it landed on water even though we didn’t NEED to do a water landing. This violated my personal rule, “No gratuitous take offs and landings! ” I’m not sure why, but even with all that beautiful scenery including mountains and water, my favorite photo here is the one with the shadow of the Space Needle on the football field.

    • Ha, ha that is funny on no gratuitous landings and takeoffs, Suzanne! That made me laugh. That Kenmore Air ride is sooooo worth it let me tell you. How ironic in you mentioning that specific picture as when I was looking at in the post before publishing I said, “Dang, that turned out pretty good.” Thank you for noticing my dear friend! 🙂

  4. Mike, Like you, I’ve always wanted to eat in a revolving tower restaurant, just never did it. Maybe Seattle is the place to do it. Those views are amazing. My absolute favorite photo is the one of the fountain. I would love to photograph it! Great post. I’m so glad you did it.

    • Yes, the fountain would be a fantastic photo op as our a ton of places around there. Only needed A LOT more time, Corinne, which we did not have. That makes a few revolving restaurants I’ve eaten in now and so jazzed for the memories 🙂

  5. What a fantastic view up there, we used to have a revolving restaurant in London but sadly no more. Hope you get to visit Germany and Tahiti one day

    • Oh gosh, that is too bad you lost that restaurant there, Suze! Germany is huge for me right now so I hope I can make that happen sooner rather than later 🙂

  6. Great series, I loved your stories and pictures. Thanks. Pete.

  7. Another great story and a wonderful piece of writing, Mike, thanks for sharing this with us! I’m so happy that you managed to get reservations and got in against all odds! It must be difficult to focus on your food when you have this amazing view up there. Then again, what you guys had looked really delicious. And aren’t you sweet for finishing all of your aunt’s food 😉

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments! Oh Melissa, I don’t know how I sweet I was for finishing her food. It was expensive and I was raised to never let food go to waste. Old habit…but a really good one in my book. The view is most definitely what a person is paying for to eat there. I’m so thrilled you stopped by to visit and comment, my awesome friend! 🙂

  8. Ooh.. I love revolving restaurants. My very first one was in Boston, what fantastic views! I was also lucky enough to eat in one in Vancouver and Sydney. Nothing like city spread below you is there? I am so glad you got to tick that off your bucket list. Your aunt is hilarious. I love how she said it in a loud voice..hah..hah! Go big or go home, 🙂 nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. Can l just say , even without actually tasting, that the clam-corn chowder is the best l’ve ever had. It makes me miss Boston and San Fran :-(. It looks fabulous.. You look so happy in that picture, which makes me happy! Have a good weekend…

    • All kidding aside (from me), my aunt is an incredibly wise woman. She’s like Yoda in aunt form. Seriously. You would adore her. Anyone would, Kemkem. In that situation she saw no inhibitions or hangups between two people. To her, it was go over there ask for her number. Ohhh, to have that kind of confidence 🙂 I’m totally with you on the restaurants and I would love to read about your experiences in Vancouver, Sydney, Boston and S.F.! 🙂

  9. Well, Mike, again you have me smiling at this story of Seattle. We locals do take the place for granted, I am afraid. I think the last time I went up in the Space Needle was for one of my more ‘recent’ and ‘significant’ birthdays. We did the Observation Deck. Just want to note on that photo of Bellevue, that had you clicked again a split second before or after (depending on your rotation) you would have caught Kirkland – where we live and where I hope you will visit the next time you make it to our neck of the woods!

    • Visit you in Kirkland?? I still check my mailbox daily for the adoption papers so that you and Joel will whisk me off to Greece, Jackie! I promise to mind my manners and behave like a good kid. Most of the time 🙂

  10. I read your conversation with the concierge and heard your voice with all its excitement, too funny.
    That pasta was melting in my mouth as I read the description. Mike, I’m tired of living vicariously through your food posts…I’m getting some breakfast!

    • Ah thank you, have the benefit of knowing me and my voice. And yes the inflection and emotion was just as you would expect from me, buddy. The food was really good…not amazing. The view slants all culinary reviews here 🙂

  11. Yep, I called it, although I will admit that I was guessing you’d visit the Space Needle, I didn’t think about the restaurant. Thanks for the tour, beautiful photos, loved that you pointed out where Sam and Jonah lived. Those are views I will never see because even though we’ve been to the Space Needle, I always make myself comfortable on a bench down below while whomever we’re with ventures up – wicked fear of heights don’t you know.

    • That is most definitely not the place to go with a fear of heights, Patti. I figured you guessed the Space Needle. I was throwing out a ton of hints in the prior two posts. I sure appreciate your great compliments and hope you and Abi are feeling better! 🙂

  12. Oh, Mike! I wish I was there with you. Seattle is so beautiful!

    • I will make you a swap, Agness. I will take you and your boyfriend for a tour of Seattle…and heck, S.F. while you are here. In exchange, the two of you can take me through Germany! Deal? When do we leave? 🙂

  13. I felt like I was right there with you, thank you for taking me on that wonderful trip!
    PS- how did you know brunch was my favorite meal?

    • Thank you so much for visiting, Christina! That makes my day to have a new reader 🙂 Also thank you for the compliment that you felt like you were there. I’m with you on brunch…always so many options, right? I hope your weekend is going great! 🙂

  14. Hi Mike,

    It seems you have spent full month in Seattle! you have so many amazing memories to share and this one is truly THE best! Love those pictures, I am so happy for you that you had such a fabulous time, with delicious meals too and your aunt added so much of fun to this trip!
    Thanks for sharing, dear friend. Stay blessed and as happy as you seem in this picture.

    • Isn’t it amazing how many micro-stories were packed into one weekend, Balroop?? I’m so thrilled you liked this post and it was a wonderful, very special experience for me. Soooo many years in waiting 🙂

  15. Your meals look incredible and you so make me want to go to Seattle, Mike! Phoenix would be so proud of you 🙂 I can’t believe you got that reservation at the last minute – you bet it pays to be nice!!! You totally should have asked for the piano player’s number.

    • I’m tellin’ ya, you would have a blast there! I was so blessed..I truly have to ask if someone (possibly one very special Golden Retriever) was looking over me that entire weekend. I actually did get her number, Kristi…867-5309 🙂

  16. Wow! Lots of great pictures there! Love all of those pics from the restaurant!
    Really loved the pics of Bainbridge Island and Lake union. And the piano player wasn’t bad either! ;0)
    Food looked awesome. I like to see all the different things you eat and the presentation. Im not a big traveler as you know, pretty much a home body, but seeing your picture is making me think twice! Would love to take my daughter there!

    • That would be a terrific trip for you and Talissa to take, Tony! She would LOVE Pike Place Market and looking out from the Observation Deck at the Space Needle. Thank you for all of your wonderful compliments and I’m excited for your upcoming trip to Disneyland! 🙂

  17. Mike, I’m so incredibly happy for you. I love that last picture of you smiling at your Aunt (who is no doubt the one taking the photo). I have to say, your Aunt really gets you. I love that. What an incredible ‘high’ being on the Space Needle for a wonderful meal. I like how you say you had to eat your Aunt’s dessert…because of high sugar. Ha!!

    Thanks for all of these wonderful Seattle posts, Mike. My daughter texted me last week asking me if she and I could take a mother daughter road trip to Seattle when she next visits me. She’s been asking that for a while. Of course, this time I said yes because I have the money to go and spoil her and also because all the excitement and images of your trip came to mind. I will be seeing the glass studio for sure and Pike place market. Now, the Space Needle is on the list!!

    • Ironically, it was the photographer for the SkyCity Restaurant who took the picture 🙂 Yes oh yes does my aunt get me, She knows me like no other. Her diet restrictions are due to her hypoglycemia and obviously other things I’ve mentioned in previous posts on this trip 🙂 That puts a HUGE SMILE on my face that you and your daughter are going to go to Seattle, Lisa! Woo hoo! Can not wait to see your pictures. I’m still smiling about this 🙂

  18. I really want to go to Seattle, what a view! I went to a rotating resturant in Finland and when I wanted to go to the bathroom I never knew where to go because it was in a different location each time so I had to walk in circles – did you experience this too haha?!

    Lucky you getting two desserts (Don’t you just love it when others can’t finish their food….? I’m like ‘Your loss is my gain baby!)

    • Oh hey, if I’m comfortable with the person and know them well enough I’m totally down with sharing food, Shing! Actually I didn’t have that bathroom scenario happen because by the time I needed use it we were back in the original location lol! 🙂 I do hope you make it to Seattle…with getting to know you as I have I think you would totally thrive there! 🙂

  19. What a wonderful place for a restaurant, and the food looks as delicious as the setting. The closest I’m been to this kind of heaven is the Fernsehnturm restaurant in Berlin, but I think this soars a lot higher.

    • I’m sooooo envious of you being in Berlin, Mette! There are some spectacular restaurants in the world but for the continuous 360 degree view I doubt many, if any, can top SkyCity at the Space Needle. Now, tell me more about Berlin please! 🙂

  20. Oh Mike… I love this post… I am so happy you were able to make this special day happen!

    • We lucked out because that is well into Seattle’s rainy season, Lily! As you see there was an angel watching over us in so many ways 🙂

  21. 1. I love your adventures & photos.
    2. The food is making my tummy growl…can you hear it?
    3. I love your humor and sweetness.
    4. I am happy you are fulfilling your ‘bucket list’
    5. The girl at the piano is stunning. Did you ask her out?
    6. You make me smile.


    • 1. Thank you!
      2. Oh, I thought that was cell phone audible for getting a text from you, Kim!
      3. I do try…it can be dry. And thank goodness you are one of the people that actually reads the entire posts!
      4. I was very happy too.
      5. No, just her picture. I do wonder how many gazillion times she’s been asked out.
      6. Ditto!

      xx 🙂

  22. Wow Mike! What to say! What a fabulous experience! So, did you ask for her phone number?? She’s stunning!

    • Ha, well maybe I should have now after reading all of these comments, Rita! Wouldn’t that be (poorly) ironic if her path and my path were intended to cross…they did at that moment…and I dropped the ball? Yikes, it’s one of those sad movies! It’s sooooo wonderful to hear from you again I hope some new blogs are forthcoming from you! 🙂

  23. Mike your excitement was tangible. I could picture you waiting eagerly for the elevetor operator.It sounds like you had a wonderful experience, thank you for sharing.

    • Oh my gosh, was I antsy to get on that elevator! Imagine…20 years…in a remake of bucket list dream. I’m glad you felt my excitement through my writing, Rachael 🙂

  24. Wow Mike what an experience you must have had, this is one of my favourite posts. Look at those incredible views!

    • Thank you for your incredibly awesome compliment, Becky! I soooo lucked out that for photography…so blessed 🙂

  25. What a great experience! I am so pleased that you were able to do this and that you had such fun! You look so happy!

    • That weekend and especially that moment was the happiest I had been in two months and the happiest since that trip sadly enough, Elizabeth. I’m so glad you stopped by 🙂

  26. This sounds amazing! There used to be a restaurant like this in Liverpool, that spun around while you were eating, but unfortunately it stopped operating as a restaurant before we moved there! Will just have to get to Seattle one day to experience it for myself 🙂

    • It’s so amazing there and one thing I forgot to mention was that I was facing in the forward direction of going clockwise. So, I could see everything that was coming up where my aunt was seeing as it passed. That’s super important to remember from a photographer’s point of view. I hope you do get to Seattle, Catherine 🙂

  27. For all the times I have been to Seattle I have never checked out the Space Needle. Mike you just changed my mind. I’d love to go on a clear day when you can see Mt. Rainier as many years ago I stood on its summit on a wintry like day in August.
    I’m glad you’re dreams came true and I’m sure your aunt was wowed by the experience. I used to steal my brother’s dessert so can appreciate you eating your aunts.
    What’s next for you?

    • I had mentioned wayyyyy back when I started this whole series that ironically my aunt had been in Seattle just a week prior. She had also been there so very many times. To be honest, I really don’t think she ever caught the impact and energy of what the trip was to me. And she’s always really in tune with that. For whatever reason I JUST NOW thought of that reading your comment, Leigh. Next up…I need to get my butt back on an airplane and start over from scratch again. I was on a roll from that trip and cancelled a trip 2 weeks later. Huge mistake. It’s great to hear from you…you were on my mind earlier today…for real deal, my friend 🙂

  28. Wow, what a spectacular view and well worth it! All of the food looks super-yummy too but the blueberry bread pudding one sounds out of this world. YUM 🙂

    • It was absolutely well worth it, Jeri, and I should have had you along with me. You would have been welcomed to the blueberry bread pudding all to yourself! Next time 🙂

  29. Wow, sounds like an amazing experience! I’m heading to Seattle in July so will keep this in mind!

  30. Oh wow that must’ve been an amazing experience! I saw some other people commented that it looks similar to the CN Tower in Toronto which was what I was going to say! 🙂 The food looks so good and that view! Must’ve been a great day! 😀

    • It’s a little bit like the CN Tower in appearance from a far distance. But, that’s where the similarities change and Toronto’s gem is MUCH taller! The food was great as was the day, Michelle 🙂

  31. Oh wow, Mike, this place is amazing! For the first time, I wasn’t distracted by your food photos 🙂 I mean, I would barely eat with such a view. No wonder it’s been on your bucket list. You’ve totally sold Seattle to me. One day!

    • What’s ironic is that I was the exact same way, Tarana. I didn’t want to take my eyes off of the view. I snapped over a couple thousand pictures in those 90 minutes. What you see was chosen as the cream of the crop. I’m glad you enjoyed the virtual visit! 🙂

  32. This is my fave post on this getaway you had! I love the fist pumping when you got the reservation, how everyone treated you so great, your wonderful Aunt, the unbelievable food pictures (my mouth is watering as I write this). I am going to have to breakdown and cook. Sigh. I have always wanted to go to Seattle. You are making it hard to resist! GREAT post, as usual. You always take me away from an ordinary day and make is special!

    • I’m with you…any post that whisks me away on any adventure or mental escape is a great post to me, Nan! So, I really appreciate your compliments as always. I’m glad folks liked this one because it was definitely the crown jewel of the entire weekend 🙂

  33. I love your aunt. She’s the perfect co-star in this awesome movie. And I love the people who applauded you at your bucket list moment. They’re good extras in this awesome movie.
    The food… it’s nearly the star of the show. Only nearly. You’re still the star of your own show!

    • Awww shucks (pawing foot at the floor)…thank you so very much, Tamara! I like how you described it as a movie 🙂

  34. I was smiling the whole way through this post, Mike. How wonderful that you could tick this off your bucket list! The food, the views, the girl – everything looks so amazing!!!
    You didn’t mention how your aunt reacted to the surprise, or did I miss that part?

    • Good catch, Jo! I didn’t because I completely whiffed on mentioning. Good eye, young lady 🙂 She was very excited which was pretty much all for my happiness. That always makes my day when a visitor reads the entire post and pays attention to detail. Thank you, my friend!! 🙂

  35. I love to read about peoples’ dreams coming true, and I’m glad you got to fulfill this dream! Such amazing views. And I’m LOL’ing at your aunt’s comment about the notebook. I know you said not a word about it, but it’s just too funny! 🙂

    • You were more than welcome to jump on the bandwagon with my aunt. Lordy, talk about Captain Obvious and not getting that with the notebook huh, Dana? LOL 🙂 Thank you for all of you wonderful support and this was such a special experience for me 🙂

  36. Oh wow! this looks like an amazing place for dinner. So much nicer at lunch time than evening I think with those views. And if that wasn’t enough, the meal looks delicious. I especially like the look and sound of your dessert. It looks like you had a wonderful lunch. And a big tick on your bucket list.

    • That was ironic wasn’t it, Jill? Having had dinner there so many years ago and now getting to relive the dream AND take all of the pictures! The food was really good and yes those desserts were quite yummy! 🙂

  37. I’m so happy for you that you were able to go to that restaurant! I’m sure your excitement was contagious. And the food looks delicious, which is a plus.

    • It most definitely capped off an amazing, dream come true, weekend for me Dana! It was so incredible to be THAT relaxed and happy for those two days. So you’re right, it had to have been easy for everyone around me to feel it 🙂

  38. I wish I could get to the top and see how beautiful it is!!

    • I hope to see a post from you someday with your picture in it and you on top of the Space Needle, Agness! 🙂

  39. Well, your bucket list has Seattle checked off before mine. We hope to visit this summer and I have drooled all over your awesome photos, since I have wanted to go there since the World’s Fair built this spectacle.

    • Hi Neva! What an awesome wonderful surprise to hear from you! Ironic you should mention the ’62 World’s Fair because I have loved looking at the retro pics I found both of the Seattle Center and the Monorail! This was trip #6 for me to Seattle but the bucket list mentions were within the post itself. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope this finds you and those grandkids doing awesome! 🙂

  40. Mike – WOW. what a trip you had to Seattle, what a fantastic Bucket List to cross off – that dessert….how do you stay so skinny with having such yummy foods, and eating your Aunt’s dessert as well !!!
    Gosh she is one gorgeous piano player, so glad you got to take her photo…you should have asked your Aunt to take your picture with her 🙂
    Love the views. We have a Centerpoint Tower in Sydney that turns around while your eating, David took me there last year for our 19th Wedding Anniversary 🙂
    Can’t wait to read your next adventure, great pics of your trip.

    • You called me skinny?? You just became my best friend, Lisa! The Centerpoint Tower sounds fantastic and most definitely a place I would want to visit 🙂

  41. Wait a minute. Are you saying that there’s a restaurant on top of the Space Needle??? Seattle is on my bucket list as well, but now it’s also that restaurant!! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh yes there is, Pam! And a really nice restaurant that revolves 360 degrees! It’s gotten be one of the top places to eat overall in the world. I can’t wait to hear about your trip through your eyes when you make it to Seattle! 🙂 It’s sooooo awesome to hear from you here and thank you! 🙂

  42. Very cool restaurant! I’ve been on something similar here in Texas – the Tower of the Americas. Again the pictures are making me hungry! I really need to eat breakfast before reading your posts 🙂

    • Ha, that is funny because I get hungry writing those posts and continually seeing the food over and over LOL! I’m going to go look up Tower of the Americas now and so glad you could stop by, Krystle! 🙂

  43. This is AMAZING!!! Ok, love that you can see the Needle’s shadow completely in the shot you took of the field, that’s SO COOL! And the complete panoramic view that you got of the city?! This is better than any tour! Kudos to the hotel for working their magic and getting you this rezzie, this would for sure have been the highlight of my trip, and I know you must have enjoyed it immensely! And what a perfect ending, too!:-)

    • Thank you so much for the compliment and yes this restaurant really can’t be beat in my book, Jessica. Good food but the overall view has got to be the best in the world. It was most definitely the cherry on the sundae for the weekend 🙂

  44. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!! Mike, I was smiling so huge throughout this entire story! I’m going to add this to my bucket list as well 😉

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it that much, Chareese! You guys really need to take a weekend and fly up there! 🙂

  45. Mike, what an incredible experience for you to have crossed this off your bucket list. I loved virtually eating with you and your aunt at Sky City. I never thought of the restaurant here at Space Needle but now I don’t think I can look at this iconic structure without thinking of you. 🙂 Your food looks delicious and that notebook is such a neat idea.

  46. That’s a much better story than if you had just called up months ahead of time and made a reservation. VIP skip the queue privileges and a window seat! The food looks delicious, too, although it seems to me that “potato gaufrette” is a fancy potato chip. I had no idea that the restaurant rotated. My family once ate in a rotating restaurant, and my hubby kept teasing the kids that it rotates once an hour, really fast, so hold on to your plates.

    • Hi Michele, I agree with you how the spontaneity of getting to the restaurant made it ten times the experience! And yes a potato gaufrette is definitively a very high end much better tasting potato chip! 🙂

  47. Clearly food has become Art in Seattle cuz those dishes were looking to freaking awesome!!! You look so handsome Mike and the pics are fabulous!! Luv these posts of our dream place and heading to our next peek into Seattle’s scene. Thank you again for sharing them with us!!! xoxoxo <3

    • I’m so glad you were both able to stop by and read several of the posts, ladies! Though it was my sixth time visiting Seattle it was definitely a dream trip to go with my aunt! 🙂

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