Nov 172012

Ask any one of my friends or family as to my bucket list travel destinations and they will give you, not one, but two answers – Tahiti and Germany.

Yes, on two complete opposite ends of the globe but my first, Tahiti, actually gets my ranking as #1. It was back in the late 1970′s that, as a kid, I read an article about Tahiti and French Polynesia in a National Geographic magazine sitting on my grandmother’s coffee table. I was in my early teens and desperately wanted an escape from my life at that moment to be the furthest away from where life had me at that time. The article spoke of the native people, the deep blue warm waters with crystal white sandy beaches and beautiful green peaks rising up out of the ocean. THAT is where I wanted to go.

Ironically, it was not soon after that my aunt and uncle would take a vacation there. Upon their return I grilled them with questions and heard their answers. It was everything the magazine article had described. I told them with great confidence and assurance that someday soon I would go there. Well, 35 years have passed since then and I’ve still not made it to Tahiti. But, now I hope to make this dream come true sooner rather than later. To watch sunrises come up above the horizon like I’ve never seen before. And see sunsets like I never knew possible.

And to lay on that hammock on the beach that remains in my memory. That tropical, mystical, beautiful place that is vivid in my thoughts every day.

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Mike Vogler

I have been told (many times) that I really need to write a book about my life. The past 50+ years have been an exciting ride, and these days I find myself with a great many passions. However, I feel that this website is a much more personal way with which to share my musings, stories and commentary.

  4 Responses to “My Bucket List #1 Choice – Tahiti”

  1. Beautiful pictures Mike, wow! That would be quite a nice getaway. You’ll get there doubt.

  2. Thanks Tony, I’m looking forward to it !

  3. Well Mike, let me tell ya….. YOUR Dead Nuts Right about Tahiti mate.

    I’m 65this year. I’ve done some serious travels in North America. BUT……..
    When I was but 12 or so, I read Capt Cooks Journals. He described Tahiti as “Heaven on Earth” pretty much. So my life….would always watch for articles on/about Tahiti. Then came Goggle……. ha, I don’t care what they say about being “spied” on by Big Brother with/about Goggle when it comes to seeing pictures & articles on/about Tahiti Right ?

    I’ve got two cancers working on me as I type. I still ride my motorcycles on distance runs… I still drink my Vodka, smoke my Ashton Classic’s & eat my greasy cheese I do…. bless those poor Doctors souls anyways Eh ?

    Funny about reading your comment this evening. I’ve had my bone scans done this day in the city…came home & my Bride says… we should be pulling some money out of savings and get yours & mine asses down to Tahiti. hahaha geeessssshhhhhh I burst out laughing and the dog barked even on it Eh ? hahahahaha funny eh ? Timing ?

    $ 3,500 each for a week or 10days just don’t seem to light my fire on it. I’d need about 4 weeks no less K ? A dream is what you make it, no different than/of life K ?

    It’s not that it was a “bucket list ” thing, cause I’ve never had one.. I’ve always just done it….. and enjoyed life every day as it came. Even now….with the cancers…. I’m smiling, it’s -30Cel + with the wind chill here in Canada right now… snow up to our keel valve….. but knowing Spring is just THAT far away…time for me & the boys here to get the bikes out and BLAST the roads… we can, as we do Mike. Bring it on ! Ya gotta die of something Eh ?

    Dream a dream…… but enjoy the days today, tomorrow, and the yesterdays. Life is how you live it. Don’t Bucket List……

    BUT………… ?

    Life is good. I think you should drop the pail & go for it Big Guy.


  4. Tahiti sounds amazing – not too sure about Germany. I have always wanted to see the Greek Islands, maybe one day!
    Mind you I have lots of places on my Bucket List – too many to ever cross off 😉

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