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Now it’s time to wrap up the finale of my two part Top 10 Steven Spielberg series. There should be some very familiar ones along with some surprises.

Thank you to Google Images, You Tube, Wikipedia and IMDB for the assistance in putting this list together.  The usual fun trivia is included.

Here is Part I if you want a refresher  to see where the list started at.

 10  The Terminal (2004)

Question – For all of the lady readers this one is specifically for you. When Amelia is doing her makeup at the table while sitting with Viktor what is the name of the compact she uses?

There were dual storylines that had me going from hope to cringing often within a few seconds of each other more than once. I so pulled for Viktor’s growing affection of Amelia being the hopeful romantic. Yet at the same time he was trapped in a horrid Rubik’s Cube of international red tape. Though his heart was broken on the former he finally saw his dream come true of fulfilling a wish for his father on the latter.

Answer – Elizabeth Arden of which Catherine Zeta-Jones is a spokesman for.

Tom Hanks – Viktor Navorski
Catherine Zeta-Jones –  Amelia Warren
Stanley Tucci – Frank Dixon
Chi McBride – Joe Mulroy
Diego Luna – Enrique Cruz
Kumar Pallana – Gupta Rajan
Zoë Saldana – Dolores Torres

9  Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Question –  Barry, the little boy, was totally surprised by the extraterrestrials and had a bewildered look on his face that transitioned to a beaming smile. What really happened?

This movie was easily the first and best of the sc-fi genre in 25 years. There is a triangle of characters with the exuberance of a little boy who is captured. A horrified mother who must rescue him. And an unrelated, disenchanted father and husband who joins forces with them as he’s found a vision quest for the first time in his life. We all know it ends up being nothing short of spectacular in the climax.

Answer – Spielberg had two crew members hide in boxes off camera, one in a clown suit and one in a gorilla suit. One popped out, then the other as the cameras rolled, catching young Cary Guffey’s bewildered reaction. Spielberg then whispered to the gorilla to remove his mask, eliciting a smile from Guffey. Pretty cool, huh?

Richard Dreyfuss – Roy Neary
François Truffaut – Claude Lacombe
Melinda Dillon – Jillian Guiler
Cary Guffey – Barry Guiler
Teri Garr – Veronica “Ronnie” Neary

8  Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Question – Ironically, I’ve read a couple of posts from my travel blogging friends recently on their trips to Tunisia. During filming there everyone in the cast and crew got sick, except for Spielberg. How did he avoid falling ill?

June of 1981 and I still remember walking out of the theater just like I did after Star Wars saying, “That was the most incredible movie ever!” My buddies and I turned right around and went back inside to watch the next showing of it 30 minutes later. Adventure, mystery, romance and what we all want in our lives: a hero to root for and live through vicariously.

Answer – He only ate one food which he intentionally brought with him to that location. That was cans and cans of nothing but Spaghetti-O’s.

Harrison Ford -Indiana Jones
Karen Allen -Marion Ravenwood
Paul Freeman -Dr René Belloq
John Rhys – Davies -Sallah
Denholm Elliott -Dr Marcus Brody

7  Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Question – The lead group of actors had to go through a lengthy, grueling army training program prior to filming except for Matt Damon. Why did he get a excusal note?

Studying World War II and specifically the European Theater has been a hobby most of my adult life so this was right in my wheelhouse of interest. It became painfully obvious in the storyline that the needs of the one outweighed the needs of the many. One of my favorite moments was when Captain Miller revealed he was a school teacher back home.

Answer  – He was spared the training so that the other actors would resent him and it was  excellently conveyed in their performances. For reals!

Tom Hanks – Captain John H. Miller
Matt Damon – Private First Class James Francis Ryan, paratrooper
Tom Sizemore – Technical Sergeant Mike Horvath
Edward Burns – Private First Class Richard Reiben, automatic rifleman
Vin Diesel – Private First Class Adrian Caparzo,rifleman
Giovanni Ribisi – Technician Fourth Grade Irwin Wade, medic
Jeremy Davies – Technician Fifth Grade Timothy E. Upham, cartographer
Harrison Young – James Francis Ryan, present day
Ted Danson – Captain Fred Hamill, pathfinder

6  Jaws (1975)

Question – This one is really good. Several decades later, Lee Fierro, who plays Mrs Kinter, walked into a seafood restaurant and noticed that the menu had an “Alex Kintner Sandwich”. What happened when the owner of the restaurant ran out to meet her?

What I will always remember first about Jaws is my buddy and I being dropped off late by my dad. We walked in from a bright June day to a dark theater where the previews had already started and our eyes had not adjusted. I sat down in an enormous lady’s lap, knocking over her popcorn and she mamma-slapped me upside the back of the head, “Son, you best move your hiney right this second!” My nerves were fried before the scary shark movie even started.

Answer –  It was none other than Jeffrey Voorhees, who had played her son. They hadn’t seen or talked to each other since the original movie shoot.

Roy Scheider – Police Chief Martin Brody
Robert Shaw – Quint
Richard Dreyfuss – Matt Hooper
Peter Benchley – Reporter

5  Jurassic Park (1993)

Question – Due to rain the full-sized T-rex malfunctioned sometimes. How did Producer Kathleen Kennedy recall these events?

The above video is one my favorite movie teasers ever for music. It just builds and builds into a thunderous crescendo. The movie did the same thing and introduced us to the magical possibility of those majestic creatures in our history. Yet, as Ian presented so prophetically – be careful what you wish for.

Answer – She said, “The T-rex went into the heebie-jeebies sometimes. Scared the crap out of us. We’d be, like, eating lunch, and all of a sudden a T-rex would come alive. At first we didn’t know what was happening and you’ld hear people start screaming. Then we realized it was the rain.”

Sam Neill – Dr Alan Grant
Laura Dern – Dr Ellie Sattler
Jeff Goldblum – Dr Ian Malcolm
Richard Attenborough – John Hammond
Martin Ferrero – Donald Gennaro
Wayne Knight – Dennis Nedry
Samuel L Jackson – Ray Arnold

4  Always (1989)

Question – Pete nervously whistles the tune from which theme song of a doomed man?

In my many regards this could be my all time favorite Spielberg movie. It is a constant reminder of my Dad who had flying taken away from him far too early. My lifelong belief in angels. The difficulty of letting go. A constant hope for rapturous love that has evaded me with a girl. You are only limited by your imagination.

Answer – That an Irish jig titled “Garry Owen” which was the official song of the Seventh Cavalry of the U.S. Army. For anyone who took American History that military unit might ring a bell for you. The calvary under  General Custer.

Richard Dreyfuss – Pete Sandich
Holly Hunter – Dorinda Durston
John Goodman – Al Yackey
Brad Johnson – Ted Baker
Audrey Hepburn – Hap
Keith David – Powerhouse
Marg Helgenberger – Rachel

3  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Question – For the entire shooting sequence on the Zepplin, Connery and Ford wore what?

This was easily my favorite of all Indiana films and Spielberg echoed that sentiment as it was his too. An adventure for father and son which to this day will have always been my favorite memory next to my current one’s with Phoenix. How I look up to him being so smart and untouchable. My great protector. Yet never the communicator. I had to learn things on my own through the tremendous amount of leeway he gave me. In the end I had no holy grail so this is my escape each time to drift of to a happy ending.

Answer – It was actually what they didn’t wear as they had no trousers on the entire time in the very hot studio and Connery didn’t want to sweat too much.

Harrison Ford – Dr Indiana Jones
River Phoenix – Indiana Jones (aged 13)
Sean Connery – Professor Henry Jones
Alex Hyde-White – Young Henry
Denholm Elliott – Dr Marcus Brody
Alison Doody – Dr Elsa Schneider
Julian Glover – Walter Donovan
Robert Eddison – Frail Knight
Michael Sheard – Adolf Hitler (uncredited)

2  Schindler’s List

Question – Who places the flower on top the stones in the closing credits?

An added bit of trivia that added more venom on my part to the movie’s story and brilliant by Spielberg was this.  He was not paid for this film. He refused to accept a salary, citing that it would be “blood money”. I loved hearing that part and it was undercurrent to the whole production of the message we saw on the screen. We all have our triggers in life that bring out the ire within and I have mine. One of them are any sort of holocausts. I’ve never seen a more brilliant yet emotionally draining film in my entire life to date.

Answer – It is Liam Neeson and not Steven Spielberg, as some people think.

Liam Neeson – Oskar Schindler
Ben Kingsley – Itzhak Stern
Ralph Fiennes – Amon Goeth
Caroline Goodall – Emilie Schindler

1  War Horse

Question – What was Spielberg most proud about with this film?

Ironically, Finder (the horse playing Joey) was the same horse the played Seabiscuit which is also a huge favorite movie of mine. This movie struck a deep chord within my animal lover heart of a horse showing such devotion and loyalty. A display of hope and determination of the highest bravery with impossible odds and a horse persevered and lastly was reunited. I was absolutely bawling.

Answer – There were only a total of 9 seconds (read that again) of digital effects used to ensure the safety of Joey. He said, “Everything you see on-screen really happened.”

Jeremy Irvine – Albert Narracott
Emily Watson – Rose Narracott
Peter Mullan – Ted Narracott
Niels Arestrup – Grandfather
Tom Hiddleston – Captain James Nicholls
Benedict Cumberbatch – Major Jamie Stewart

What was your favorite movie of the group or did I accidentally omit your choice in either Part 1 or Part 2?

We wanted to send a thank you to Shing who has supported us and become a friend. Her travel blog features a lot of her trips through Europe and is beautifully shared in her exquisite writing. Please click on over to her blog at The Culture Map and enjoy. Thank you so much, our friend!

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  86 Responses to “The Part II Top 10 Steven Spielberg Movies Finale”

  1. Oh – so close! My #1 is your #2. I never saw War Horse, but I think he out did himself with Schindler’s List. And the choice to film it in black/white was brilliant and added that much more to the power of the film. And, of course, such an important film for historical reference. For fun, The Last Crusade was definitely my favorite Indiana Jones movie. Okay, now I need to go make some popcorn.

    • Completely agree that Schindler’s List was absolutely brilliant, Patti. They had wanted to film inside the actual camp but weren’t allowed to. Yet, experts from the camp helped replicate it exactly for the film! 🙂

  2. Again, I have only seen one of these from start to finish. And that would be Jaws. And I am one of the few who enjoyed all of the Jaws movies. Boy, do I have a lot of movie watching to do!!

    • We’re just going to have to strap you into a chair for two hours to enjoy a movie, Tony! 🙂

  3. I still remember not breathing during the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. I couldn’t bring myself to go see Schindler’s List. It was shown to our children in Sunday School at a Jewish Temple. They were required to have a parent attend with them. I couldn’t bring myself to go. Fortunately, my sister, stepped up and went in my place. Mike, have you seen all the films you cataloged for us? If so — impressive.

    • Completely understand on choosing not to see that movie. Every single movie in all of my Top 10′s I have seen, Suzanne. Hence the personal note I offer in each one between the Q & A trivia.

  4. I’l admit iv watched none of the movies, but i’l make a point of watching the terminal and Schindler’s List.

    • That is terrific that I enticed you with a couple for your interest, Rachel! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Mike. I went to the theater with my sister and a guy I had a crush on to see Jaws. I haven’t seen all of Steven Spielberg’s movies. I think I have to remedy that one of these days. My favorites…ET, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones Raider of the Lost Ark. The most profound movies…Schindler’s List and Private Ryan. They touched me beyond words. Mr. Spielberg is an incredible talent.

    • He is amazing Jennifer, and my Top 10 lists all about Memory Lane for sure! His movies are easily the most forever lasting classics in history to date 🙂

  6. JAWS. I’d forgotten about that one. As usual, my favorite part are the trivia bits. Great job, Mike. It’s so cool to know a little background. The one about Matt Damon being exempt from training is so interesting!

    • I have always loved trivia and like with Matt Damon and looking back at the movie you think, “Oh wow, that makes total sense now!”…thinking about the scenes 🙂

  7. Hi Mike another great list ! I must be a real Steven Spielberg fan cause again I have seen nearly all these movies or maybe it’s just because he makes such great ones it’s had to miss one.

    • I figured the Spielberg movies would be a sure hit for exactly the comment you left, Freya. So many great ones indeed 🙂

  8. That top photos is brilliant and scary at the same time! 🙂

    • What’s ironic about that scary shark is that is it was a lemon. Meaning it never ran correctly and was a huge part of why this film was almost never completed, Becky! 🙂

  9. Mike,

    I’ve enjoyed both these Spielberg lists. Alas, I have not seen them all, but I have a special affection for Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was living in San Francisco and went to see the movie Atlantic City (Lancaster, Sarandon), which was showing with a Sneak Preview. Several rows in the center section were cordoned off, and between films a bunch of folks came in and were seated there. When the next film began, there were cheers from this group. Well, the movie turned out to be Raiders and the group was from Industrial Light and Magic. This great film and the reaction of so many who worked on it really made for a memorable event!

    • That is an AWESOME story, Jim! I would have loved to have been there for that. What a terrific memory indeed. What theater were you at??

    • Mike,

      As I recall it was the Regency 2 on Sutter at Van Ness. It was one flight up, and was an old dance hall or ballroom that had been converted into a theatre. The entrance to Regency 1 was around the corner on Van Ness. We moved out of the city years ago so I may have the memory a little confused, but now I think they’ve revamped it again and it’s called the Regency Ballroom and is a concert venue.

    • I have never lived in San Francisco but been there many times in my life. I do know where Sutter and Van Ness is though! My buddy and saw Chris Issak in a vintage auditorium near or in the red light district if I remember right. But, I’m spacing the name of it and it’s driving me crazy now, Jim! Really old with a balcony. Argh. Any help there sir? 🙂

    • Mike,
      Probably Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Not exactly the red light district, but not Nob Hill either. It seats 6000 I think, and does have a large balcony. Lots of acts have appeared there. Old? Well, it was built in 1915 as part of the Pan-Pacific Exposition, and the 1920 Democratic National Convention was located there. And the Golden State Warriors played there for a couple of years.

    • I love your historical knowledge of S.F., Jim! It wasn’t the Bill Graham Auditorium. Maybe it was torn down but I do remember it was an iconic place but smaller. That’s going to drive me crazy now. Anyhoo, thank for all of the info! NO WAY!!!! I was just about to click Submit and Gawd only knows how it popped into my head. The Warfield!! Woo hoo…that made my day! Wow, I’m talking to myself. How awesome is that?

    • Mike, you crack me up! Sure, the Warfield Theatre. Originally, a Vaudeville house, then Dylan and the Dead played many concerts there. Yep, still there — not torn down. And now you’re right, I guess that would be the “red light” district, so to speak. At least it was a few years ago. Emmy Lou’s going to be there next month, I hear.

    • I will sleep much better tonight and I loved your San Francisco trivia! Very cool stuff, Jim 🙂

  10. Hi Mike,
    Loads of fun, this post. Thanks for taking us along a great walk down memory lane.
    My favorite moment has to be your recollection of sitting down in the lady’s lap in the movie theater. So funny — I could picture her whomping you!
    My similar experience: My date and I walked into “Bullit,” (remember with Steve McQueen?) Having arrived late, the incredible chase scene was already happening. We were both so mesmerized that we each sat down — but on opposite sides of the aisle! When we realized what happened, we both stood up and argued about who was going go to the other side. The audience was screaming at that point for us to shut up and sit down!
    Wishing you and Phoenix good days and good movies,

    • LOL that is a very funny story, Josie! Oh my gosh yes Bullit has what many say is inarguably the best car chase scene in movie history. With the French Connection a possible close second place? I’m still giggling over picturing you two having a spat and folks hollering at you! Thank you for your well wishes always! 🙂

  11. —-OOOO, Mike,

    All of these movies are brilliant…

    ….but the little girl in vivid RED from Schindler’s List really gets to me.

    Such beautiful symbolism for hope in the midst of darkness.

    XXXx KISS for you and phoenix.

    • Kim, the little girl gets to me too as does that entire movie. And it should for everyone I would hope. Thank you so much for the compliments and XXXx to you from us always! 🙂

  12. Jaws gave me nightmares when I was a kid. I stayed up and watched it without permission by keeping my bedroom door slightly cracked while I stood there for the whole movie. Later that night, I ran to my parents room crying because the big fish was going to get me. Never mind there was nary an ocean in sight. I liked War Horse, but would really love to see it performed as a play in a theater.

    • I’ve wondered of the success of movie to theater transition when a live animal plays the star on the screen. I would definitely be interested in seeing that, Jeri! That is funny (though not at the time for you) about running to your parents room. We were in the water constantly from March to October in California waterskiing and we ALL thought about it! 🙂

  13. Out of this list it would be “Always” – I liked it because it reminded me of my mom who piloted a Piper-Cub when it wasn’t the “norm” for women. You mentioned “… constant hope for rapturous love that has evaded me with a girl” – never give up. I just celebrated 20 years today with my Alpha Hubby – and we met what most would consider late in life! I think it helps you bypass all the bs some younger people go through (smile).

    • What this gets Comment of the Month, Nan! First, woo-hoo that I found an “Always” fan out there. We are few and far between. Thank you for your well wishes and warm thoughts. But, most of all, Happy Anniversary to you and Alpha Hubby today! That’s so awesome and put a big smile on my face!! 🙂

  14. Schlinder’s List: Absolutely brilliant, incredible, shake-you-to-the-core film. Everyone should see it.

  15. It’s funny how so many movies by Spielberg mark moments in my life. You forgot Poltergeist. Even though Band of Brothers and the Pacific where HBO series, they were fantastic too.

    Very interesting how he got everybody to dislike Pvt Ryan. I never heard about that!

    I really want to see Munich now.

    • Poltergeist was actually directed by Tobe Hooper. Spielberg was a writer on that movie. Band of Brothers and Pacific was Produced by Spielberg along with several others. The former being one of my all time favorites, Hugh! 🙂

  16. Awesome video of wonderful collection But I do little fear to watch all these video but these are really nice collection.

  17. The Terminal was brilliant in many ways, wasn’t it? I must check out Always and War Horse.

    • I absolutely loved The Terminal, Tarana! I hope you enjoy Always and War Horse as much as I did 🙂

  18. I’d forgotten about the movie The Terminal. I loved that so much. I feel sorry for Matt Damon, now. How hard it must have been for all of the crew to resent him for not having to go through the Army training. Spielberg is truly brilliant, huh? I mean really – what thought put into how to cause tension between Matt and the rest of the cast!! Yowza.
    Brilliant list, my friend. When my mom and I went to see Schlindler’s List, the power went out in the theatre during a scene when they were on a train. Everybody must have sat there for a good 5 minutes, thinking that it was intentionally black, before the movie guy came in and said that the power was out! Powerful movie to make us all think no power was part of it.
    And OH to have been there (!) when those hunky Indiana Jones dudes weren’t wearing trousers! HA.

    • LOL poor Matt Damon? How about poor the rest of those guys? 🙂 Thank you for the compliment Kristi and what a cool story on Schindler’s List. We had that exact same thing happen at the beginning of Avengers right as an explosion occurred. At first we thought it was part of the movie and the guy walked in and told us just like happened with you. Agreed on the major hunkiness for the Jones men. Great to hear from you always, our friend 🙂

  19. wow, these are great questions and really interesting answers! I can’t believe he ate canned spaghetti-o’s the whole time! yikes! also enjoy your personal memories of seeing these movies — very cool.

    • Thank you much Darcy and I learn a ton myself from the trivia I put into these. Sometimes it can backfire a bit because I might look at a movie differently if I watch it a second time though 🙂

  20. I’m getting so clever, no one will ever want to watch a Spielberg movie with me again.

    • Ha, ha this so made me laugh out loud, Mette! Hopefully they WILL want to watch them with you because of all your new found knowledge! 🙂

  21. I so love Jurassic Park. Such an awesome movie.

    My husband has made me watch Saving Private Ryan many, many times.

    • Some irony about my love for Jurassic Park too but in that one of my phobias is a fear of being chased! So, I was definitely white knucklilng it through most of the movie. Sounds like your husband and I would get along wonderfully as I love war movies, Amber 🙂

  22. Wow – a great list, though I’d never get any of the answers! One of my mom’s favorite movies of all time was E.T. and she kept this ET stuffed animal in her office that she asked to be buried with. She passed away last year and I recall her telling me that…we got a somewhat strange look from the funeral home when we walked in with the ET stuffed animal, but they obliged us of course. I feel happy that ET is resting with my mom now. 🙂

    • First, I’m so terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your mother, Emily. I know what a very painful time that can be having been there myself. I LOVED this comment and that you buried E.T. with her honoring those wishes. Thank you for the compliments too! 🙂

  23. Wow another great movie post! I didn’t realize Always was a Spielberg film. I loved that movie! I’ve always been a fan of Holly Hunter. Dreyfess was charming in this too.

    Schindler’s List actually made me queasy in some parts. I cried. I think that was Spielberg’s best film! Your #1 choice i haven’t seen so I must put it on my list. I love horses. Thanks Mike!

    • Yes, Schindler’s List is very emotional indeed. And woo hoo that I found another Always fan!! There are so few of us that I’ve ever found out there, Lisa. That made my day. And if you love horses you are going to fall head over heels for War Horse. Another one if you haven’t seen it, not Spielberg, is The Horse Whisperer 🙂

  24. This is such an impressive portfolio!

  25. The terminal rocks! Seriously! I was recommended to watch it and it turned out to be the most inspiring and touching movie I’ve lately seen!

    • Oh jackpot I’m so jazzed, Agness! I couldn’t agree with you more on how inspiring it was 🙂

  26. Thanks for another great list, Mike. Spielberg rules! I don’t remember War Horse or Always. But, I love a good Indy film. It’s travel and adventure inspiration. You know Jaws scared me as a little girl and I didn’t look at a beach the same way for a long time. Have a great weekend!

    • The Indiana Jones movies are by far my favorite non-scifi adventures. I just get totally wrapped up wanting to be there. Well, except when he gets into trouble ha, ha! You guys have a great weekend too, Mary! 🙂

  27. So enjoyed your short explanations – insightful and always packed with new information. I really like the movie trivia too – but never get the answers! Fancy Catherine Zeta Jones being able to get a plug in for Elizabeth Arden! My fave movies … Probably War Horse, Saving Private Ryan, and Raiders of The Lost Ark.

    • I totally appreciate the compliments Johanna! I’ve actually started to pick some more off the beaten path trivia questions more for the general information enjoyment than anything else. Very stoked I found another War Horse fan! 🙂

  28. you must be a big fan of Steven Spielberg to know all the little things in and out of the movies ! Some of the movies I haven’t even heard of like close encounters of the third kind as it was filmed before I was even born!

    • Ha, ha I don’t have all of the trivia stored up in my noggin’, KJ! I do a ton of research in these posts though I have seen everything I post in my Top 10’s. Ut-oh…Close Encounters is pretty darn good…you might want to check it out 🙂

  29. I love love love the Indiana Jones series! Steven Spielberg is definitely one of my favorite Hollywood directors. Schindler’s List is definitely unforgettable as well!

    • I’m with you Aleah and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched the Indy movies. Schindler’s List was so powerful and what a great story to be told, huh? It’s wonderful to hear from you 🙂

  30. HI Mike, I’ve seen most these great movies But I must admit I didn’t answer any of the questions. They’re pretty tough! The movie “Always” surprised me because I’m not familiar with it all! I guess I have to check it out.
    You know I was watching the Oscars this weekend and thought of you. I was thinking that it would fun to have an Oscar party with you:)

    • Always is so near and dear to me and I have made the questions more informational that easy to answer. Maybe I need to rethink what I write for those! That would be fun to have an Oscars party with you guys, Marisol! 🙂

  31. How did I not know that Always was a Spielberg film? That is one of my favorite movies ever. I haven’t seen it in a really long time and now want to watch it again. I think one of the best lines in any movie ever made was ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat.’ in Jaws. I watched that one not too long ago and I never get tired of it. I haven’t seen The Terminal. I don’t know why, probably because I’m not a Catherine Zeta-Jones fan. I love the fact about the training for Saving Private Ryan. I can see how that would cause resentment! Creative way to set a stage!

    • Ah two Always mentions in a row…I like it! I’m so jazzed you love that quote because that’s exactly why I put that trailer up for it, Sandy! If you can get past Catherine Z-J it’s an amazingly good movie. But, there are movies that I have sidetracked from because of different actors so I get that totally 🙂

  32. Oh I hate to even think how long ago it has been since we’ve gone to a movie or watched any at home. . .I love these posts. They keep me up to date on who makes what, who is in what, and what I have missed! Have a great weekend, my friends!

    • No biggie on being non-movie watcher! Hey, if I was busy traveling the world like you and Joel I wouldn’t have much time for them either…and that is a good thing! Great to hear from you always and you guys have a fantastic weekend too 🙂

  33. I let Mathair handle the first round but I’ll take this one! (Inion Swoons) I’ve been in love from the moment I first watched Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. (5 yrs old) I used a jump-rope for my whip & a coat hanger on moms clothesline to glide over my pretend cliff (the yard) But mom put a halt to it when at 7yrs old, I was excavating (tunneling) in my backyard like all good archaeologists, and buried myself alive. The only thing that saved my life was that I used a hose for breathing so I was able to get air til’ mom dug me out & swatted me good!! lol. Now, onto Spielberg I would like to say that although he’s a genius, I’m very fond of the Spielberg/Lucas era when they worked hand in hand closely together churning out genius movies!!! Great post Mike Sharing now!! 😉

    • Hi Inion! Holy Buried Alive kids do some crazy things but completely burying yourself with only a breathing tube is right up there! I’m right with you on the Spielberg/Lucas era none of realized at the time that were going through one of the if not thee biggest movie making evolution in history. Yes, the b & w to color would be right there too. Great to hear from you! 🙂

  34. So many great movies! Not seen quite a few of them, but those that I have are amazing. Love The Terminal.

    • Lots of likes for The Terminal and I’m right with you, Catherine! Great to hear from you again 🙂

  35. One of the best movie that has ever been done in my opinion is in this list and this is The Shindler’s List. I never watched Always but I really want too now after reading that this movie reminds you of your father. I’ve got goose bumps.

    • I completely agree with you on Schindler’s List, Rita! And I can see the incredible effect it had on almost every commenter here. That’s so awesome. Lots did not see Always but the few that did really, really “get it”. I hope it provides you with the same magic it always has for me. If we lived close by you could borrow my copy! 🙂

  36. Interesting, maybe be I should rent War Horse this days…

    • Ha, how ironic as I just mentioned lending out a movie and I would say the same thing to you. If we were nearby you Phoenix and I would definitely bring our copy of War Horse by for you, Muza-chan! 🙂

  37. I absolutey love “Saving Private Ryan”. My heart still races every time I see it. I also like when he reveals that he’s a teacher. Who would’ve ever guessed it?! It’s crazy how war changes people. Another great list, Mike!

    • You hit the nail on the head about how war changes people. I even worked with several folks who did tours in the Iraq War and wow to have known them before they went and then when they came home. Amazing stuff. I hope Europe is treating you two right, Dana! 🙂

  38. I’ve seen way more movies on this list than your other one! Almost all of them! Jaws makes me jump every time and I loved War Horse. Cried my eyes out though.

    • Same here on crying my eyes out watching War Horse, Michelle! I’m glad you’ve seen a lot these…so many classics, huh? 🙂

  39. I haven’t seen War Horse yet, I guess I’ll add it to my list. MY favorite here was Schindler’s list, man you talk about shedding tears?!?

    • I hope you get around to War Horse, Jim, and that you like it. Oh gawd yes on the tear ducts wide open with Schindler’s List, sir. Such a powerful, moving movie. Great to hear from you 🙂

  40. Mike, I’m so behind on your blog. I get your emails, but for some reason, they’re going into my Promotions folder, where I never ever look, so I haven’t read in a while. I love this list. How interesting about Matt Damon not participating in the training? I love the trivia. I need to get my bottom on the couch and do some movie watching. I’m embarrassed at how many of these I haven’t seen.

    • Promotions Folder?! That is awesome! That makes me sound dang important…except what are we promoting? Argh, I hate it when I get confused like that. I’m glad you enjoyed the trivia and if you guys enjoy movies hopefully the opportunity will come up to enjoy a few, Mandi 🙂

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