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Here is this week’s The Walking Dead Power Rankings based on the character power influence on the show and on the story line, not on popularity. I refuse to watch The Talking Dead or see next week’s previews so that I can give a fair post and not have any spoilers. It is completely subjective!

While this week’s episode once again didn’t offer any character eliminations it sure wasn’t lacking in intensity! And it definitely had some eye rolling from me as well.

+1 Martinez – I should have considered him last week. But, it was this week that Milton pointed out if The Governor were eliminated that likely Martinez would be in charge of Woodbury. That caught my attention.

Andrea+10  Andrea – I’m dropping her even further because, once again, she had the opportunity to kill The Governor and did not. She is able to outrun his vehicle while being hunted down in the flats. Then she escapes his creepy, evil stalking in that house of horrors. After all of that she gets caught from behind by him outside of the prison? Please. And now she has a gag order.

Judith9  Judith – I still believe Judith is and will be very relevant to the group in these last two remaining weeks. Again, she restricts the prison group’s mobility, stealthiness and resources immensely. Think about it.

download tyrese8  Tyreese – Finally we get to see him actually play a major role in an episode. I’m still questioning what side of the fence he truly wants to be on with regards to Woodbury or not being in Woodbury. There was no way he was throwing Allen in the pit. But we did learn that he has some anger issues and he definitely did not attend The Annie Oakley Range Master School.

images Merle7  Merle – The shit should hit the fan here in these final two weeks. And I predict he’s going to be big part of it. There are so many intertwined angles that can play out here directly related to Merle. Him being selfish, him and his brother and him and The Governor.

download Glenn6 Glenn – A couple of co-workers had a wager that Glenn would be the next major character killed off. And that was four weeks ago. Who’s to say that the one who picked him wasn’t right all along?

images Daryl5 Daryl – My own belief is that the relationship with his brother is going to come to an unfortunate and possibly mortal end. For which one?

Milton4 Milton – Well, he has got himself into a huge can of worms. Apparently he likes to have a late night game of Bonfire of the Zombies. Argh, he’s so close to completely turning over The Talking Woodbury’s apple cart.

download hershel3  Hershel – We absolutely saw the huge impact his talk with Milton had from the previous week. Like Judith, I want to see what his handicap does to affect the mobility and safety of the prison group.

download Rick2 Rick – Oh Rick, you had the shot in the woods if you had looked through the scope longer! I know, you thought it was Lori.

images the governor1  The Governor –  I always knew he was powerful with access to a great amount of resources. But this week really impacted my opinion in how resilient he is. Was that like the Terminator or what (of course The Governor survives)? I also believe that only the surface has been scratched on this ticking bomb.

Where would you rank the characters on the entire season after this episode?


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  6 Responses to “The Walking Dead Top 10 +1 Power Rankings Season 3,Episode 14”

  1. The Governor getting out of that last situation? He’s the new Terminator! Though I notice you still don’t have Michonne in your power ranking, even after the campfire confession about her pack animals?

    I’m starting to like Milton. I bet he’s going to get killed.

    I think Glen should go to the end of the list now. He tried to step up when there was a leadership void, but he was too messed up to help.

    Hershel’s looking good. Maybe it’s the white hair and beard? He’s comforting to have around. I think I like where you put him.

    I sure hope Tyreese and his girlfriend make it and hook up with Rick’s group. They’d make a good addition to the crew! His morality is strong and unwavering. I’d put him at #6? maybe?

    • Hi Hugh, I didn’t get why they chose there and then at this point to have that Michonne confession. And you may have a very good point on Glenn. Ironically, I did hesitate on him. And wow Tyreese and his girlfriend’s status sure is wide open right now, isn’t it ?

  2. You mentioned only two more shows in this season and it got me thinking about how the season will end and what will happen next season. Woodbury is going to see the Govenor as he really is sooner or later and kick him out of town. If this happens, I fear the ratings may drop. If that happens, that gives the potential for a radical plot twist following a proven show from the past.

    Rick and his group move into town. Rick becomes Sheriff and they start redoing Andy of Mayberry episodes with Zombies. You see Rick and his son whistling down the dirt road in the opening scene, occasionally stabbing attacking zombies in the head with their fishing poles. Glenn becomes the deputy and they give him one bullet that he keeps in his pocket. Merle becomes the Floyd the barber character, giving razor cut hair cuts with his knife hand. In an early episode, Rick has to convince him to slow down and take a few lessons as some of his first customers come back with missing ears that accidently find their way to the barbershop floor when they tell him they just want the sides trimmed a little. Hershel moves in with Andy when the girls get a place of their own and becomes the new Aunt Bee character, making some finger lickin’ good fried chicken and has to stab a zombie actually trying to lick his fingers when he reaches for a pie cooking on the window sill. Daryl becomes a colorful country person who comes into town now and then to sit down with his brother and Andy to play a little music on the front porch, except Merle keeps cutting the guitar strings every time they try to play a hoe down.

    If this doesn’t work, they could always go to a Gunsmoke theme and the governor could try to drive a herd of zombies through town. Actually I see this as possibly happening. I just don’t see the governor lasting and the towns people seeing him for what he is and kicking him out. When that happens, I see Rick and his group moving into town. But next season, the governor seeks revenge and blows a hole in the town wall and drives a herd of zombies into town. I see him as thinking if they don’t do it my way I’ll ruin the town. And this will cause the tension next season that keeps the show moving.

    • This was yet another absolutely awesome post, Pete! I loved it! Until the writers come out and say differently I still believe they made an oops in killing off Lori. Maybe they were trying to stick to the comic books, etc. I won’t say any spoilers. But, I still think this show became a mega-hit they did not expect and have been trying to adjust ever since. How long has been since a major character got killed off since Lori. Anyway….with your radical plot twist…you hinted at that, sir 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, Pete…you may have just made the best Walking Dead prediction ever! I would totally watch Woodbury in the style of the Andy Griffith show. But, instead of whistling the show’s theme song as they walk down the country lane, I envision Rick and Carl whistling the Governor’s death whistle as they bash in zombie heads. It is new classic!

    • Ooooo nice call, Kelli! And how about that theme be from the Empire Death March or “ooohh eeeyy ooohhh….the old Witch (is dead)!” You and Pete are onto something! 🙂

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