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The Governor Episode 13

Here is this week’s The Walking Dead  Top 10 Power Rankings based on the character power influence on the show and on the story line, not on popularity. I refuse to watch The Talking Dead or see next week’s previews so that I can give a fair post and not have any spoilers. These are completely subjective rankings!

While this week’s episode was quite dry in many regards I feel it provided a lot of underlying themes. And that, ironically, proved to make this week’s rankings quite a challenge over last week’s rankings here

+1 Beth and Michonne – I put them both tied just on the fringe looking in this week.

Judith10  Judith – It wasn’t until my friend Kelli pointed out how much of an impact Judith is. That is absolutely brilliant and I completely whiffed there. The walkers can no doubt smell her scent more than any adult. And the fact that she’s a baby she is tying up resources, time and energy.

chandler-riggs-walking-dead-seed-amc carl9  Carl – He still carries a lot of weight because of likely saving his dad and Michonne’s lives by shooting Morgan the previous week. So, that’s still a carry over for me and that he possesses an uncanny drive and aptitude for such a young kid.

images Merle8  Merle – Pretty much a repeat of what I’ve been saying. He has an incredible ability on all levels in this survivalist  world. And I predict his unpredictability is going to play out very soon. I only moved him down because I feel there were other’s more qualified to move up.

images Daryl7  Daryl – His loyalty to the prison group and some bonding time with Martinez could prove extremely helpful very soon.

images andrea6 Andrea – She totally drops in the rankings having been kicked out of the meeting with Rick and The Governor. But, she could still kill the Governor anytime. I can’t see that happening but I have to give her the acknowledgment of it. This one ranking of Andrea was the most difficult as I feel it could be too high. But she still has such easy access to The Governor.

download Glenn5 Glenn – Throughout it all it can not be understated as to Glenn’s huge value to the prison group. He constantly keeps them battle ready; well, when he’s not rolling around in the storage area with Maggie. I highly doubt the walkers had any interest in that Pay Per View event anyway. So, who was minding the fort so to speak?

Milton4 Milton –That would be a huge plot twist and change for his talk with Hershel. Did Hershel really get through to Milton enough that the latter would turn on his boss? Let’s hope so! Like Andrea, he has direct access to The Governor.

download hershel3  Hershel – And tied right to Milton is again the fact that Hershel had that dialogue. He’s the voice of reason at many times when the prison group has been in dire need of it.  He’s often like a more grounded version of Dale. This was a huge moment because it’s possible that he really got through to Milton. And Hershel gets big kudos for giving Rick a verbal slap for not  giving full disclosure to everyone about the potential Michonne deal.

images the governor2 The Governor – I never believed for a minute that there was anything genuine for a truce with Rick. As we saw he plans to kill all of the prison group and take Michonne as a hostage for gosh knows what. I wonder if there is a reservation for a fish tank with her name on it?

download Rick1 Rick – He’s ready to lead his group to war. I didn’t like that he didn’t tell the non-Talking Woodbury’s about the possible Michonne deal with The Governor as I just mentioned. But, if I had to go into a war in this apocalyptic world I would have no hesitation following Rick as my battlefield leader.

Please leave a Comment and share your thoughts. What would some of your rankings be? How far off or right on do you think I was?

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  3 Responses to “The Walking Dead Top 10 +1 Power Rankings Season 3,Episode 13”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! While the Judith thing started out as a joke, her impact on the group is actually very substantial. Thanks for understanding my weird logic!

    And the non-talking Woodburys…pure awesomeness!!

    • Kelli, thanks! The Talking Woodbury’s was a total steal from you 🙂 And your logic was just that…very logical! Nothing weird about it at all. Really had me look at a lot of things differently regarding Judith’s impact.

  2. Jeez, thank you so much for posting this! It is going to be so helpful when I am thinking about going to AMC Regency 24 in Jacksonville! Amazing!

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