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30 seconds before leaving to go to NYC!

Here is Part Two of my friend Ed and his daughter Samantha’s wonderful prize-winning trip from Reno to New York City! You can read Part One here. Fasten your seat belt…they had so much fun!

You can also find this over at Reflections Enroute!

Thursday, February 6th

Our New York City adventure began as we awoke at 4 a.m. Reno time and got ready to head to the airport.  The first excitement came as Samantha mentioned that it was snowing just as I came out of the shower.  We made it out the door and piled into the Prius with Grandma and Aunt Kim who had come to stay with Grandma while we were gone.  As I’m driving 70 miles an hour cautiously down the freeway in the snowstorm I’m giving Aunt Kim, who is from Southern California, driving tips for driving in snow as she had never driven in it before.

We made it to the airport in time for our flight and decided to eat something.  When the sticker shock of $11 each for the crappy looking ham and cheese sandwich on a small ciabatta roll nearly gave me a heart attack, we finally settled for a banana (me), a parfait (Samantha), and two sodas for only $13.43.  Grandma called just before we boarded to tell me that they had made it home in one piece. So far, so good.

Samantha and Ed2

After a pleasant and uneventful flight with a stop in Denver (-11 F) where we got to see our breath in the jet way, we landed in Newark.  Next came a taxi ride from the airport to our hotel, the Crowne Plaza Times Square.

Welcome To New York City

This was the video footage I recalled as we enjoyed our taxi ride.  

Our taxi driver was a very nice gentleman from Egypt who told us about his life, family and experiences as a sugar cane farmer before coming to America and asking us about our lives and conditions in Reno, all while speeding up, slowing down, racing along the shoulder of the road, tailgating, suddenly stopping, and cutting off busses and cars to the sound of indignant horns.  Had Grandma been in the car with us she would have been clutching the Jesus strap with white knuckles, stomping on her imaginary passenger brake, and screaming, “Oh God!  Oh Jesus!”  The only thought in my head as we drove was, “We could use all this snow back home.”

We “arrived” at our hotel on the corner of 49th and Broadway after circling the block and trying to get as close as possible, but due to road closures (thank you Con Edison) the closest we could get was about a block away.  After check in we proceeded to the 46th floor and our room overlooking Times Square.  We quickly unpacked, freshened up and went in search of FOOD.

We consulted the concierge and were directed to “Restaurant Row,” a two-block stretch of restaurants on 46th St. running from 7th to 9th Ave.  At around 6:30 p.m. we were led into the Firebird Restaurant located at 365 West 46th where we tried our luck with Russian food.  It turns out our luck was good.  After perusing the menu in the nearly deserted restaurant Samantha chose what she had been aching to try for quite some time, Borscht.  The menu describes Borscht as, “Ukrainian beef borscht, slow braised beef brisket, and potato piroski.”


I had the Armenian Lamb Rack that came with “Potato lardon cake and vegetables.”  The vegetables were asparagus, carrots, and string beans and were accompanied by a shredded fried potato cake with a small amount of brown gravy that had a slight teriyaki flavor.  The vegetables were cooked to perfection, the lamb was slightly pink inside and quite moist and delicious, and the potato cake with gravy was scrumptious.  After slicing off dainty bites of lamb and dipping them into the gravy I fell back on my culture and upbringing and went cave man on those bones.  I also tried a spoonful of Samantha’s borscht and despite my lifelong abhorrence of beets; I found it tasty enough that I would eat it again.


For dessert we ordered Ptichye Moloko (Bird’s Milk) and Romanov.  The Ptichye Moloko is a “Milk cream soufflé with melted dark chocolate”. 


The Romanov is “Vanilla bean ice cream, strawberries, and a Grand Marnier reduction.”


Each of these desserts was delicious by itself but we discovered that when you combine a small amount of each it becomes the world’s most delicious bite of dessert ever!  Our experience at Firebird was good.  The food was delicious, the decor was elegant, and the staff was, well, kind of stuffy, quiet as church mice, and somewhat overbearing with the exception of the doorman who lead us to the entrance, but they were very efficient.

Samantha and Person

After a delicious and expensive meal ($110 including tip) we hit the streets of NYC by night.  We wandered around Times Square until we got cold and then headed back to the hotel for a night of well-deserved sleep.

Ed Times Square

(Samantha: Okay, my dad covered most of everything, so I’ll just summarize: Honestly, I didn’t even notice that the taxi drive was that eventful I mean I’m used to my dad’s driving, so… The food was great! And it was only the first on a long list of absolutely, indescribably wonderful food.)

Samantha Times Square

Friday, February 7th

Our day started at 7 a.m. with a free breakfast buffet at the hotel.  Breakfast was free because the front desk clerk couldn’t get our United miles and our hotel stay to link up when we checked in.  Free FOOD?  Count us in!

Samantha Waiting In Line Statue

The first stop of the day was the Empire State Building.  We arrived to huge crowds no crowds about 10 minutes after the doors opened.  We made our way through the winding path learning about the construction and design of the Empire State Building finally making our way to the observation deck on the 86th floor.  We stepped outside to a frigid, stinging, benumbed, penetrating, Arctic atmosphere that chilled to the bone and kept on going for lack of anything better to do.  Dear God was there ever any colder place on earth?  Would I ever be able to feel my extremities again?  How long does it take to freeze to death?  If you shoved a stick up my butt, would I become the first human Popsicle?  Okay, the view was fantastic, but damn it was cold!

Samantha Top Of Empire Building

The beautiful Big Apple skyline…


We left the realm of Elsa the ice queen, took the subway to 50th St. and made our way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  While walking we passed Radio City Music Hall and then Samantha was drawn to a large group of country flags.  We had wandered upon Rockefeller Center’s famous ice skating rink.  Half a block later we arrived at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


The only downer was that the Cathedral was undergoing renovations and had scaffolding all around the outside and inside, but it was still quite beautiful.

Samantha Subway

We decided our next stop should be somewhere warm, so we took the subway to 86th St. and spent the next couple of hours meandering through the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


We saw Egyptian art, Asian art, and my favorite, European paintings.  When our feet could no longer propel us and our empty bellies would no longer sustain us we went outside and ate the quintessential NYC meal…a hot dog from a cart.  Samantha opted for a plain hot dog and I took mine with everything, which apparently included mustard, ketchup, some type of tangy sauce and onions.  My overall impression?  Meh.


We sat on the stairs of the museum with the warm sun beating down on us and ate our dogs while people watching.  As we sat on the stairs I saw the most beautiful woman and came up with the perfect pick-up line, “Excuse me Miss, but you should be inside this museum.  You’re the most beautiful work of art I’ve ever seen.”  Did I use it?  No.  I may think fast, but I’m still a coward.

Samantha Art

After an hour of rest at our hotel we went in search of more FOOD before going out for the night.  Our search for FOOD led us to La Carafe Bistro  a French restaurant located at 653 9th Ave.

We both decided we had to start off with the Escargots with Garlic Butter.  While the escargot was good it seemed a tad overcooked.

Samantha Dish 1

Samantha ordered the Cotellettes d’Agneau au Cumin (Grilled Lamb Cutlets sprinkled with Cumin).

Samantha Eating

I opted for the Escalope de Veau a la Creme (Tender Veal Cutlet in light Creme Sauce with Mushrooms).  How should I describe my veal???  Angels descended from heaven, alighted on my taste buds, danced the hula, sang hymns of praise to the god of food, and then, as I wept tears of joy, ascended to heaven to await the next person to order the veal.  I contemplated licking my plate but was unsure of the social ramifications of this action.


My veal came with a bowl of salad that appeared to be spring mix with green peppers, tomato, onions, and cucumber with a dressing made of olive oil, lemon, garlic, and salt.  Samantha’s lamb also came on a bed of this same salad.


I ordered the Creme Brulee, custard with a hard shell on top and a dab of whipped cream.  Both were excellent, but I enjoyed the profiterole more.  Total cost with tip $94.00, and worth every penny.


Dessert for Samantha was Profiterole, a cream puff, cut in half, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle.  The cream puff was covered in chocolate and nuts with whipped cream and more chocolate sauce on the sides

Ice Cream

Our last event of the day was The Lion King.  I admit I was skeptical at first, but this was amazing!  The costumes and mannerisms of the actors portraying the animals was mind-blowing.

Lion King

(Samantha: Free food, coooold, beautiful flags of the world, a lovely church being renovated, some unbelievably lovely art, food, food from heaven, and a fantastic show. If you couldn’t tell, we seriously love food.)

Saturday, February 8th

At 9 a.m. we exit the subway at Battery Park and take a right instead of going across the street.  What good luck!  We wind up at the snack bar inside the Staten Island Ferry building.  We both pass on traditional breakfast food and order Nathan’s hot dogs with chili and cheese, large crinkle cut fries that are crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, and cokes for both.  There is even garlic powder for the fries.  There’s nothing quite like a healthy breakfast and this was nothing like a healthy breakfast.

Hot Dog

Next stop the statue of Liberty Enlightening The World, her official title.  We board the ferry and make our way across the waters.  “Iceberg, dead ahead!”


We have tickets to climb to her crown, that’s 377 stairs from ground level.  You can ride the elevator to the pedestal and cut out around 100 or so stairs but I’m tough, I can make it.  Three flights up and I need to stop to “put my camera away.”  Two flights later and I realize I need to stop to “look at something outside.”  Then we reach the pedestal and stop, thank God, to take pictures.

Samantha and Ed Outside

The remaining stairs are just a circular staircase winding around and around and around as they go up and up and up and up.  Did I mention there are 377 stairs?  Climb and breath, climb and breath, phew!  At last we have reached the crown and hopefully a defibrillator.  The view is nice through the small windows, but what is most amazing is realizing that you are standing inside the top of perhaps the most recognizable symbol of freedom in the world.

Samantha and Ed Train

We descend 377 stairs, my knees turn to Jell-O, and I start to black out while leaning against the gift shop counter.

Statue of Liberty

The ferry takes us to Ellis Island where we learn about the process that immigrants went through to enter the U.S. back in the day. Did you know that the healthcare for incoming immigrants was free, imagine that.


We disembarked at Battery Park, check out the memorial for WWII soldiers lost in the Atlantic Ocean, and take the subway to Bleecker St.  If you’d like you can listen to Bleecker Street by Simon & Garfunkel as you read this next section. 

Bleecker Street

We were starving and needed FOOD.  We followed our noses to Café Espanol  at 172 Bleecker St.  They gave us a mix of olive oil with sliced green and black olives and minced garlic to dip our bread in.  Yummy!


Samantha chose the Broiled Norwegian Salmon with rice and a Black Bean soup. The Norwegian Salmon came covered with caramelized onions.


The Black Bean soup was just that with minced garlic and onion and it was very good.


I decided on the Paella Valenciana with the Caldo Gallego.  The Paella was saffron rice with shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels, chicken, and sausage. 


The Caldo Gallego was a soup consisting of collard greens, potatoes, white beans, and sausage.

Soup With Potato

The amount and quality of the food was very good for the price, about $42 including tip.  We couldn’t finish our meals and had to forego dessert.  If we had it to do again I think we would choose a selection of tapas (appetizers/snacks) so we could try more variety.

We returned to the hotel, rested, and packed for our early flight.  Our last hurrah in NYC was seeing Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen along with Billy Crudup and Shuler Hensley in Waiting For Godot.

Waiting For Godot

I had heard of but never seen nor read this play.  It was very interesting, enough so that I now own a copy of the play, and it was great to see such fine performers live on stage.  Afterword we stayed by the performer’s entrance and we managed to get the autographs of Billy Crudup and Sir Ian McKellen as well as pictures of Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart.

Waiting For Godot

And Sir Patrick Stewart…

Patrick Stewart

(Samantha: More food! Woohoo! The Statue of Liberty was beautiful, and it was super exciting to go to Ellis Island. A great meal on Bleecker Street satisfied both my hunger and my love for Simon and Garfunkel. I’m still not sure how to explain Waiting for Godot, but I loved it and am excited to learn more about it.)

Sunday, February 9th

After a brief nap we awoke and caught a cab to the airport where we devoured Philly Steak sandwiches. Here is mine…

Open Faced

 And Samantha’s…

Big Sandwich

I also found a Dunkin’ Donuts and purchased half a dozen of my favorite donut, a light chocolate cream filled donut with powdered sugar on the outside.  Yes, Samantha got one…but only one.


We flew from Newark to Los Angeles and then on to Reno drove the rest of the way because our flight was cancelled due to mechanical reasons and no other flights were available.  The best they could do was maybe get us home via Phoenix on Monday night arriving in Reno at 10:05 p.m.  So, we rented a car and drove to Reno Auburn, California where we stopped because I was already falling asleep at the wheel just as we were about to drive through the mountains at night in a snowstorm.

(Samantha: He hoarded all the donuts…)

Monday, February 10th

At 11:25 a.m. Reno time the Enterprise rental agent deposited Samantha and me, ever so gently, in our driveway.  Our journey had come to an end, but the memories will live forever…


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  62 Responses to “There And Back Again: Ed and Samantha”

  1. What a wonderful adventure in New York – those food photos made my mouth water!

    • I know what you mean, Jackie. Each time I look at the picture of the veal in cream sauce I want to lick the screen. The biggest regret I think we both have is that we had so little time to spend in NYC. We missed out on seeing lots of things and didn’t eat nearly enough meals while there. Next time we’ll spend more time.


  2. Absolutely wonderful blog post about Ed and Samantha’s excellent adventure in New York. It brought back memories of my father taking me to Washington DC for my 15th birthday and a weekend of intensive sightseeing. (Ed was braver. My father waited for me to climb the Washington Monument myself). Samantha has a very sophisticated palate. Escargot? I won’t even eat escargot because I know enough French to know what they really are. (Mike, I think you need to give Samantha and Ed their own “column” on Past My Curfew—a title that could take on new resonance as Samantha goes through her teenage years 😉 Alternatively, encourage them to start their own father-daughter blog. I think there would be a lot of interest and they’re both obviously already accomplished writers.

    • Suzanne,

      It sounds like you had a great trip with your father. Samantha, Grandma, and I were in D.C. last spring and had a great time. We didn’t get to climb the Washington Monument, it was still undergoing repairs from the earthquake.

      It was funny, I knew instantly that Samantha wanted to order the escargot by the look on her face. I’d had it before so it wasn’t an issue for me (I ate two orders the first time I tried it).

      Thanks for reading and thanks to Mike for giving us this opportunity.


  3. What a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a lovely description..down to every detail. Very well recorded! I wish I had a few notes about my trip to NY…this mind is so strange, only dim images come up but yes, I have a lot of pictures to look at to refresh those moments and many came back after reading this wonderful post!
    Thank you Samantha and Ed for sharing it.

    • I’ll tell you our secret to such detail, Balroop. We each carried a small notebook and pen everywhere we went so we could record what we saw, did, thought, etc. everywhere we went.

      I’m glad we could help bring back some of your memories of NYC.


  5. I’m so glad your trip lived up to and even beyond expectations. You both have a way with words that made me smile and…my mouth water. The photos were a perfect addition to the story and…you got Ian McKellen’s autograph? I’m jealous. I can’t wait to hear about your next glorious trip.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Sorry it took so long to respond to you but I had to read your post about Ohno first. We loved the food and definitely want to try more as soon as we can. As for Ian McKellen’s autograph, we stood out in the cold for about an hour after the show trying to get autographs. We were both bummed we couldn’t get Patrick Stewart’s as well, but we were happy with what we got.

      The next big trip may be awhile as a Catholic eduction does not come cheap.


  6. Hmm…seems like most of what you did there was eat! Love it, but I’m getting hungry now haha You’re so lucky to have seen Sir Patrick Stewart! Star Trek fan here hehe

    • Aleah,

      You’re so on to us! It was about the food!!! And we’re Star Trek
      fans as well. Samantha and I have watched the entire Original series and the entire Next Generation together. This summer were going to watch DS9 and maybe Voyager if time permits. We also have tickets to Reno Comic Con with William Shatner and Walter Keonig in November.

  7. Such a great post – makes me wish that I’d taken a father-daughter getaway with my dad when I was young. All of this food is making me hungry though! Everything looks so delicious although some of it looks artery-clogging. Those are the foods that usually taste the best though! 😉 And so funny about grandmom’s nerves in the car. She sounds a lot like my mom when I’m driving. Glad you guys had a great time!

    • Thanks Dana. We did have a great time. Isn’t it true that the best food is always the worst for you? I’m always telling Grandma to relax when I’m driving, it never works.

      Thanks for reading the rest of the story and for your comments,


  8. What an amazing trip for the both of you. The memories will last you two a lifetime and bring back many smiles. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Such a wonderful and well-written story – I feel as if I were right there with you, experiencing everything. My favorite part, tho, was Samantha’s take “(He hoarded all the donuts…): so funny – I loved her take after his – such a lovely treat, thank you!!

    • Nan,

      I’m glad you liked the account of our adventures and for the record I did not “Hoard all the donuts.” I offered and if she didn’t want to eat them at that moment, who am I to twist her arm? As my wife always said, “If you snooze, you lose.”


  10. Ed and Sam, It looks like a wonderful trip. I always love a cabbie conversation! And the food, the food! Yum!

    • Thanks for taknig the time to read, Corrine. I too enjoy conversing with people. It gives you a good feel for them and the place you’re visiting.


    • Doh! I spelled your name wrong. Proofread, always proofread!!

      Sorry Corinne,


  11. Wow, now I have New York city on my bucket list and now I am super hungry!!! The food all looks so yummy, and those stairs would mean that you walk up the 377 stairs, back down those 377 stairs and not feel guilty for eating such yummy food – crispy crème donuts are my boys all time favourite donuts 🙂

    • I agree, Lisa. The stairs were the equivalent of a Diet Coke. Drink one of those and you can eat whatever you want…including Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts…Yes!!!


  12. Ed & Samantha, that was a great and detailed description of the trip, I literally felt as part of the adventure :).

    • Rachel,

      I’m glad uo enjoyed the post. We were trying to get people to feel as if they were a part of the adventure with us.

      Thanks for reading,


  13. Love it! Makes me wish I could take another NYC trip, but so many other places compete. I love all the pics of the food. When hubby and I went, a huge part of the experience was definitely all of the food 🙂

    • Jeri, it’s so true that there are so many places to visit. I still want to take Samantha to Yellowstone National Park for about a week…maybe next summer. This summer she wants to go to Los Angeles for Anime Expo.


  14. What a fun & food filled trip. I always wonder if the cab drivers tell everyone the same story all day, every day? I guess I’ll go out an buy some lamb now.

    • Neva, I never thought of cab drivers telling the same story over and over, but now I’m laughing to myself at the very thought. And yes, let’s get some lamb.


  15. Wow! There is so much in this post! I’m glad you had a wonderful stay in beautiful NY! Gosh! I think the food was even better than the city! I was drooling while reading your post! I really liked how you described your Escalope de Veau! How beautiful is the view from the Empire State Building! I can’t believe they are still doing work in St-Patrick’s (I went to NY in June 2013 and they were doing work at that time.)

    • Rita,

      The description of the veal was the best I could do, and I really was contemplating licking the plate because…Oh…My…God! The view was fantastic, but the next time I see that view will be in the summer. The scaffolding was all over the place at St. Patrick’s, but you could still see most of the individual chapels along the sides of the church.

      Thanks for checking out our trip,


  16. I really enjoyed reading about the couple of days break in NYC. I found myself chuckling quite often, especially with Ed nearly blacking out gripping the gift shop counter. A good read.

    • Jan,

      I wasn’t kidding about holding onto the counter and losing my vision for a second and the backs of my knees were literally vibrating as we arrived at ground level. Two words, NEVER AGAIN! Okay, maybe once more with my future grandkids.


  17. OMG I love love love NYC. You guys did a great job of experiencing the food, but I’m sad to not see a NYC bagel, pizza slice, or Indian dish, but your amazing photos and awesome cart hotdogs made up for that. What an amazing trip!!! I’m beyond jealous and love NYC. Also, you saw Patrick Stewart in REAL LIFE? He’s so dang awesome. “Make it so.” HMMM. Yum. I really really enjoyed this.

    • I’m kind of bummed that we never got a slice either and there were a lot of other foods we wanted to try but oddly two meals a day seemed to be enough. As for Patrick Stewart, that was very cool. We wanted his autograph but he looked spent. If only we’d been in the front rows instead of near the back, but just being three rows from the stage he was performing on was enough.


  18. Oh wait. I forgot to ask. Is that Russian beet soup really that good? Because I loathe beets. Like massively they make me just say EEEEEWWWWW.

    • Kristi,

      All my life I’ve despised three foods: Liver (with onions), Beets, and Spinach. My mom used to have to force me to eat them. Many’s the night I refused and she would make me eat it for breakfast, or at least try. She would finally give up after starving me for about two to three meals.

      I will now eat spinach raw and cooked with some other foods, but I still refuse at age 46 to eat beets or liver. That said, I tried the borscht and I’d eat it again. Maybe beets will someday join spinach in the “occasional” category…but never liver! Yech!


  19. There is nothing like NYC food. The last time we were there, my daughter had planned out every restaurant she wanted to go to (don’t ask – she’s a foodie) and nothing disappointed. I could go in for the food alone. Forget the sights. Actually though, it’s a shame that it’s so close by and we hardly ever go in. We should definitely take better advantage of the opportunity.

    • Michelle,

      While we did do and see a few things, it seems almost as if the food was our raison d’etre. After all, what’s life without the guilty pleasures?


  20. Ed and Samantha: I’m glad you had good (and delicious) adventures. What leaps out at me more than the food is the clearly loving bond between father and daughter. That is the real gold here. I hope you keep doing fun, interesting things together, albeit with the more subtle pleasures that Reno, etc., can offer you :).

    • Alison,

      Fortunately Samantha and I get to do a lot together. Later this year we’re going to Reno Comic Con and possibly Anime Expo in Los Angeles as well as SNAFU Con (another anime convention, Samantha likes anime) in Reno. We’re going to see Jeff Dunham next month. We’ve also made it a yearly tradition to go the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival (this year will make the 5th or 6th straight year, I lose track in my old age). I’m also one of the coaches of her basketball team.

      The fun never ends for the two of us!!


  21. WOW. What an amazing trip! I love the way you told it, from both your perspectives. The photos are awesome. It looked cold! I’ve been to NYC many times, but the one that stands out the most for me was my first trip when I was 12. We did most of the things you two did. The statue of liberty was incredible! And I (sadly) remember seeing the twin towers. you couldn’t even see the tops of them through the clouds.
    I remember the smell. NY has a distinct smell. I can’t describe it. I just know it. I went back in 2006 to visit friends. We ran all around Manhattan, eating and whatnot, then headed upstate for the rest of the weekend. It was Fall….and stunning.

    Really enjoyed your writing, Ed and Samantha!

    • It’s funny you should mention the smell, Beth.

      One of the days we were there (Friday, I think) Samantha was expressing to me about how big the city was, how many people there were, how busy it was, and how much there was to do. And then she mentioned that it “even has it’s own smell.” It made me laugh and I told her to be happy she was getting the milder smell of winter.

      When I was in Spain we called the smell of the older areas of the cities, “El olor de los siglos.” “The smell of the centuries.”

      Someday I want to drive through the North Eastern US (Vermont, etc.) in the fall just ro see the trees changing color.


  22. Superb adventure.
    Fabulous bonding.
    Spectacular photos.
    Unbelievable FOOD!
    Interesting people.
    Did I mention the food?

    I remember the first time I saw the Statue of Liberty, I was like, “It’s not that color, is it?!!”

    Xxx KISS from MN.

  23. I enjoyed the variety of food you guys devoured. You went for some pretty adventurous choices! Looks like it was a blast. I also have to say I had a good laugh at the Jesus strap. Haha! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    • We wanted to eat even more food, but alas we were full. I’m not kidding about the Jesus strap. Grandma really does do that. Another of her favorite sayings is, “I don’t want to have an accident and I’m not talking about the car.”

      You’re welcome, Colleen, it was fun to tell the story.

  24. Samantha and Ed this two part post was an amazing treat for me and as you can see many readers. New York City is my #1 bucket list city in the world so I was absolutely fascinated. I know this was all a lot of unfamiliar work both helping me get it set up and have some immeidate fan attention. But, I’m telling you Ed, if it ever interests you I think you could be fantastic blogger! Great job to both of you and thank you!! 🙂

    • Mike,

      Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your blog and for all your help and suggestions. It was a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience, but I don’t think I’m cut out for it. Maybe in a few years when Samantha goes off to college and I have more time.


  25. I read every word of the article and was so impressed with the writing and the descriptions. Human popsicle- I can relate as I’m in Quebec City right now and it’s going down to -20C tonight.

    Love the play by play banter and the fact Dad and daughter both have something to say. Glad you made it to Broadway – and though you din’t have much time you sure used it to great advantage.

    • Thank you, Leigh. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. As for the weather in Quebec City, all I can say is Brrrrrr!


  26. I enjoyed virtually following along on your NYC adventure. What fun and love all that food and I’m a bit jealous of all the good food you ate. How neat that you got to see celebrities too.

    • We had a great time, Mary.

      Seeing Patric Stewart and Ian McKellen was great. Their performance was wonderful and even though we were on the far far side of the stage we got to sit three rows from the front.

      The food, oh the food!! So delicious and yet so many things we didn’t get a chance to eat. Next time!

      Thanks for taking the time to read about our little adventure in the big city,


  27. Looks like you got a lot of good eats in the Big Apple. Ed, I laughed reading your commentary, and I can see why you and Mike are friends. You have a similar sense of humor. I would go ga-ga seeing Capt Picard — ahem, I mean Patrick Stewart. I want to go up to the deck of the Empire State Building myself, but perhaps when it’s warmer. I could totally climb up the Statue of Liberty. The elevator in our building goes out regularly, and I am quite used to going up and down 500 steps. It’s totally doable if you have no other exercise planned for the week.

    • Hello again, Michele!

      We were hoping that somewhere in the play Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen got to say “Engage,” “Make it so,” and “You shall not pass!” Alas, it was not to be.

      I wholeheartedly endorse going to the Empire State Building in the summer.

      550 stairs? Next time I’m going with you and you can carry me up! It sounds as if you’d have no problem with that.

      Have a great day,


  28. Going to New York sounds like so much fun! Even better that it was free. Amazing sights and foods are always good in my book.

    • Krystle, as you saw, we had a great time. The food, shows, and attractions were all fantastic. And, as you noted, it was FREE!!!! So it was even better.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment,


  29. Looks like you had an awesome trip. I love New York, it’s such a great city and that Lamb Rack looks absolutely delicious.

  30. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  31. Mike, Thanks for linking up with Weekend Travel Inspiration!

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