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Sep 222018
Morgan Freeman

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Morgan Freeman began acting at the age of nine years old and went through numerous different acting arenas and mentors. He also served in the U.S. Air Force for four years as an Airman 1st Class. He has starred in numerous hit films, been nominated five times for an Oscar award and won the Best Supporting Actor in Million Dollar Baby. Information gathered from Wikipedia.

Top 10 lists are very subjective so rather than justify my rankings I offer you a video snippet and trivia for each one. Credits are giving to the YouTube video owners on their channels upon playing each and the trivia questions and answers come from

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So let’s get started on my the favorites on my Top 10 Morgan Freeman Movies list!


10 Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991)

Question – Why did this film receive praise from Jack Shaheen who had been a longtime Arab-American activist?

Answer – He felt Morgan Freeman’s character “Azeem” portrayed a very positive, devout Muslim who chose to fight against injustice.


9  Batman Begins (2005)

Question – From when he was nine years old Morgan Freeman read the Batman comics but he didn’t know what?

Answer – Who Lucius Fox was.


8  Unforgiven (1992)

Question – Will mentions that Ned is using a Spencer rifle which would mean what?

Answer – That Ned possessed it in the Civil War as member of the U.S. Colored Troops cavalry and this film is definitely worthy of my Top 10 Morgan Freeman Movies list.


7  Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Question – This is one of only two boxing movies to win a Best Movie Oscar. What was the other one?

Answer – Rocky.


6  Kiss The Girls (1997)

Question – Morgan Freeman was brought into the project to replace what famous actor due to scheduling conflicts?

Answer – Denzel Washington.


5  Along Came A Spider (2001)

Question – Alex Cross is looking at the data on Jezzie’s computer screen and there is an article from the Casanova Killer which is from what?

Answer – The previous film, Kiss The Girls.



4  The Bucket List (2007)

Question – What did Morgan Freeman say in a previous interview about Jack Nicholson?

Answer – That Nicholson was on his bucket list to act with in a movie and this is another one of my favorites on my Top 10 Morgan Freeman Movies list.


3  Invictus (2009)

Question – Who was the only actor that Nelson Mandela said could portray him?

Answer – Morgan Freeman.


2  Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

Question – What is the significance of the three black men crossing the railroad tracks in Atlanta?

Answer – They are all descendants of “Hoke” (the real person Will Coleman) whom that the character was based on.


1  Se7en (1995)

Question – The original ending was to have “Somerset” (Morgan Freeman) shoot John Doe but what happened?

Answer – It was rewritten because Brad Pitt said that there was no way his character “Mills” wouldn’t shoot John Doe for what he had done. And this would be my the favorite on my Top 10 Morgan Freeman Movies list.


What is your favorite Morgan Freeman movie?

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  12 Responses to “Top 10 Morgan Freeman Movies”

  1. Wow, that’s quite a list of movies, Mike. He is iconic. His voice is so distinctive. Was he in Shawshank Redemption? That movie Seven was so incredibly disturbing and well done. All of these are great! I would love to watch Driving Miss Daisy again.

    • Oh yes on his voice and my webmaster/friend and I were talking after he read this other night. He said two voices would be the most soothing to listen to; Freeman and James Earl Jones. Se7en is one of my alltime fav movies and yes he was in Shawshank Redemption. That was a HUGE major whiff on my part, Lisa!! *forehead slap*

  2. Oooo this is tough because he’s done so many good ones! I loved him in Red, Last Vegas and Wanted (he was SO bad). Glory and, as weird as they were, I liked him in Oblivion and Nurse Betty. These Top 10’s are always so much fun. They remind us of movies we haven’t seen in a long time – and go dig out the DVDs and watch them again!

    • Thank you for the compliment and you named off so many good ones as well! What a gifted actor huh, Nan? I used to always go buy movies now I’m learning to find them to rent on tv or borrow from some of movie collector friends! 🙂

  3. Joe and I both love Morgan Freeman. I have missed some of these! Will have to catch up! Too hard to pick a favorite! But I will share that I loved The Bucket List and watched it some time between Jan and May of 2018 when my Daddy was dying of pancreatic cancer. People could not believe that I would watch it during that time. Daddy did not chose to go do bucket list things like them, but he did chose not to try any type of treatment. He said he wanted to be as alert and well as possible for as long as possible without being sick from treatments. What he wanted was to spend time with family and friends and it was a party at the house every weekend til the end! So the movie made me happy knowing that Daddy was going out his way!!

    • Oh my gosh thank you for sharing that incredibly candid, emotional story of your Daddy, Rosita. That definitely got my eyes welled up and I love that he choose that path for his happiness and enjoyment! So, I can understand you watching that movie. I send you my belated condolences and best wishes and thoughts always!

  4. **Driving Miss Daisy** !!!

    This has to be my all time FAVE)))!!! xxx

  5. Oh man, Along came a spider was one of my favorites as a kid. I’m not much into suspense movies but I saw it and got hooked!

  6. Big fan of Morgan Freeman. Such an impressive actor career!

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