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This odyssey started last summer when I was discussing the best movie theme songs with my close buddy, Hendrix. As I delved into it there was absolutely no way I was able to narrow down my choices to one Top 10 post. This is a culmination of a five-part series of my top 10  favorite movie theme songs.

The list kept expanding and it was a disservice to myself and the post itself to cut it off at just ten movie theme songs. So, I decided to not set any boundaries and see where it went. As you will see it was a mammoth project but a helluv alot of fun! The overall list has showcased 50 movie theme songs in five parts over six weeks in descending order from #50 to #1.

This was also my biggest research project to date to maintain as much as accuracy as possible. Even at that I may have made a couple of mistakes and if so I would enjoy feedback for any corrections. Oh heck, why am I typing this because no one is reading this part anyway!

Thank you to You Tube, Wikipedia, Google Images and IMDB for their assistance and I included trivia for each, as always. So, get started and enjoy the finale with my Top 10 Movie Theme Songs Part 1!

Here are the links to Part IIPart IIIPart IV and Part V.

10  The Lion King  (1994)

Can You Feel The Love Tonight performed by Elton John   

Question – How long did it take Disney’s CG department
to animate the widebeest stampede?

There could be some controversy with folks who say that Circle Of Life is the theme song rather than Can You Feel The Love Tonight. I disagree and with it being my post and my list and I get to make the final decision. The theme is so warm and magical to the events unfolding before us with Simba and the gang.

Answer – Approximately 3 years.

9 Dr No  (1962)

James Bond Theme by The John Barry Orchestra

Question – Maurice Binder designed the gun barrel opening at the last minute, by pointing a pinhole camera through a real gun barrel. The actor in the sequence is not Sean Connery, but stuntman Bob Simmons. What was the first movie Connery did appear in the gun barrel opening sequence?

This is in my Top 10 Movie Theme Songs Part I but this could easily rank up there as the best movie theme song of all time. It’s been playing steadily for 50 years now and that speaks volumes to legendary John Barry tune that starts us off on each James Bond adventure.

Answer – Thunderball.

8 Superman (1978)

Superman performed by Nic Raine and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and composed by John Williams

Question – How were the scenes where the burglar is scaling the office building and falling off it filmed?

This song is so iconic and for lack of a better word, American, to epitomize our most classic hero. It gives us that feeling of protection that we can always sleep well at night knowing the Man of Steel is looking after us.

Answer – The guy in his office whose window he passes was strapped into the chair and hanging upside down. Most of the building was horizontal, with the footage flipped to make it look as though they were actually on the side of the building.

7 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (1966) 

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and composed by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai

Question – During the scene right before the final duel where Tuco (Eli Wallach) is running frantically through the cemetery what happens?

This is easily one of the most uniquely, popular music theme songs of all time. The twangy melody with the whistle and howl of a coyote intertwined with the glaring eyes of Blondie and Tuco. Who would outwit whom. Early last year by pure chance I posted the link to “How They Made The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” theme  on Reddit. It got a huge amount of attention.

 Answer – A dog can be seen running on-screen at the beginning of the scene. In reality, that was improvised on the spot. Sergio Leone, who was afraid that the scene was going to slip into melodrama, released the dog without informing Eli Wallach first – thus, his look of surprise is quite genuine.

6 Vision Quest (1985)

Only The Young performed by Journey

Question – This was the first audition for which actor?

The mid 80’s found me in the my wheelhouse of enjoying life post turning 21 years old. I was having lots of fun adventures, volunteering for our local Sheriff’s Office rescue team and working on the street as a medic. I was still in fantastic shape from high school despite becoming quite complacent with exercise. I still yearned for that special physical feat to get into epic phenomenal shape. Louden Swain inspired me to go after a vision quest. That was the statuesque physique of Shute. I didn’t achieve that but I used this movie ever since for any vision quest I’ve desired in life. Including this blog.

Answer – Linda Fiorentino who got the part straight out of drama school.

5 Hoosiers (1986)

Best Shot performed by Jerry Goldsmith

Question – Who was the announcer for the final game in the film?

For 28 years now this has remained my #1 favorite movie of all time. If we were sent to a deserted island and could only take one single DVD (no trilogies, etc) this would be the one that I would choose. It takes me back always to my childhood and my deep passion, drive and desire to be the best basketball player I could be. I practiced virtually to some degree almost 365 days a year. The movie then blends basketball into my favorite era being the 1950’s and the opening theme hits the right note on all cylinders. This movie is based on a true story which I watched online.

Answer – It is Hilliard Gates, who announced the “real” game.

4 Iron Man 2 (2010)

Shoot To Thrill  performed by AC/DC

Question – When Tony Stark asks Natalie Rushman if she actually speaks Latin, she responds with the phrase “Fallaces sunt rerum species,” a quote from Lucio Anneo Seneca meaning what?

I know my movie group buddies will all wonder ahead of time if this was going to be #1 on my Top 10 Movie Theme Songs Part I list. It’s one of my alltime favorite songs and has so much history for me that I will share about in separate posts. The first time I saw it, when the scene opens with Iron Man standing on the jump ramp of the cargo plane and the music keys up. A rush of electricity went through my body with a music vibe ingrained deep in my soul. A side note, the song also was played in a brief 30 second snippet in The Avengers and when it came on I literaly yelped out a , “YES!!” to the theater audience and fist pumped.

Answer – “The appearances of things are deceptive.”

3 Titanic (1997)

My Heart Will Go On performed by Celine Dion

Question – In the movie, exactly 37 seconds pass between the lookouts warning and the actual collision with the iceberg. Also, when the scenes set in the present day, along with the opening and ending credits being subtracted from the movie, the movie length (all the 1912 scenes) adds up to two hours and forty minutes. What is the significance of both of those?

My best friend, Kim, her husband and I had the theater virtually all to ourselves as we went to see it one night in the midst of a blizzard. I love history and I’m also a big time romantic. I could have never known that my emotions could be spun like a top from a movie like Titantic did. “My Heart Will Go” churns up a wake of emotions within me that can often leave me feeling like a sinking ship of those that I will never be able to see again.

Answer -They are the exact times for the ship to hit the iceberg and the time it took for the ship to sink.

2 Star Wars (1977)  

Rebel Blockade Runner/Star Wars performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and John Williams

Question – Who performed the scene in which Luke and Leia swing to safety?

This song is so galactically regal it will immediately grab anyone’s attention. There is a Force to be reckoned with. Good vs Evil. My #1 favorite movie trilogy (the original three) of all time. Darth Vader constantly looms. But Luke, Han, Leia and gang always prevail to save the galaxy!

Answer – Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher who did it themselves in one take.

1  Back To The Future (1985)

The Power Of Love performed by Huey Lewis and The News

Question – Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale say there were not aware of this fact in the Q and A for the DVD. What was the name of the movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1955?

This was a no-brainer for me from the get-go as my #1 Movie Theme Song of all time. It will forever be ingrained in my mind from one very magical October night in 1985 at the drive-in movie theater.  In the back of my pickup truck with a gorgeous brunette who I would one day propose to. Well it will all make sense after you read this from  One Of My Best Dates Ever.

Answer – The film Marty.

I hope you enjoyed the series as much as it was a work of pleasure to put it together for you! What are some of your favorite movie theme songs?

This post is dedicated to one of my very closest friends, Hendrix (his nickname really is Jimi). A couple of years ago the two of us started a “game” of coming up with Top 10 lists (any topic) then comparing them with our thoughts. Fast forward to my blog launching and we realized that I needed to pursue this. His movie knowledge is beyond reproach and he feeds my busy mind with new topic ideas constantly to run with. He’s been my confidant, sounding board and a friend of unconditional support always. You are my rock star buddy and thank you!

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  46 Responses to “Top 10 Movie Theme Songs Part I”

  1. My two songs from here would be My Heart Will Go On and Can You Feel the Love Tonight. Lion King is one of my all time favorite movies! And im a sucker for a good love song.

    I think my favorite song out of all of the ones you listed was…..Unchained Melody! Like I said, im a sucker for a good love song. Plus you tie it in with the movie Ghost and I think we all want to have that love and feel that emotion,and yes..hunger for that touch!

    Great list buddy!

  2. Just so you can understand what a really lame movie goer I am, of these 10 films, I have only seen Star Wars and Back to the Future. I haven’t even seen Titanic. (I know how it ends and that makes me sad.) However, your post has encouraged me to “rent” (somehow acquire a viewing of) “Hoosiers”. I enjoy sports movies about underdogs finishing strong, so I suspect I will enjoy that one.

    I won’t be watching any movies for a time though. Today, we fly from Siem Reap, Cambodia (Angkor Wat) to Hong Kong via Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) on Vietnam Airlines. Who woulda thought I would ever write that sentence? 😉

    • Now, THAT is travel sentence, Suzanne! We are so glad you’re having a great time. Please be safe! And you made my day with saying you will check out “Hoosiers” as I hope to hear from you after you watch it. Near and dear to my heart 🙂

  3. Another great list of movie theme songs. You’ve convinced me to finally sit down and watch Hoosiers. I’ve seen bits and pieces over the years but have never watched it straight through. I’m reserving it from the library today.

    • Woo hoo! Two back to back interests in “Hoosiers”. Can this day get any better for me? Thank you, Ed! 🙂

  4. AAhhhh,
    these films bring back sweet memories.
    Especially Vision Quest. I was madly in love w/ the guy who played opposite Linda F!!
    Thank you, dear, for all of your creative work. These posts are fun, interesting, and educational!
    Love! Kiss for Phoenix. xx

    • If I rolled that way I would totally be into Mathew Modine..yummy indeed! Phoenix sends his love back always, Kim 🙂

  5. OM gosh, the first one from the Lion king, I haven’t heard in years. It gave me shivers and brought a tear to my eye. Why? It was my daughter’s favorite movie when she was only 2 1/2. It was the first movie I took her to. Then when we had the VHS we watched it about 10,000 times especially when she wouldn’t nap. She would fall asleep watching it.

    The Good, Bad and Ugly–My favorite!! I took the record to school in Gr. 5 as we were each allowed to bring our favorite song to play at lunch. Everyone had a turn but my song choice was unique.

    Power of Love, ahhhhh–Mike I understand the nostalgia and I’m going to go read your post on the best date ever. Thanks for the fun post! There are some movies I have to add to my ‘buy’ list.

    • Yes, that was a VERY special date for me, Lisa! Who would have thunk what would become. She was soooo awesome. I love your personal stories on the songs! That’s so cool on the The G, B and the U and taking that to school especially in the 5th grade. And my favorite of your’s was your daughter loving “The Lion King” 🙂

  6. This is such a fun list. I love the trivia!

    • Thank you, Colleen! The trivia is a lot of work, well heck, these Top 10’s are period. But, they are so much fun in the end and I seem to have found a niche with them regarding adding the trivia in 🙂

  7. What a lovely post, Mike. And what a lot of work goes into these! Nice job!!

    • We really appreciate that, Jackie! Just so long as folks get some fun out them is what makes them worth it 🙂

  8. When Titanic came out, I was teaching 6th grade and all my 6th grade girls talked about was Leonardo Dicaprio to the point of making me nausea and never wanting to see the movie. It was years before I saw it and I’ve never seen it in the theaters, only on t.v. I’m so glad he grew out of that giggly girl fame and became a fine actor.

    • That would get tiresome with the groupies for sure, Patti. Yes, he’s become quite a fine actor 🙂

  9. The Lion King was a movie of my childhood. I watched it maybe 100 times or more. Love it. Such a touching story. I always cry when watching it with my friends! 😀

    • Thank you for being candid because I cry too! Yep! I always love hearing favorites from a person’s childhood, Agness 🙂

  10. Interesting selection, I’m looking forward for the second part 🙂

  11. I’m a HUGE fan of both the book and movie-version of Vision Question and I love that Journey song. How doesn’t love Journey’s songs. Plus, the movie was filmed in Spokane, Washington which is just an hour and a half from the Idaho town of Wallace that I grew up in.

  12. What another great selection of songs and trivia, Mike. Some of these brought back wonderful memories like Titanic and Lion King. They’re such classics! Thanks for another awesome compilation and all your hard work putting this together. I really enjoyed this series.

    • That is so very nice and kind of you, Mary! I will be doing some more series but maybe not for a while. I love how listening to the songs which I obviously did several times for EACH of the 50 songs the wonderful memories they took me off daydreaming about. Thank you so much for your keen interest and support on it, our friend! 🙂

  13. I don’t know why I developed such an unhealthy dislike of the Lion King. Maybe I watched it too much?
    Journey is awesome. Have you heard their new lead singer? He sounds exactly like the old one. It’s uncanny. I was born in 1980 so I wasn’t cultured into good music. I was busy getting sucked into the boy band cult. Don’t judge me and my antique New Kids on The Block figurines.
    I love that you can remember certain aspects of your life that are tied to these songs.

    • I have a photographic memory to great degree but music can just key it in on an acute point in time, Kimberly! I have no problem with your New Kids on The Block figurines as long as you don’t mind that I miss having my Matchbox car collection! I got to hear Journey with Arnel Pineda. If you weren’t looking at the screen virtually impossible to tell. Though I’m a hardcore journey fan back to the mid-70’s! Great to hear from you 🙂

  14. How many people I wonder fell in love to the Titanic Theme!
    But I am not surprised your number one was from a date with your future wife.
    I have enjoyed the series Mike.
    I am still figuring out which is my most favourite of all time! But the theme from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is pretty high up on my list I would think.
    Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

    • No kidding on the Titanic Theme, Jill! She would be my fiance’ only as we never got married. But, the memories I carry with me today from my relationship and time spent with her so many years ago remains vivid as do the wonderful life lessons she taught me. I agree, the Bryan Adams ballad is awesome. It’s great to hear from you as well! 🙂

  15. I’m behind with all of my commenting this week, but this is a great list! I love “The Lion King” – I actually went to see the Broadway play when I was living in Chicago. I think it’s my favorite animated film. I also love “Titanic”. That’s a movie I NEVER get tired of watching. And I had no idea that they timed the scenes to correspond with the actual iceberg impact and the ship sinking. That ship went down fast! And Celine Dion’s song will forever be a classic!

    • I would love to see the Broadway play, Dana! I’m with you on Titanic being the “hopeless romantic” I am and have watched it more times than I can count now. Celine’s song just added the cherry to the proverbial sundae didn’t it? 🙂

  16. Titanic is my all time favourite movie ever! And yet I had no idea about the length of the movie 2 hours 40 minutes, being the exact times for the ship to hit the iceberg and the time it took for the ship to sink! Freaky…I love every scene in the movie except the part where he dies in the water, mind you I love it when they found the owner of the painting and she is able to return to the ship with her memories….such a beautiful love movie. Incredible to think about the reasons why it went down and changed history for all cruise ships.

    • I’m thrilled you like Titanic as much as I do, Lisa! And isn’t the trivia amazing? I only hit the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended) with a ton more trivia involved in the actual events and the movie. The older Rose was such a kick for me in the beginning before the story starts to really get rolling 🙂

  17. Great list! The good, the bad and the ugly is definitely my favorite. Love the name of your site, I’m a bit of a night owl as well (damn, it’s 3 AM here in Korea right now). I like to see myself as more of a night wolf though, ’cause it just sound a bit more badass [laughs]. Peace man.

    • Hello Ruann in Korea! Just fyi…my house is total wolf deco. For real. The Good, Bad and the Ugly song always reminds me of my dad. Just old school movies. They are often still the best, sir 🙂

  18. A great list of theme songs Mike, love them all. I have seen most movies but not all. Vision Quest is high on my list to see now.

    • Thank you so much! Vision Quest is definitely a flash back to our younger days and it’s interesting to recall what my dreams were then to how life has turned out today 🙂

  19. A great list of amazing songs Mike! My favorite: Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Love it!

  20. LOVE that The Good The Bad and The Ugly made the list. I hear it everytime my dad calls.
    I also love that you have the theme song for Back to the Future. Another fabulous theme song!! Not much of a fan of the song from Titanic, just like the Bodyguard the song is over played too the point of annoying.
    Overall good list but the one that is the most memorable to me is Ennio Marricone. John Williiams is a great composer but I remember him most from doing some music for Harry Potter.

    • Oh great, I’m glad you liked it, Jennifer, and thank you! Great share on the phone ring with your dad. That could very possibly be a Top 10 someday in the future – Hans Zimmer and John Willliams songs 🙂

  21. I love all of the music in the Lion King. Being a parent I was kind of sad that most kid movies have gone away from having songs in them. I always loved them as a kid.

    • Wow, you are spot on with that and I never thought about it until your comment, Krystle. Most of them do not have songs in them. Huh…now, that has me thinking. The Lion King is so awesome 🙂

  22. Wow, what a major project! Awesome that you did this. I’ll bet it took you almost as long to compile it as it did for Disney’s CG department
    to animate the widebeest stampede! Which is more patience than I have, for SURE.
    And I got huge goosebumps about the fact regarding the Titanic. How cool is it that you know that it took 2 hours and 40 minutes for the ship to sink. Incredible. What a movie, and what a story. And YOU dude. what a cool blogger!!

    • Hey, thank you so very much Kristi! Yes, this series was a monster project and very time consuming. My Top 10 posts have become very popular with those that visit my site. Early on when I started writing them I tried entering the trivia and folks really liked that. So, it’s been a staple ever since. And coming from one of the cool of cool bloggers that is an awesome compliment from you! 🙂

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