Beware of Sneaky Cats

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Nov 172012

The person who does my landscaping, an older guy Reynaldo, has been with me for many, many years and came over this morning to give my lawn the final trim of the season. I walked out the front door and told him I wanted to leave the lawn just a inch higher this year so there was no need to mow it again until Spring.

Phoenix absolutely ADORES Reynaldo and feels the need to assist and “help” him with any work being done in the yard. Reynaldo over the years has come to look forward to visiting with Phoenix as well.

I had left the door open about six inches so that Phoenix could see me talking to him and he knows leaving past the front door is forbidden unless he is on leash. I was talking to Reynaldo for a bit to catch up on his family and the SF Giants, as he is a life long fan.

I heard Phoenix barked excitedly twice and I half turned around to him, shouting back at the house, “Phoenix, stop it !”
Reynaldo said in broken English, “I didn’t know had cat, Mr Mike.”
I was baffled and thought he was trying be funny and said, with a laugh, “Neither did I, Reynaldo.”

Then, from inside the house, I heard a LOUD HOWL to the heavens that I’ve heard previous regarding one thing. Phoenix was screaming at me, “Dad ! You need to get in here. NOW !”

Reynaldo assuredly said, “I don’t think Phoenix knows you have cat either, Mr Mike.”
I said, “What… ?”
Reynaldo, ”Ya, cat just walked into your house.”
Me, “Oh no…”

I spun around and ran into the house and Phoenix was just sitting there and I said, “What is going…”
Phoenix was not budging but whining, and was staring at the cat and looked at me, “It’s him !”

Then I looked over and a little, orange tabby cat was sitting there with it’s eyes wide with concern staring at Phoenix.
I said, “Kitty ! You can NOT be in here !”
The kitty said, “The door was open !”


I realized this was the same cat that was on the fence from a few weeks ago that I videotaped on my iPhone but the quality came out poor in the transfer. The cat had been on the fence that day and Phoenix was woofing at him on the fence and I had to chase it away.

I’m highly allergic to cats and picked him up saying, “You can NOT come in here kitty.”
The cat, “Well, you two sure aren’t very neighborly.” I still have no idea where this cat lives.

As I walked out with the cat to set him on the front porch, Phoenix gave him parting words of pleasure seeing him being escorted out, “See ya…..”

I put the cat down and he was overly friendly. I was finally able to grab my phone out of my pocket to take a picture of him. It was difficult because he wanted to either be right with me and/or he wanted to go back inside the house .

I got back into the house and saw Phoenix and he was not pleased. Ironically, he gets along with cats wonderfully as he been around many of them over the years. He loves to play with them and has even slept with them. But, he has never had one in his house and let me know, “I need a treat. Actually, make it a double.”

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  4 Responses to “Beware of Sneaky Cats”

  1. Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!
    So what is the new name?

  2. I don’t know the kitty’s name, Connie – new or old.

  3. I think Phoenix is networking on ya! Hotel Vogler!

  4. I know, darn dog ! He’s always two steps ahead of me

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