Ruth’s Chris Steak House In Seattle, Washington

Another wonderful amenity to staying at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle, Washington was for our dinner plans. Back in Reno when I was planning all of the specifics  of the trip I knew  I wanted to take my aunt out for a special dinner. We had both eaten at high-end steak houses in our lifetime but we had never done so together. The special restaurant I chose was Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Seattle, Washington which is connected to the hotel lobby.

I had seen a program online called Open Table but hadn’t known anyone myself who had used it. I decided what the heck, logged on, and made a reservation for the Saturday night we would arrive in Seattle at 8 p.m. There was also a notes section and I typed in where I would be traveling from and that it was a very important once in lifetime bucket list dinner with my aunt.

When we got back from our walk down to Pike Place Market I walked across the lobby into the restaurant and to the maître d stand where the hostess with the mostest was standing. I asked if I my reservation was confirmed and she said, “Absolutely Mr Vogler, 8 p.m. We also got your note that this is a very special night.” Hey, how ’bout them apples?Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

When we arrived for dinner the same hostess was there along with a maître d and she said with a glowing smile, “We have our best table for your special night.” Really? Well hey, high-five Open Table and Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Seattle, Washington! As they escorted us to our table it had a very Edward and Vivian elegant feel to it. It was also decorated with an extra touch of elegance whereas the other tables were not. They had given us the best seat in the house and my aunt and I exchanged thoughts that either they thought one of us was gravely ill. Or that I was going to propose to my aunt.

This would obviously be a no expenses spared dinner and I started off with a glass of their Chateau Ste. Michelle & Dr Loosen, an Eroica Riesling out of the Columbia Valley in Washington State. I was very excited to try one of their elite local wines and this had peach and lime aromas with a hint of earthiness to it. It was really good.Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

Our selections were made and please keep in mind that my aunt is almost a vegetarian but she will eat fish from time to time. She also does not drink alcohol and did not here.

Her Caesar Salad arrived with Romaine lettuce, Romano cheese and a creamy Caesar dressing. Shaved parmesan cheese and fresh black pepper topped her starter. The only food demerit I would give Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Seattle, Washington was that this high-end steak house didn’t make their Caesar dressing table side and there were no anchovies as has always been the case at top steak houses I’ve eaten at. Hey, for a $200 dinner you can nit-pick in a review. I had a bite and the dressing containing each component of the garlic, mustard, mayonaisse, vinegar and lemon juice were married together perfectly with the cheeses and lettuce.Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

For my appetizer when I saw they had a Veal Osso Buco Ravioli I was good to go. I’ve always wanted to try professionally cooked bone marrow and this Italian dish is traditionally served with that from veal shank in the filling. Add spinach and mozzarella inside with this saffron-infused pasta and a white wine demi-glace and you are going to be experiencing some of the best ravioli you’ve ever had. Each bite melted in my mouth and the moment was over too fast.Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

Next was their incredible Lobster Mac & Cheese and yes, along with the ravioli, this too was all for myself as my aunt had no interest. I know, I know…to come to Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Seattle, Washington and have macaroni and cheese. Let me tell you though, the tender lobster, the blend of three cheeses which I believe were Parmesan, Gruyere and Cheddar. Topped with Italian breadcrumbs and parsley this was an elegant, al dente, guilty pleasure delight. I did clean the plate without leaving a morsel.Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

My aunt had their very decadant jumbo sea scallops and shrimp for her entrée. It had a delicious white wine shiitake butter sauce, was carefully spiced and served over a fluffy bed of soft rice. She let me taste it and I had to show great restraint. The scallops and shrimp were cooked perfectly and the sauce literally enticed a delightful moan from me.Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington
Just prior to the arrival of the king of the night I knew I wanted some mushrooms to accompany it and wow these were off the chart amazing. Delicate, tender, broiled mushroom caps stuffed with crabmeat and melted Romano cheese. Mushroom haters, this would help you get over it…Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

The crown jewel was the delivery of a classic Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Seattle, Washington entree on a 500 degree sizzling hot plate from the 1800 degree oven it was cooked in. The steak stayed nice and warm the entire time as I was eating it.

Meet the 22 ounce Cowboy Ribeye. The best Prime steak you can imagine to go along with a brilliantly blurry picture because my hands were shaking with excitement. I took my steak knife and fork and it was literally like cutting through butter. Each bite required only a couple of chews as the incredibly tender meat dissolved in a cascade of exploding flavors in my mouth. I left not a single bite of this either.Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

To end the night, a caramel cheese cake with berries (of which my aunt could not even taste for health reasons) and I was ready to be carted out on a stretcher afterwards. The intoxicating filling along with the flaky crust were heaven.Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

As you can see, they had raised the lights and we closed the place down and I wanted to snap one last picture. To show you not only our VIP table that overlooked the entire restaurant but I wanted to remember this night forever.Ruth's Chris Steak House Seattle, Washington

We left the restaurant and walked back into the Grand Hyatt Seattle hotel lobby. My aunt went upstairs to her room and I spoke with the concierge about a very special idea I had for the next day but it was up in the air if he could make it happen. Stay tuned…

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