What to Do in London in January

Traveling is one of the simple joys of life that is highly valued by people all over the globe. The adventure of setting out for a new place that you have never been to is something that is uniquely its own experience. For some, travel is a hobby that they get to regularly indulge in, while for others it’s a goal that happens less frequently but is still something they look forward to and invest in heavily. When it comes down to it, knowing how to travel and investing in your trips in the right way is both an art and a science.

There are certain skills that a person develops when they learn how to travel that happen with time, and then there are certain elements of a trip that will always just simply ‘happen’. Learning how to both do diligence, and then allow for the magic of an adventure is something that takes time and is a joy to understand. Part of that process is learning how to enjoy your destinations throughout various seasons. While some places, like southern California, may never be affected too much by a seasonal change, there are certain famous locations that very much are.

One city that is perhaps one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world is London England, and this city most definitely does experience all four seasons. If you are traveling to London in the summer, it will decidedly be a different experience from traveling to London during the cold winter months. The good news is that with a little preparation, no matter when you visit this ancient city, you can make the memories of a lifetime.

If you are currently planning a trip to London in January, here are some winter tips to keep in mind that will help make your London adventure incredible!

The Advantage of Off Season

When it comes to tourist hot spots, there are always going to be off-seasons. These are specific times of the year when natural attractions of the location may be offset due to the weather and specific season. For London, the cold winter months are typically its least visited time. This means a couple of things – first off, it does mean you need to bring the proper clothing. Being sure to bring more than a light windbreaker and some sweaters is imperative. You’ll need to feel warm and bundled up with your favorite winter coat, and also with some possible foot gear for snow.

The advantage, however, is that many of London’s attractions are year-round and during the off-season, they are much less crowded. When you visit a city like London, among many of the draws will be the art, culture, and history. Some of the most famous museums live in this city and it’s famous the world over for its historical impact on humanity in general. During the off-season, the attractions are all still open to the public, they simply aren’t going to be as crowded.

This is great news as you can spend more quality time enjoying the historic quality of London without the hustle and bustle of crowds or long lines. On top of that, shopping and dining will also be aspects of London that will be much less crowded during the off-season. With luggage storage in London you never have to be worried about purchasing some great finds and then hauling them around the city. Whether it’s your luggage that you need to stash while you wait to check in at your hotel or your latest shopping find, you can use luggage storage locations to hold your things safely. When you are ready to pick them up, all you do is return to the luggage storage and retrieve your items. This affordable way of storing your things allows you a great deal of freedom when traveling and experiencing the city of London, unencumbered.

The Cozy Pubs

Like any great city, there are going to be celebrations in January such as the new year’s parade. However, a simple pleasure that you will not want to miss out on, is taking solace during the cold winter month of January in one of London’s many pubs. Visiting an English pub is a staple part of the London experience but during the cold winter months it takes on a new and more cozy attraction.

Conclusion: Winter is a Wonderland

When it comes to the outdoors, the best bet is to hope for snow in January. This will make it cold outside, but it will transform this already romantic city into a story book that you simply will never forget. So if you are contemplating heading to London in January, there are some clear advantages that could make this the perfect time to plan your trip.

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