Cancer-Free Contest! Win $100…

In this contest we will be giving away a total of $600!
Three winners will each win $100, and we will be giving $300 to charity in the winners’ names!

My blogger friends often put up their Thankful posts (of which I love, but can’t always keep up with). This is our Thankful post… forever…

For any of you that didn’t read Phoenix’s post, here is what happened from my perspective with my Golden Retriever and soul mate…

Three months ago I stood next to Doctor (name withheld, and from Australia I think… wicked cool accent) at 2 a.m. in the Emergency Vet lobby. Phoenix was essentially dying from the loss of blood and a cancer (yet undiagnosed) that had exploded inside of him. My last contact I had with Phoenix was him putting his right paw on my left knee like he always does and said, “Daddy, this is not good. I’m good with whatever you decide. Just trust me…I got this. Otherwise, please let me kiss you one last time.”

I pulled back because he had never looked at me like that in 10 years. Ever. The emergency nurse came in and interrupted us. Phoenix looked at me as she lassoed a leash around him and expedited to him the emergency table. He stumbled through the door with a long glance my way, “Wait for me…”

She came back in and said the Doctor would see me in the waiting room soon. My head was spinning. Did Phoenix and I just say good bye? He told me to wait.

He came in 30 minutes later, “Hi Mr Vogler. I have him under (anesthesia) and he’s not good, mate.”
Typical me, “How are you tonight Doctor?”
Doctor, baffled, “Uhhh, I’m good.”
Me, “Great, then fix him.”
Doctor, “This is going to be very expensive. I have his belly opened up. That tumor let loose on his body, mate. I am sorry.”
Me, “We didn’t say goodbye. He put his paw on my knee and gave me a look.”

I’m a huge advocate of not keeping souls on this Earth who are ready to ascend. Had it not been for those 5 seconds where Phoenix put his paw on my knee, he would not be here today.

Doctor, “You can do that now.”
Me, just flooded with tears, “No, he was telling me to never give up. He never gave up on me Doc. So, fix him.”
Doctor, “But, he…”
Me, “Fix him now!!” I was not of sound mind.

Doctor, “It’s going to be expensive long term and the prognosis is not good from what I see…”
Me, “Please fix Phoenix…he is all I have.”
Doctor, “I can’t fix him. He will need specialists. I can only flush out the wound. Let me explain this to you. That tumor that was inside him exploded and it is now causing him 100 bee stings at once continuously. It’s causing him extreme pain. His outcome is doubtful.”

He knew it was cancer but couldn’t tell me without a proper blood test.

I only thought of Phoenix putting his paw on my knee, “Fix him!” I felt only rage.
Doctor, feeling he was not connecting with me, “You will need an estimate.”
Me, trying to speak nicely to the man that had my kid in his hands literally,“I don’t want one…” I handed my debit card to the front desk girl.
Doctor, “I will call you when I have information… no promises…”

So, I left the office and drove around the cities of Reno and Sparks. I don’t even remember. I was sober as a heck. I just don’t remember it. I blacked out.
What I didn’t black out to was 5:51 a.m. and the Doctor calling me, “You can come get Phoenix but he will have to go immediately to Kings Row.” Our vet.
I vaguely remember paying the bill… all I wanted to do was see Phoenix. He came stumbling out of the surgery room and my sweet boy sat and put his paw on my knee and said to me, his eyes oscillating in their sockets with heavy medication, “Good choice (in not putting him to sleep forever). I’m so happy to see you, Daddy…”

I LOST IT crying as I embraced him with every gentle love I had. He kissed me furiously on my neck, face and lips…

Phoenix, “Btw Daddy…I hurt…” Tears were streaming down his face too and he buried his face, nuzzling up against my neck and shoulder. The cone was off.
Me, whispering in his ear, “I can’t do this (life) without you…”
He pulled back and looked me squarely in the eye, “Then my work is not done. Let’s get me fixed up.”

Things got worse before they got better, but 3 months later my kid is now a miracle dog. Five surgeons have no explanation except of his will to survive and to be with me. No chemotherapy given…which had already been purchased for him. Only a loyalty they’ve never seen to be with the one he loves.

Phoenix is cancer free.


He will go in for frequent checkups but this event changed his and my life forever. He is constantly at my side and never lets me out of his sight. He has more energy and excitement than ever before. There is a calmness and understanding in his eyes. His work has only begun with me.

Phoenix and I are together on this Father’s Day, and to celebrate this celestial event, we’re having a contest!!!

* * * CONTEST! * * *

3 winners – $100 each!

AND we will be donating $300 in the winners’ names to Michigan State University (who, from 2000 miles away, delivered Phoenix’s perfect health!).

How to Enter: 

  1. Leave a comment below. That’s it! Just leave a comment, and you’ve been entered!
  2. For an additional chance to win, post about our contest on your blog (if you have one), and make sure to let us know!

How the Winners will be determined:

Phoenix will compile all of the entries and then randomly select three winners. Remember, if you have a blog and post about the contest, you will get a second chance to win.

When is the Drawing?

Tuesday, July 1st (in two weeks).

That’s it. Good luck!

We will be matching the prize money as a donation to Michigan State University!

We will be matching the prize money as a donation to Michigan State University!

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