Cancer Free Contest Winners!

Two weeks ago we put up a contest in celebration of Phoenix’s successful treatment.  Three random winners have been selected to win $100, as well as matching donations to Michigan State University’s Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health (DCPAH). It is the full-service veterinary diagnostic laboratory that was responsible for sending Phoenix’s cancer free blood report from across the country to he and I here in Reno, Nevada. This piece of paper was a very, very big deal to him and me:


If you’re wondering about the two local veterinary offices, surgeons, technicians and office support personnel who worked on him and took care of him through five surgeries and long term in patient care. The two offices received $400 worth of multiple gift baskets and flowers EACH from Phoenix and me. They will also be recieving a framed picture that Phoenix took with each office:

Sierra Veterinary Specialists…


Kings Row Pet Hospital…


So, without further waiting, Phoenix and I sat down at the computer and using a random number generator…

Congratulations to Balroop Singh, Mandi and Sarah Grace you have each won $100, and three matching $100 donations are being given in each of your names to Michigan State University!

You will be contacted by our webmaster, Chris, for help in receiving your prize and thank you to everyone who participated!

Phoenix Park Rancho

Phoenix, “Thanks everyone for playing!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a ball cap to go steal…”

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