How to Create a Marketing Plan in 2023

Creating a marketing plan is key to having a successful business, it’s an opportunity to align a proper strategy with everyone involved with your business to increase growth, turn a profit, and get noticed. Before buying some important space on one of the many San Diego billboards posted throughout the city, you’ll want a strategy that focuses on the mission statement of your company and markets to the right audience. Luckily, we have some easy instructions to help create a marketing plan in 2023 that is sure to make a great ROI on advertising dollars.

The Four P’s

The four P’s of marketing are product, price, place, and promotion, they refer to the questions about your company and what you seek to gain. What is it that you’re selling? What is the price? Where is the place you will be making sales? Where will you promote your business? Once you come up with the answers to these questions it’ll help focus the purpose of the ads you’re creating for the San Diego billboards you have in mind.


While or after setting up your four P’s, you’ll want to set an objective that is specific to the goals you want to achieve for the year. An objective should be realistic and written out with clearly defined verbiage to ensure your message isn’t lost between team members or those handling your marketing responsibilities. A clear objective, for example, would be: attaining a certain number of impressions on a social media ad or having a specific number of people sign up for your private membership page.

Set Your Budget

Having a realistic goal is as important as having a realistic budget for what you want to accomplish with your marketing dollars in 2023. Every form of advertisement media has a different price and reach, the cost per mile on one of the San Diego billboards near downtown may be cost-effective for your business and have more impressions than a street furniture campaign. Marketing is ultimately an investment which means that the more you put in the more you normally get out if successful, but on the other end doing what doesn’t work can lead to a low ROI which is why it’s best to start small using one advertising avenue to get a feel.

Analyze Your Competition

You may not have a competitor in mind when focusing on building your brand, but it’s always a good idea to analyze what the competition is doing and see how their strategy works. You may gain knowledge on what or what not to do when seeing new or returning customers by seeing if you are creating a positive gap between businesses like yours. Using some SEO tools and looking at engagement are good places to start when finding strengths and weaknesses in that clothing company across town, it may not be a war but there is a lot to learn from others, plus it’s free.

Audience Segmentation

If your business is new or has been around for a while, you should include a breakdown of the demographics your business will or has attracted to better serve and target them. Start by targeting your intended audience, the people you want to sell to, and what is their age group, lifestyle, geographic location, and demographic make them your perfect customer. You’ll want to develop a strategy that targets that wide or narrow group of people, and send a message with marketing that opens them up to the possibility of signing up for your service or buying your valuable goods. Finally, position your brand and what it offers your customers against that of competitors, maybe your product is priced more competitively and offers more features than the opposition.

Create Content

Engaging customers is a job within a job when running a company, which is why many large businesses hire people to create click-worthy content. When creating your strategy you’ll want to use information from the previous steps to best make an informed decision on what kind of content you’ll put out there as you try to stay with what trends. Short-form videos are massively popular across all social media platforms and they seem to be trending as a keeper in the digital world, it is the perfect format to show what your product does in mere seconds and offer a link to buy.

Measure Metrics

To stay on top of your marketing campaign you’ll need to use those goals at the very beginning to develop a way to measure metrics for success. A list of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs for short are ways to measure if your strategy is working, things like conversion rate, qualified leads, and organic site traffic. To be successful you’ll need to put all of these steps together and be able to easily quantify how effective your campaign was to the growth of your business.

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