How And Why Does A Logo Play An Important Role In Building Brand Value?

A company’s logo introduces the brand to its consumers. It can grab the audience’s attention if done well and infuse curiosity in their minds to know more about the brand. On the other hand, if your brand logo doesn’t do well, you will simply lose an otherwise potential customer and tank your business. The first impression affects the kind of interaction and interest you will garner among your target audience.

Why is a logo important for the creation of brand identity?

Brands cannot emphasize enough the importance of an impactful logo. The logo creates the first impression of your brand and entices consumers to grow curious about your business. Briefly, your brand logo is the key to reaching your target audience.

Forbes reports that businesses merely get seven seconds to capture their audience’s attention. In these seven seconds, consumers make a fast judgment and decide if they want to interact with you any further. This means that your logo is to be compelling enough to grow interested in the minds of the consumers.

Businesses often do not give enough importance to the logo. A logo that is not creative or compelling creates a drab outlook which makes a potential consumer disinterested in the first place. It doesn’t matter if your products are top-notch or your services are promising. Unless you can create an impressive first impression, your business will face a tough time surviving.

How does a logo help brands create a brand identity?

A logo is an important component of brands, whatsoever. Here are a few ways brand logos help create and establish a strong brand identity.

Helps in brand recognition

For any commercial entity, it is important to create a good name amongst its audience base. If your consumers do not consider your business to be reputed or worthy, they won’t invest even a second. That’s the purpose of a brand logo. It forms the basis of your brand’s idea, message, and reputation and fosters its growth.

Your brand logo will appear on all your emails, packaging, landing pages, business cards, and everywhere else. Therefore make sure people associate your logo with trustworthiness, quality products, promising services, and prompt customer care.

Helps you stand out from your competitors

When designing the brand logo, think out of the box. Your brand logo depicts what makes your business unique. For instance, if you are running a cafe, sure, there are 100 other cafes in the city, but your earthy logo will indicate that your cafe is committed to sustainability.

In short, your brand logo will convey your brand’s message, values, and what makes your brand better than your competitors.

Enhances brand loyalty

Customer acquisition is five times more important for every business than customer retention. Therefore, for businesses, it’s important to acquire customers first to expand the business’s influence. Initially, it’s of utmost importance to reinforce and retain your brand’s devotion amongst your target audience.

Attracts Target Customers

Your brand’s logo design and outlook should be in sync with your business ideology, products, and services.

Take, for example, the fashion industry; brands choose a specific color palette for their logo and branding. Brands intend to evoke a specific emotion. A red-colored logo indicates a loud, young, passionate brand. Similarly, a blue colored logo defines calmness and spiritual awareness. Yellow, on the other hand, indicates a cheerful, energetic, and friendly brand. A fashion logo maker keeps these things in mind while designing a brand logo.

Similarly, the logo’s font and typeface also speak. It hits the target audience that you wish to acquire. If your brand logo is traditional and dignified with a minimalistic design, it means your brand is targeting a mature consumer base.


By now, you know how a logo shapes your business’s growth. An impressive logo creates a strong impression on your first interaction with potential consumers. Brand logos augment your brand’s credibility and professionalism towards your business. An impactful logo establishes a distinguished identity that forms a good impression and positive emotions amongst your target audience.

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