We Love Her, We Love Her Not…But Why?

I was sitting with my buddies at Bully’s the other night and the conversation somehow came around to Kristen Stewart. They were unified in expressing their actress hatred for her. Before even contemplating opening my mouth I realized quickly that I was on exile island.

It was ironic because the very next night I got my Breaking Dawn II fix for the first time since I saw it on opening night last Fall. I wrote a post about that here. So, I decided to swerve around the talk and changed the round table conversation to another topic.

As I was driving home it got me to thinking. Is she hated because of her acting? Her much ballyhooed personal life? Or is it just bad writing and direction that she was a victim to act to? The five part film series made a kabillion dollars so she must have been doing something right. I thought she was smoking hot in Breaking Dawn II and I enjoyed her acting. Throughout the series she brought an initially innocent curiosity to a dark world.

So, why do you love or hate her?

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