May 042013
Iron Man 3 Review

I had waited since the announcement last year that Iron Man 3 would debut on May 3rd, 2013. For those of us diehard fans we would be able to see it the Thursday night prior. And this last Thursday night all the magic came to the glorious fruition that I had hoped for. The theater did it up right. We were just a few minutes late to get a pic of  stand-in actors being presented with the giant movie poster as a backdrop. They even had Hawkeye but he had walked away. All of my pictures turned out poorly to the high quality of the story I wish to write. So there won’t be any sorry!

Mar 222013
My Top 10 +1 Most Memorable Hollywood Cars

How many of you have ever been captivated by the cars in Hollywood tv shows and movies? Whether they were figuratively a vehicle that provided an escape to another place and time. Or maybe a literal vehicle that became the object of your desire and you just knew you had to have that same one.

Mar 182013
The Walking Dead Top 10 +1 Power Rankings Season 3,Episode 14

Here is this week’s The Walking Dead Power Rankings based on the character power influence on the show and on the story line, not on popularity. I refuse to watch The Talking Dead or see next week’s previews so that I can give a fair post and not have any spoilers. It is completely subjective!

Mar 142013
The Walking Dead Top 10 +1 Power Rankings Season 3,Episode 13

While this week’s episode was quite dry in many regards I feel it provided a lot of underlying themes. And that, ironically, proved to make this week’s rankings quite a challenge over last week’s rankings here. Beth and Michonne are just on the fringe looking in this week.