Grand Hyatt In Seattle, Washington – Comfort And Familiarity

We walked up the street from Bottega-Italiana and I was still taking in what had happened. We didn’t talk much but I was always cognizant to keep my petite aunt right near my side and under my protective wing. I love to people watch and with the enormous crowds on this incredibly warm October evening there was a complete buffet of human observing. I’m like a little kid when it comes to staring up at skyscrapers in amazement and yearning to be up high with a vista of the city in one of these majestic sentinels.

For the past many, many years that I’ve commuted from work to home on the strenuous 12 minute drive, the freeway late at night always takes me past the downtown Reno hotels. Ever since I had stopped traveling I still dreamed of my hopeful return one day. Every night at 65-70 miles per hour, with an empty freeway all to myself, I have glanced as often as I safely can at all of the lit rooms in the hotel skyscrapers of Harrah’s and the Silver Legacy. Every. Single. Night. Wanting someday to be in a hotel room with no responsibilities on my agenda. Now that dream would come true after a long hiatus.

When it came to picking a hotel I immediately referred to my old stomping grounds – either Hyatt or Hilton – both of which I had stayed at numerous times in years past. I wanted a place that I was comfortable and familiar with in my debut trip. As I scrolled down through my options on Expedia I came across the Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington and I didn’t need to look any further. I did a quick read on the reviews just to make sure and as expected it was rated an Exceptional property.

We had actually checked in when we first drove into the city so this post is a bit out of sync chronologically but I wanted to write solely about the hotel. Backing up a bit on the day, when we left the airport I was using the base iPhone Maps app that comes with the evil voice likely related to Siri The Request Goddess. “She” (the map app) worked great right up until we got in amongst the skyscrapers.

Though it had been 20 years I still felt in familiar surroundings with Seattle as it is but I wanted to get this right on the first pass. The evil iPhone Maps wench flaked out (as in stopped with any voice instructions) and I went strictly by memory. As I turned left onto Pine Street and I’m squinting ahead to find it and impress my aunt I get this.
“You just drove past the Grand Hyatt on your left. I saw it. How could you miss it?”, my aunt piped in.
Me gritting my teeth, “Thankyou….very…much….Aunt B….”
Her, “Oh no problem!!” (this was eerily familiar to one smartass Golden Retriever who used to ride shotgun next to me)

I made a loop around the block and right before I turned left onto Pine Street…a second time…
“It’s the super tall building on the left with Grand Hyatt written alllll over the front of it, “my aunt said with a poker face.
I said briskly, “Would you like me to stop and you can walk?”
Her retort, “I would probably get there faster.”

We arrived…thank gawd.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

You can park your car in one of the nearby city garages at a high cost or valet it with the hotel at a higher cost. Remember, I already knew we didn’t need a car but had rented one for the entire travel reintroduction. It was the beginning of endless amenities to be spoiled with at the Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

It’s a very small drive-in area which is normal for the tall properties set in big cities. Two nice valet gentlemen opened by mine and my aunt’s doors, grabbed our luggage and set it on a cart, gave us our ticket and we were done.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

The title of the post says comfort and familiarity and that is what this entire hotel experience was. Once you get inside a Grand Hyatt, had you been blindfolded beforehand, you would immediately know which property you were in among the major hotel chains. The lobby was pristine with a contemporary design and says 4 Star luxury every step of the way. This property is only 14 years old and was the cornerstone for bringing high end luxury to the downtown Seattle hotel scene.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

The guests were all glaring and scowling with approval at my flash going off for the picture. I can always diffuse a situation like that with various diversions and here I used my Gomer-esque, “Hi ya’all doin’?!” holler and smile. I’ve never been to the South but it works.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Convention rooms as far as the eye could see…ok, right down there to where it ends.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Then I walked into my room and WHAT IS THIS WAITING FOR ME! Things have changed…my room must come with a WOMAN! Just kidding Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington. Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

The view out of my room was AH-mazzzzing! I could stalk people later tonight with my telephoto lens as well. Woo-hoo!Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

The view out of my aunt’s room on the opposite side of the hotel, same floor.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Holy Come To The Bathroom Gods…I have arrived. Stupid photographer and his flash in the mirror.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Lookee… I could get a bunch of ice and some beer and it comes with a ginormous First Class ice chest!! Right?Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

I didn’t even have to go to the bathroom, but I immediately sat down and started calling buddies back home, “Guess where I’M calling from?!”Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Remember the opening sequence to the movie Risky Business with Tom Cruise and the shower scene? Oh my gawd, someone out there please tell me they remember seeing that! Anyhoo, hellooooo shower. Hot water on full blast as longggggg as I want…Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

If you need to iron your umbrella you have that going for you…Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Jackpot!! Time to raid the mini-bar! $10 for a 2 oz bottle of whiskey – you bet. $5 for a candy bar – bring it. A $7 bag of chips – yep.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Ayeeeee!!! Nada. Well, that just saved me $100 for the weekend.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

When I got back to my room at night that same cylindrical condo tower was gorgeous. I did not stalk people. Remember my posts where Phoenix would always call me out? Just sayin’…Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Then some fun comparison shots between night and day…or day and night. Stop it!Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Gorgeous…Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Notice the blue sky and no rain??Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Dreamy…Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

After not raiding the empty mini bar and not stalking people in the condo it was time to draw the drapes. One leeeettle problem…how?Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Well, how about them apples?! Right next to my bed! You rock Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington.Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington

Time to get ready for dinner ladies…turn your heads now. Hey, you over there…I see you peeking.Mike Vogler, Past My Curfew

Aside from some of my humor the Grand Hyatt Seattle, Washington is a high-end, luxury property with top-notch service. It’s located perfectly in the center of downtown within easy walking distance of all of the stores and tourist sites. When I was married we had started a series of reviews of all the room service we had and I wanted to do that here but you will find out why I didn’t in the next post.

Because we were about to go out for one of our two Bucket List meal dates on this weekend…

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