How To Get More Use From Your Next Laptop

Owning a laptop is no longer a huge deal with the age of technology ensuring that everybody has access to some form of the electronic device from smartphones to huge gaming PCs. However, lots of people don’t know how to properly utilize a laptop and get the most out of it so you’re not sitting with a bad posture, hurting your neck and back joints, giving yourself eye strain, or using your laptop in a way that can make the inner components wear out faster. Read on to find out more about some habits that everybody with a laptop should get into to get the most out of their device.

Download Antivirus Software

Whether you use a laptop for work or for playing your favorite titles with a Lenovo Gaming Laptop, everybody who uses one should have antivirus software on it. If you don’t already have an antivirus software on your computer, then you should install one as soon as you can. Otherwise, you are at a high risk of malware and all kinds of viruses making their way to your computer from infected websites, downloaded files apps and even emails. In fact, using a laptop without antivirus software is like going to bed with your front door open.

Avoid Overheating

Have you ever used your laptop for a long time and felt it get really hot? The hardware in your laptop produces a lot of heat when you use it, especially if you are doing a lot of power-intensive tasks. Laptops usually have vents on the sides and bottom to let the heat out and keep it cool. However, using your laptop in a position where these vents become blocked can lead to it getting very hot and even damage the components inside. Try using a cooling tray or putting your laptop on some books to elevate it and provide more ventilation.

Keep the Battery Working Better

In general, laptop batteries tend to start failing after around 2-3 years. However, this all depends on how often you use your laptop, and your habits when charging. If you’re not using your laptop, avoid leaving it switched on and draining battery power for no reason. And when you are charging your laptop, keep your eye on the power bar and remove the charger as soon as it is fully charged – leaving it in can damage your battery by constantly sending it power that it doesn’t need.

Sit Correctly

Even if you’re getting the most from your laptop in terms of security, battery life, and making sure that the components don’t get damaged faster than they need, how you sit and use your laptop could be causing damage to you. Laptops are handy to use on the sofa or in bed but doing this too often can lead to neck and back strain. Ideally, you should use your laptop sat up at a desk with your feet on the floor and elevate the laptop so that the screen is at eye level.

No matter what kind of laptop you use, there are several things that you can do to prolong its lifespan and make sure that you are using it safely.

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