Vipbox Alternatives – Best Working Updated List [October 2021]

If you are a sports fan who loves watching sports matches and events, we are sure you must be aware of the popular sports streaming website, Vipbox. This sports streaming website is free and is used to stream highlights, football, UFC, NBA, Rugby, NFL, boxing, live matches, and other similar free content. Vip box gets regular updates to bring in new features for the users. Being globally accessible, this website does not have any limitations to its use. Are you a fan of sports? Haven’t used the Vip box yet, you are surely missing out on a lot!

If you are in search of good live sports action, vipbox is the perfect place for you. Whether you want to watch basketball or football, no sport event isn’t covered by vipbox. You can watch all your favorite sports tournaments on this website whether you’re at work or home!

Before we move ahead, let’s have an eagle-eye view of what vipbox is. Vipbox is a good global streaming site that offers streaming of major entertainment and sports events. Users can stream and watch their favorite sports events on the vipbox website, on their phone, or their pc.

Vipbox; what is it?

Vipbox is one of the best sport streaming websites that allows users to stream all major entertainment and sports events all around the world. You can use vipbox through the website or see all the live sports events on your mobile device or pc. Users can watch their favorite sports events like football streams, ice hockey, golf streams, basketball streams, etc. Vip box keeps its users entertained by providing free streams from all over the world. As we talked about, vipbox covers some of the most major sports events. Let us discuss these sports events that vipbox covers.

What sports vipbox covers 

Let’s check out some of the most popular sports events that vipbox covers for its users. Fans love enjoying sports activities for free on vipbox. If you haven’t yet started using it, here are some renowned sporting events that are covered by Vipbox.

  1. Vipbox football 

Vip box gives viewers live streaming for football matches so they can enjoy all the breathtaking moments from the comfort of their homes. From the beginning, football has been a game that has been loved greatly and has always had a great fanbase. People love watching and playing football. Using vipbox, people can easily stream their favorite football matches live at the ease of their homes on their devices like on the phone or television.

  1. Vipbox boxing 

Vip box also covers the majority of the boxing events, streaming them so people can watch them live at their homes. Usually, boxing matches are a very high-temperature game that often gets the boxing fans crazy and yearning for more. Vip box is a perfect place for boxing fans to fulfill their cravings. Vip box offers live streaming of boxing matches so fans can enjoy their favorite boxing competitions.

  1. Vipbox Rugby 

Sports fans also enjoy watching rugby matches. If you are someone who loves watching rugby, Vip box is a great choice. Vip box also brings live rugby matches to your screen so you can enjoy this game from the comfort of your own home. The best part about live streaming is that you don’t even have to pay a single penny!

  1. Vipbox basketball 

Like many other sports that it streams, Vip box also offers live streaming for basketball matches for basketball fans. If you are a basketball fan, just take a seat and relax because with Vip box you can catch your favorite basketball matches live at the ease of your home. Vipbox basketball streaming offers highly captivating and great visuals that give sports lovers the perfect live streaming that they love.

  1. Vipbox Ufc

If you are a die-hard fan of fighting games, Vip box is your ultimate partner. With Vipbox Ufc you can easily enjoy your free time with Ufc sports live streaming. Want to watch some fighting matches? Just click on the vipbox live sports link to enjoy your favorite live ufc matches. With the vipbox ufc, you can catch up with the best fighting matches wherever and whenever they happen around the globe.

  1. Vipbox golf

If you are a fan of other sports like golf, vipbox golf offers you what you need. While this is a costly game to play, it is very fun to watch. At Vipbox golf you can enjoy live coverage of your favorite golf matches on any device. You can easily live stream with vipbox on your phone or pc to watch your favorite golf matches.

Features of Vipbox

If you haven’t heard or used vipbox before, or are new to using it, here are some apparent features that you should know about.

  • Enjoy free streaming of sports with Vipbox tv Apk
  • This app allows channels from a diverse range of languages hence reaching out to more users.
  • Vipbox is an Ad-free application ensuring that no Ads are displayed.
  • Vipbox uses less battery and memory. Users don’t need to carry around any bulky power banks.
  • With Vipbox users can watch many different sports like soccer, tennis, football, basketball, baseball, box, ice hockey, and many others without having to pay anything at all. Vipbox is a free platform for sports streaming.

Why stream sports with Vip box TV?

Vip box Tv offers sports lovers exactly what they need, free live streaming of their favorite sports. Because it keeps on updating, you will never get bored. Haven’t yet used Vip box to stream your favorite sports? Here’s why you need to stream with Vip box TV.

  1. Versatility of language 

If the page that opens isn’t in your native language, you can easily use Google translate for translation. So Vip box is suitable for all people, regardless of what language you speak or understand.

  1. Detailed coverage 

Sports lovers never want to make any compromises on their favorite sports. With satellite or cable TV, you don’t get the exact match that you want to watch. Well, that’s no longer a problem with Vipbox because this gives complete coverage of any match the users want to watch at any time.

  1. Perfect compatibility 

Sports lovers never want to stream at a low quality like 240p or 480p. With Vip box, the streaming quality will never be an issue because the excessive traffic is easily managed in the servers.

  1. Trust 

Users never want to stream on a website that isn’t trusted. Vip box is one website that has taken over the hearts of sports plays for almost five years. Vip box Tv makes sure that sports fans get the best quality live sports streaming along with being a vocal part of the sports community. People choose to stream their favorite sports on Vip box because they trust this website!

Installing Vipbox TV apk on your Android 

There is a simple process to follow to install the vipbox TV apk on an android device. Follow these steps given below.

  1. First, download the vipbox tv Apk on any android smartphone using the download link. Make sure to check the location where you are saving the file to your device.
  2. Once the download is complete, on your android device enable the option of “unknown sources”. To enable this, go to settings, then to security, and then go to unknown sources and enable it. If you have Android 7 or any such higher device, it doesn’t require showing the unknown sources.
  3. Once you have enabled that unknown sources, go to the location where you had saved the OlaTV apk. Open this up and then tap it to install.
  4. When you click the install button, wait a while till it gets installed on your android device.
  5. Finally, just open the app drawer and tap on this application to open it. That’s really just it. Now you can enjoy live streaming of your favorite sports at the ease of your home.

Famous domains of Vipbox 

Vipbox is the most popular and famous streaming site for sports lovers all over the world. With Vipbox you can watch the live streaming of your favorite sports on your devices whether from your home or your work. Many amazing domains from different corners of the world are working to give a good live streaming of different sports and games from all around the world.

Some of these domains that are popular running include vipbox tv, vipbox com, vipbox EU etc. These domains of vipbox can be accessed by users to watch their favorite live streams of any interesting sports events.

Alternatives to Vipbox 

Even though Vipbox is a great place for live sports streaming, the site may sometimes lag. In this case users may be facing technical issues as they watch their live matches and hence get annoyed. Similar to other sites, Vipbox also crashes or may not even work properly. When Vipbox doesn’t work well, that’s when users turn towards other alternatives for sports streaming. If you are also searching for alternatives for Vipbox, here is a list of the ones you should consider.

  1. Sportlemon 

Sportlemon is a great alternative to Vipbox as it offers streaming of entertainment and sports. On this website sport lovers can watch TV channels, live matches, and other such sports without paying anything at all. The best part is that you don’t even have to get registered to get the content. Sportlemon also gives additional feature of listening to songs apart from just movies and sports. This website covers multiple sports like badminton, boxing, football, rugby, basketball, handball, and tennis etc. For live streaming, this website supports 130 channels. This website is easy to use, is free, runs smoothly, and has a well-organized layout for easy operation.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Runs smoothly
  • Well-set layout
  1. MamaHD

MamaHD is also a handy sports streaming website that gives users high-quality sports streaming. This sports streaming website has good compatibility with mobile phones and PCs. With this website, you can stream your favorite sports like basketball, football, basketball, WWE boxing, racing, snooker, golf, and much more. MamaHD makes sure that sports lovers never miss out on their favorite live sports matches. The clean layout combined with high-quality videos and an expansive collection is some reasons why this website is one of the best sites for sports streaming. If you are looking for some high-quality sports entertainment, this site is perfect for you.


  • HD and SD free sports
  • An instant chat box
  • No registration needed
  1. FuboTV

If you love sports and find it a great source of entertainment, FuboTV is a wonderful sports streaming option. With more than 200 channels, including entertainment and sports ones, users can enjoy free or paid versions of the website. With the paid subscription of FuboTV, users can stream on the 4k TV. One of the best parts about this website is that is now supported by devices like amazon fire TV, Roku, Android Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, and Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Streamwoop

If you are a sports fan and love to stream your favorite sports, streamwoop is a great sport streaming website that covers every all types of sports categories and genres. Streamwoop connects users to some of the most famous TV channels and sports videos. You can easily access the site without needing to register yourself on the site. Registering, however, will offer you the benefit of bringing new and advanced features. This website supports a very straightforward layout with a user interface that is easy to use. Nevertheless, one thing is that if you’d like to get the latest update you will have to get yourself registered. This does not involve any costs; you just need an email address to register yourself. You can get the best high-quality content with this simple user-interface system that is easy to operate. Being intuitive and clean, this is surely one of the best alternatives to Vipbox.

  1. is another popular sports and entertainment website where users can stream any sports match from anywhere around the world. The problem, however, is that this website’s user interface is often very crowded so you may find it a little hard to scroll the website on your very first visit. As the website also seems a little disorganized it may seem hard to find the login and the live button. Nevertheless, if you use the website a few times you will learn more about using it and also understand it’s working. Once you know how the website works, you can easily watch and stream your favorite sports matches with ease anywhere, anytime. Moreover, this website also supports a premium version allowing users to stream and watch their favorite sports events in high definition.

  1. Firstrowsports 

First row sports is a website that allows sports lovers to stream their favorite sports and it works as well as Vipbox, hence being a great alternative. First row sports aren’t just similar to vipbox in its functioning but also has an appearance similar to vipbox. This website streams different sporting events regularly and is hence well known among most sports fans. One unique feature of this sports streaming website is that it gives proper schedules to gamers based on the country where the sports matches are streamed. If you want accurate time references, you can easily alter the time zone as needed. The drawback is that this website isn’t yet available in the UK and USA because of certain law restrictions. Apart from this drawback, this website offers great HD streams which give sports fans everything that they need. This makes first row sports one of the most popular and reliable alternatives to vipbox.

  1. Streamhunter 

Streamhunter is another of the sports streaming websites that offer perfect live streaming links to the world’s top-watched sports events and games. This website has a very simple and user-friendly interface making it easy to operate and quick to find the sports that you want to watch. Additionally, at the homepage of the website, you will see the game schedules set that will let you know when any game can be streamed. The only downside of this website is that it only covers large sporting events and doesn’t show sports like curling, or netball. Nevertheless, this website is still great for streaming popular sports like football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding vipbox that may answer some of your queries.

Q1. Is vipbox safe and secure to use?

Yes, vipbox is safe and secure for use. This is a safe site where users can watch live sports streaming of different games like football, basketball, hockey, etc. So yes vipbox is entirely safe to use. You can use it without worrying about your safety.

Q2. Is it legal to use vipbox? 

Yes. Vipbox is legal to use and there is nothing illegal about it. Sometimes, because of any regional law, users may not be able to get admission to this website. Vipbox is not illegal to use but in some cases, there may be laws that may be banning it in some places.

Q3. Is Vipbox available for use on the web? 

Yes. Vipbox is available on its website. If you want to use vipbox through the website, you can always access it there.

Q4. Are there any alternatives to vipbox?

There are many alternatives to vipbox like the ones that we have discussed in the article above. Some of the popular vipbox alternatives are, MamaHD, StreamWoop, Loala1. Etc.

Q5. Do I need VPN to stream sports?

Yes. You will be needing a VPN if you are streaming sports on vipbox. When you use a VPN when using vipbox, you will be hiding your activities from the ISPs and the government.

Q6. Is vipbox available on Tv?

Yes, absolutely. Vipbox is also available in Tv form so users can stream their favorite sports shows on Tv as well.

Q8. What can I watch on vipbox?

Vipbox covers many different things ranging from movies to sports and much more. Covering a great range of sports like football, basketball, etc., you users can decide upon their favorite sports and stream them with vipbox. Vipbox covers almost every other sport, so users can watch any sport that they want with vipbox.

Q9. Is there an APK for Vipbox TV?

The APK for vipbox is a file that is needed by your computer for running the website. This file helps in opening the website and also allows you to enjoy your favorite sports with minimal disturbance.

Q10. Which website will be safe to access?

There are many different websites for streaming sports but vipbox is one of the best and safest websites for sports streaming.

Q11. Is Vipbox also available for phones? 

Yes. The version of vipbox is available for phones as well. When there is a Tv version and a website version, we also have a vipbox available for the phone. Users can easily stream their favorite sports shows on their phones as well. We have also mentioned the method of downloading vipbox on an android phone.


In this article, we have discussed everything that you need to know about vipbox, a sports streaming website that covers different sorts of sports like basketball, football, hockey, golf, etc. While vipbox is one of the best options, it sometimes does not work as well as it should. In that case, we have compiled a list of alternatives to vipbox that you can use to live stream sports on your mobile or PC. So, if you are a sports lover, the best option for you to stream your favorite sports is to use vipbox. However, if vipbox somehow doesn’t work, you can always switch to other alternatives to enjoy uninterrupted sports streaming of your favorite sports shows. Well, if you haven’t yet used vipbox to stream your favorite sports shows, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use vipbox today! We are sure you will never regret your decision.

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