6 Mistakes to Avoid When Redesigning Your Website

Every website developer should know a wide range of rules and techniques for web development. 

You need to become familiar with web technologies if you want your website to look and function the way you desire.

It takes more time and effort to redesign a website than many think, especially those who want good results.

Web design trends change as quickly as technology. Once tried and true, a website’s design and user experience may now be cliched, overdone, and tired. It’s also possible to redesign websites using new technologies and software after a specified time.

Here is a list of serious mistakes you should avoid when redesigning your website for help with the planning process.

1. Too Long Pages

Most of us overlook SEO when designing a website, especially when it comes to page loading time. There are more chances of increasing your visitors’ numbers if your website loads slowly, aside from having an eye-catching look.

Statistics show that 53% of mobile audience members will leave the website if it takes more than three seconds for your suite to load. Too long pages can also cause the website a living issue because users don’t want to scroll down long for what they need.

In other words, whenever you redesign your site, make sure there are no long page problems on your website.

Find ways to speed up the loading time of your website. To ensure that web pages are search engine friendly and appealing, you can also take the help of SEO experts such as SEO Sunshine Coast.

2. No Blog

You can establish your credibility as a trusted source by keeping a blog with useful content. You show your readers that you are more than a business that sells products or services by writing about topics your audience will be interested in.

Moreover, you demonstrate your concern for the customer’s welfare by sharing valuable information.

For the website, content is just as essential as design and performance. It is also crucial for SEO. Don’t make this mistake again if you don’t have a blog on your website. 

Sharing business information and services through blogging is possible, but sharing ideas and thoughts regarding specific topics is also possible. 

Your company can gain credibility and approachability by blogging and creating a personality for the company.

Therefore, explore your interests and don’t be afraid to post about current events or market trends on your blog. You can also educate your readers about a particular topic.

3. Bad Navigation

There’s no doubt that if your website has bad navigation, Google and your target audience will have a hard time finding information.

The complicated navigation of your website makes it hard for search engines to scan and analyse the content of your website.

One of the most common mistakes made during a website redesign is making the navigation menu harder to find. As a result, the website won’t rank well in search results.

To ensure that your users can easily find information on your website, you should ensure easy navigation.

4. No call to action

A Call-to-Action enable you to guide or guide users to a specific area that will enable them to convert to your website.

To know what the next step needs to be for your potential customers, you need to have an effective call-to-action strategy.

It is also common not to include a call to action when redesigning a website. So, while getting your website redesigned, focus on making a good call to action.

The text on an effective call-to-action button should be large, bold, and clear. Important links should not be styled to blend into the web page’s content. Learn how to create effective calls to action buttons with tips from justanotherdeveloper.net.

5. No SEO

Well designed websites are worthless if users cannot see them. Search engine optimisation techniques help your site to be found by search engines.

As a result, make sure to make your website SEO-friendly and implement all the best SEO practices when getting it redesigned to ensure it ranks well in search engines.

Ensure your designers do all they can to make your website SEO-friendly, including repairing broken links, redirecting URLs, optimising images, and loading fast.

6. No links to social media

Many people make the same mistake when redesigning a website, believing social media links won’t work. But social links are a great way to attract users, so they need to be included when you redesign your website.

You can increase traffic and awareness of your content through social sharing. Additionally, it encourages people to talk about your brand and products. This will help your SEO efforts.

Business owners aspire to have a website that is useful and well-designed. As the world changes so rapidly, your website design is no exception.


When you redesign your website, you invest time and money into your business to avoid costly mistakes. These mistakes seem to top the list of things to avoid during a redesign project. Consider visiting webpatogh.com to learn how to enhance your website with responsive design.

Website redesigns are expensive and time-consuming, so they need to be done with care and with a strategy.

Your website will grow into an important factor in the growth of your business if you avoid these mistakes. And if you need help from a professional contact web design Brisbane.

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